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Best Xbox One Fantasy Games [August 2021]

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Best Xbox One Fantasy Games [August 2021]

Nothing feels better than escaping into a completely different world, encountering new people, and learning a story that has never happened though feels so real. Fantasy games have it all, though the recent years haven’t been rich with such releases.

If you’re in search of a great fantasy title to play on your Xbox One, we’re here to share our top picks. In this guide, you’ll find a world to suit any preference, from underwater realms to the post-apocalyptic US. Read on for a brief review of the best Xbox One fantasy RPGs.

01 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Created by CD Project Red, The Witcher 3 is considered one of the best games of the century, according to critics and player reviews. The third game of the Witcher series offers all the greatness of the previous releases while eliminating their issues and bring in even more adventure.

The plot is based on books by Andrzej Sapkowski though some elements are distinctly different. For instance, in the book, Geralt, the main protagonist, is described as being skinny and with an ugly smile. However, in the game, he’s a girl’s dream coming true – no wonder in The Witcher series, Geralt is played by famous Superman actor Henry Cavill. Such differences are nothing to complain about since they don’t affect the storyline and gameplay. The game is about Geralt’s adventures in an unnamed fantasy world, referred to as simply “the World.”

The game starts with him searching for his adopted daughter Ciri and former darling Yennifer. Soon after, the plot spirals outwards, bringing in plenty of new heroes, settings, and unexpected plot twists. The Witcher 3 also features some of the best side quests you’ll likely ever get to experience. Rather than being a simple time-filler, each side quest introduces an independent new story with unique characters. They may not impact the plot but remain in your memory just like the center characters, nonetheless. Some monster quests require prior investigation, so you likely won’t succeed without spending time reading the scrolls.

The Witcher’s developers didn’t focus solely on the storyline, though, as the open world is highly detailed and broad. You can roam through woods and villages on your loyal horse, Roach, for hours and never visit the same place twice. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and extremely realistic. The combat involves a mix of a sword fight and magic spells.

Fortunately, Geralt chooses the most suitable sword automatically during battle. This truly helps to stay in the cool, never-losing guy’s demeanor. While the combat may seem oversimplified to fans of shooter games, the focus of this game certainly isn’t the fighting. Keep in mind that the game still involves blood, gore, violence, and strong language, so it is rated ESRB M for mature audiences.


  • Amazing scenery
  • Remarkable characters
  • Engaging side quests
  • Simple combat doesn't distract from the plot
  • Excellent dialogue


  • Some players may find the combat oversimplified
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

02 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition

A remaster of the original The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the Special Edition introduces improved graphics while retaining all the quests and characters. The original game is truly legendary, with its overwhelming open-world setting. It features plenty of creatures to fight and side quests to complete.

In the game, you are the protagonist, called “the Dragonborn.” Legend says that “you” are the only one who can kill the World-Eater, a dragon who’s planning to destroy the whole world. Along the way to fulfilling this main quest, you can complete side missions, join factions, and even get married. You can interact with most NPCs in the game, from simple dialogue to receiving quests or engaging in combat, lending to the game’s realism.

Skyrim’s world is captivating and unique, but you’re going to need quite a bit of time to explore it all. Clear your schedule if you plan on stepping foot in Tamriel because this adventure will take a while. While the game’s original graphics are a bit dated, Bethesda made this Special Edition mod-enabled so that even console players can enjoy the fruits of the modding community. Players can add utility and cosmetic-centric mods to improve the game’s overall appearance.

There is also a wide selection of mods that add new characters, storylines, and lands to explore. The difficulty levels of specific areas aren’t tied to the character’s level, though. If you aren’t ready for a fight with creatures inhabiting it, the combat feels truly challenging.


  • Vast open world
  • Plenty of side quests
  • Simple yet diverse combat
  • Mod-enabled


  • It takes time to explore the world fully
  • Mods are capped for console use
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition

03 Sea of Thieves a Pirate's Life

Sea of Thieves a Pirate's Life

Sea of Thieves offers an ultimate pirate experience with a hint of fantasy. The original game was all about sailing into the horizon with friends, singing, and fighting other pirates on the way. A new version of the game was released in 2021. This new vision brought in more magic and revolved around Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

New characters, weapons, enemies, and a few hours of engaging storyline make this a refreshing take compared to the previous release. The plot is about Jack Sparrow’s crew getting chased by Davy Jones and mysteriously finding their way into the video game’s world. Your team’s objective is to save the pirates from the realm of the dead and not let the villain complete his plan. While the graphics and overall atmosphere of the game are cartoonish, it involves crude humor and violence and may not be a game suited for children.

You and your friends can decide how to divvy up your free time in the game because the main story is relatively short, taking approximately 10 hours to complete. Regardless of the story length, seeing these beloved characters on the screen may give adults a sense of nostalgia while adventuring on the high seas. The underwater locations are colorful and full of secrets, and the fights with enemies can be challenging even for skilled gamers.


  • Rich world
  • Fun and challenging combats
  • Includes characters from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Multiplayer


  • Short main story
Sea of Thieves a Pirate's Life

04 The Dark Souls Trilogy

The Dark Souls Trilogy

The Dark Souls trilogy is an RPG series based in a gloomy medieval world full of fire, dragons, demons, and other supernatural creatures. The main character’s objective is to fight enemies and halt the spread of demon entities determined to overtake the world. Instead of going through a linear plot, the player must collect clues from the environment and dialogues to understand the story.

