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The Best Stands For the PS5 in 2022

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The Best Stands For the PS5 in 2022

The PlayStation 5 is an amazing console already, but there are lots of ways you can make it even better. The package comes with its own stand once you purchase it, but the stand itself doesn’t leave a lot to be desired. There are lots of PS5 stands available out there, and some of them do more than just keep your console safe and stable.

A good multi-purpose stand can include a dock for charging controllers, cases for your games, and even a cooling fan for your PS5. In fact, some of the stands include all of these features too. If you’re looking for the best stand for your PS5, here are a few important products that you should consider.

01 OIVO PS5 Cooling Stand

The PlayStation 5 is a big console, and rightfully so. It packs a lot of power, and it’s easily one of the best consoles out there right now. If you want to keep your console as healthy as possible, you’ll need the right stand to support it. With that, we believe that the best PS5 stand right now is the OIVO PS5 Cooling Stand.

There’s a lot to love about the OIVO PS5 Cooling Stand. It’s an all-in-one cooling stand that features everything that you need for your PS5. Price-wise, the OIVO PS5 Cooling Stand is the most expensive stand you can get right now, but that price is well worth it, considering what it brings to the table.

The best and most important feature of the OIVO PS5 Cooling Stand is that it comes with a cooling fan. You simply connect the port to the back of your PS5, and you’ll have a strong fan that blows cool air from the bottom of your PS5. This doesn’t just prevent any heating problems, it can also make sure that your PS5 is free from dust and hair if you have pets at home. Though, the fans may be a bit too loud for some.

Additionally, there are also two charging docks for your controllers located at the side of the console. It comes with its own separate USB port, which you’ll need to plug into your console. On the other side of your PS5, you can fit a total of 12 games on the rack. The stand basically turns your PS5 into a central hub for all of your gaming needs.

The OIVO PS5 Cooling Stand has everything, and the price isn’t half-bad considering what you’re getting. With very few downsides and a good selection of features, the OIVO PS5 Cooling Stand is the best PS5 stand that your money can buy right now.    


  • Great cooling fan
  • 12-game rack
  • Great charging docks


  • A bit large


  • Price $39.99
  • Mounting Type Plug Mount
  • Item Dimensions 4.02 x 1.02 x 4.33 inches
  • Item Weight 1.94 lbs.
OIVO PS5 Cooling Stand

02 NexiGo PS5 Accessories Cooling Stand

The OIVO is the best all-in-one stand for your PS5 right now, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only one there is out there. Since the OIVO multi-purpose stand is often out of stock, why not consider getting the NexiGo PS5 Accessories Cooling Stand? The NexiGo PS5 Accessories Cooling Stand is another amazing multi-purpose stand for the PS5.

Like the first entry on this list, it comes with a wide selection of features that will get you the most out of your console. The NexiGo PS5 Accessories Cooling Stand comes with a cooling fan as well. The cooling fan is also situated at the bottom of the console, which is arguably the best place for it to be. The problem is that the cooling fan isn’t as powerful as the OIVO’s. It can cool your PS5 but don’t expect it to blow out any dust or hair that’s been left standing on your device for a significant amount of time.

Still, it does a fine job of cooling on its own already. The biggest downside of the NexiGo PS5 Accessories Cooling Stand is that its game rack for your cases is not as secure. It will only hold on to the end of the case, which may cause it to fall off. However, if your PS5 is in a secure place, this shouldn’t be too much trouble.

The NexiGo PS5 Accessories Cooling Stand also includes a charging dock for two controllers. Additionally, there’s a holder for the PS5 media remote and a headset stand. Despite its shortcomings, the NexiGo PS5 Accessories Cooling Stand is still an amazing stand for your PS5. It offers everything you need to keep your PS5 safe.


  • Looks and feels sturdy
  • Quiet fans
  • Comes with media remote and headphone stand


  • Game rack isn't too reliable


  • Price $39.99
  • Mounting Type Plug Mount
  • Item Dimensions 10.55 x 10.91 x 2.05 inches
  • Item Weight 1.89 lbs.
NexiGo PS5 Accessories Cooling Stand

03 NexiGo PS5 Horizontal Stand

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make once you get your PS5 is whether you’d want it standing or if you want it to sit more securely horizontally. While the PS5 is secure laying down on its own, it’s still better to get a horizontal stand to keep it from getting damaged. With that, we’d like to introduce the NexiGo PS5 Horizontal Stand.

The NexiGo PS5 Horizontal Stand is just what it says it is. It’s a basic stand for when you want your PS5 to lay down horizontally. There aren’t any fancy features such as a charging dock, cooling fans, or anything else. But it does its job of protecting your console from any unnecessary damage. Not many people choose to keep their PS5 horizontally, but those who want to should consider getting the NexiGo PS5 Horizontal Stand.

The stand is made out of light-acrylic materials. Since the stand is elevated, it keeps your PS5’s case from hitting the surface so that it won’t get damaged or scratched. The main purpose of this stand is to provide security and stability. This is why it has a good set of features to do just that. Another great addition is the anti-slip bottom, which will prevent your PS5 from moving even with a bit of force put into it. The NexiGo PS5 Horizontal Stand may be a bit basic for the standards of some, but it does what it needs to do very well. Since it’s cheap, it’s a great investment for your system.


  • Made out of durable materials
  • Keeps your PS5 elevated from surfaces


  • Might be too simple for some


  • Price $22.99
  • Mounting Type Tabletop
  • Item Dimensions 9.84 x 2.95 x 1.73 inches
  • Item Weight 5.92 ounces
NexiGo PS5 Horizontal Stand

04 Benazcap PS5 Stand with Cooling Fan and PS Move Controller Dock

This time around, we have another all-in-one stand for your PS5. The Benazcap PS5 Stand with Cooling Fan and PS Move Controller Dock is a great investment for many reasons, and its assortment of good features is just one of them. The Benazcap PS5 Stand with Cooling Fan is surprisingly compact, considering all of the features it brings to the table.

For starters, the stand is able to hold up to 8 games. Since the rack holds a huge portion of your game’s case, it’s very secure. At the side of the rack is a slot for your PS5’s media remote. The highlight of the Benazcap PS5 Stand is its cooling fans. Despite being compact, the cooling fans are stable, and they’re quiet too. It does an okay job of managing the temperatures of your PS5.

On top of all that, the Benazcap PS5 Stand also has a dock for charging your controller, as well as a headset. Earlier before, we said that this is a great investment, and that’s because the stand also comes with a port for PSVR. Sony is currently working on its next PSVR, and it’s a good thing that the stand already includes a holder for that and a pair of PlayStation Move controllers. All of these features are put in a great and compact package unlike most other all-in-one stands out there.

The only real downside is that the cooling fans aren’t as impressive as others out there, which might be too big of a compromise for some buyers, so keep this in mind. The Benazcap PS5 Stand is an excellent stand but don’t expect much when it comes to cooling. The good news is that it can carry most of your PS5’s needs in one place.


  • Compact all-in-one stand
  • Prepared for PSVR


  • Average fans


  • Price $39.99
  • Mounting Type Tabletop
  • Item Dimensions 14.57 x 10.24 x 3.54 inches
  • Item Weight 2.83 pounds
Benazcap PS5 Stand with Cooling Fan and PS Move Controller Dock

05 KIWISMART Cooling Station

One of the most important things you need to consider for your PS5 is its temperature. If it gets too hot, you might short out the power supply. Worst, you could toast the important pieces inside. Right now, the best cooling stand for your PS5 is the KIWISMART Cooling Station.

The stand offers a sleek and stylish design, which is far from what you’d usually see from the stands on this list. That’s because the KIWISMART Cooling Station focuses more on cooling than anything else. Its fans are superbly powerful but also quiet at the same time. If you’re worried about the temperature of your PS5, then you don’t have to think about it anymore with the KIWISMART Cooling Station.

Aside from cooling, the KIWISMART Cooling Station also functions are a charger for your DualSense controllers as well. Since it’s all packed in a nice compact package, you’re saving a lot of room for your PS5 already. Sadly, the KIWISMART Cooling Station doesn’t have a spot for other things, such as a game rack or stands for the remote or your headset.

Still, it’s a good cooling stand if that’s what you are looking for right now. The KIWISMART Cooling Station is a perfect cooling stand for your PS5. It’s easy to install, simple, and very good for your console’s health at the same time. 


  • Best cooling stand for PS5
  • Compact and sleek design


  • Doesn't have a lot of features


  • Price $19.99
  • Mounting Type Tabletop
  • Item Dimensions 14 x 10.2 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight 1.16 pounds
KIWISMART Cooling Station

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