Unlike other popular fantasy RPGs, you can choose your protagonist’s appearance, gender, and class. The gameplay is very distinct from most RPGs. The protagonist is constantly fighting enemies and, upon dying, returns to a checkpoint, a bonfire of dead souls. While some players find this mechanic maddening, it teaches them to overcome unfamiliar obstacles by learning from past mistakes. Dark Souls provides a genuinely challenging experience as opposed to the modern RPG trend of oversimplifying combat.

Here, the combat is in the spotlight. It isn’t there to gratify but to create real tension and a feeling of incoming doom. Although the game features multiplayer, you don’t get to team up with anyone. Instead, you’ll see ghastly shadows of other players that may serve as hints to hidden passages or switches. It may be a strange experience at first, but it’s also highly atmospheric. Furthermore, players can leave notes on their way to either bewilder or help others. The first game was released back in 2009 and didn’t feature the best graphics. However, a remastered version offers the same gameplay and plot with improved scenery and more realistic physics. The last game introduces more detailed graphics comparable to Skyrim – Special Edition, released the same year.


  • Excellent, challenging combat
  • Remastered games look great
  • Unique multiplayer
  • A variety of character customization options


  • The story is a bit bewildering
  • Graphics are average
  • No manual savepoints
The Dark Souls Trilogy

05 The Final Fantasy Series

The Final Fantasy Series

The list of Final Fantasy series games seems endless, with over 15 titles. Since its initial release in 1987, new games were introduced every couple of years since then. Most games in the series are available on various platforms, including PC, Nintendo, and, of course, Xbox One.

Final Fantasy games are so diverse that they seem to have nothing in common apart from the name and main. Each title offers a new, distinct world in different locations and introduces heroes seemingly unrelated to the other games. The parts available for Xbox One are Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning Returns, The Zodiac Age, X Remaster, IX, VII, and Maxima. These names, however, likely don’t tell you anything, so let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Final Fantasy Maxima (2016) is, perhaps, the most kid-friendly title, featuring cute anime-style characters and beautiful scenery with marshmallow-like skies. The game is about two siblings who use their magical powers to fight monsters and follow a path to return their lost memories. Final Fantasy VII is a much darker and older title released in 1997. The narrative revolves around a megacorporation, Shinra Electric Power Company, draining the lifeforce of planet Gaia. The characters are divided into several groups: eco-terrorists, near-extinct human tribes, Shinra’s employees, and others.

The main protagonist is a former soldier whose mission is to help the planet heal. This title offers a deeper storyline than Final Fantasy Maxima, with criticism of society and the industrial revolution at the heart of it. Final Fantasy Zodiac Age (2006) is another title in the series with a serious storyline. The game is set when magic is commonplace and introduces a land of Ivalice divided into three continents. The main protagonist follows an adventure path to save his homeland occupied by forces of a neighboring continent.

The story is much more complicated than that basic premise, but the same goes for every game in the series. It’s impossible to recommend a single title of the Final Fantasy franchise as the “best game.” The plots of each release are rich and filled with unique characters with layered personalities. The graphics and the overall atmosphere are so diverse that most players can find something to fit their preferences. The most challenging part of the game may be deciding where to start your Final Fantasy adventure.


  • Each game offers a new world and characters
  • Diverse graphics styles
  • Deep storylines
  • Every player can find something to suit their preference


  • The variety of titles is overwhelming
  • The plots are often overcomplicated
The Final Fantasy Series

06 No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky offers endless world exploration possibilities – literally. Basic installation takes up under eight gigabytes on the Xbox One’s hard drive. However, that storage space may expand exponentially, depending on how many new worlds you discover. The only limit to space exploration in the game is your console’s memory capacity.

The story is about a humanoid astronaut, the Traveller, who finds himself on an unknown planet with amnesia. He tries to find his spaceship and, upon doing so, repairs it following the ship’s computer’s commands. While he’s collecting the necessary supplies, the Traveller encounters individuals of other alien species and goes on a space voyage full of adventure with them. You can freely roam in the universe in the exploration mode, visiting new planets and discovering their flora, fauna, and inhabiting aliens.

The planets are generated at random in real-time, so no two locations are the same. Some worlds may be full of life, while others are toxic and hostile. You can either go into a creative mode where nothing can hurt you or into a survival where you will instantly encounter permanent death. Beautiful scenery and a wide range of space vehicles make No Man’s Sky the ultimate relaxation game. And don’t forget the game’s photo mode. Capturing screens of your explorations is an endless source of new wallpapers for your PC.


  • Endless worlds
  • Many gaming modes
  • Engaging story
  • Unique environments and great photo mode


  • It may take a while until you find a welcoming planet
No Man's Sky

07 NieR: Automata Become as Gods Edition

NieR: Automata Become as Gods Edition

NieR: Automata introduces a very distinct visual style and novel storyline. The game is about the adventures of 2B, a combat android who later gets accompanied by 9S, a scanner android. Most anime-lovers will appreciate the look of 2B, with her Gothic-Lolita-style short skirt flowing freely with every move, exposing legs – and more. The scenery is fascinating, too, depicting a post-apocalyptic world taken over by robots.

Smooth gliding mechanics and changing camera view along and moody colors create a truly cinematic experience. The game’s focus isn’t 2B’s appearance or the landscapes, though; it’s the plot and combat. We won’t get into the details of the story to avoid spoilers. But, we can comment on combat. Enemies await you on every corner, so this isn’t a relaxing game. The combat is hack and slash-based, and every move is beautifully detailed. Unlike many other RPGs that oversimplify combat, Nier: Automata requires you to spend quite some time training. The protagonist is accompanied by a flying robot Pod who can shield her or release gunfire on the enemy.


  • Engaging storyline
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Cinematic camera views
  • Challenging combat


  • You may encounter invisible walls
  • Boring side missions
NieR: Automata Become as Gods Edition


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