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How To Bypass Website Surveys and Read Premium Content

How To Bypass Website Surveys and Read Premium Content

I’m going to show you how bypass website surveys and read premium content. As a content producer myself, I can appreciate that people want to get paid for their work, but popups and survey walls are not the way to do it. In fact, anything that interferes in the user experience is not the way to make money on the web.

If the websites you visit hide their good content or downloads behind a survey, you really don’t have to miss out. There are a few ways to access that content, either by bypassing the survey altogether or using a fake name generator to avoid the inevitable junk that follows that survey.

If the survey was genuinely useful or would make a material difference to the quality of the content on your site of choice, I doubt you would mind. Unfortunately, 90 percent of these surveys are poor excuses for data harvesting. The site owner will collect, collate and then sell that data to make a buck. Good reason to bypass them.

Here are a few ways to bypass website surveys and read premium content.

How to bypass website surveys and read premium content4

Use the power of the browser

Your browser has the potential to bypass website surveys built in. By using the Inspect Element feature you can sometimes isolate the survey and remove it. It doesn’t always work but takes only a couple seconds to find out.

  1. Open the webpage with the survey.
  2. Right click on the survey and select Inspect Element.
  3. Search for keywords such as ‘survey’ or ‘overlay’ within the code in the inspection window.
  4. Right click the code and select Delete node or Disable element to turn it off.

This doesn’t always work as much depends on how the survey is installed into the page. As it is the easiest method of avoiding them, it a good place to begin.

Bypass Survey

Bypass Survey is a web page that attempts to strip out the survey element and offer unfettered access to the premium content. I have used it a few times and seems to work well.

  1. Visit the Bypass Survey web page.
  2. Enter the URL of the page with the survey and click Go.
  3. Access the page without the survey.

Bypass Survey is one of the most popular sites for bypassing website surveys and reading premium content. It is fast, free and easy to use which makes it a winner as far as I am concerned. There are other websites out there that do the same thing but I tend to stick with this one.

How to bypass website surveys and read premium content3

Fake it

Some more recent survey pages have the element hard coded into it, meaning these first two techniques won’t always work. If you really want access to the premium content behind the survey, just fill it with fake information. Sure it takes an extra minute out of your life but if you really want that content, this is what you need to do.

  1. Navigate to the Fake Name Generator.
  2. Select a Gender, Name set and Country.
  3. Select Generate.
  4. Copy and paste the random biography into the survey.

The Fake Name Generator even gives you a fake email address that you can use to confirm if required. You can always use disposable email if you don’t want to use that one.

Use disposable email

Some surveys require email confirmation before letting you access the premium content. This is where disposable email addresses come in useful. Disposable email addresses include Mailinator and other alternatives. Read this post to find a disposable email address to use with the survey.

Used either separately or in conjunction with the Fake Name Generator, you can quickly complete the survey, confirm the email and have access to the premium content with very little impact on your life. If you cannot avoid them, play them.

Survey removal software and extensions

There are a few software programs and browser extensions out there that also say they can remove bypass website surveys so you can read premium content. Why haven’t I mentioned those? Unless you come across surveys often, there is no need to install more software or another browser extension.

As annoying as they are, surveys aren’t all that commonplace, at least not where I lurk online. Therefore installing software I don’t fully trust or another extension to slow my browser down isn’t an option. If your experience is different, there are lots of options out there that can help.

Do you have another way to bypass website surveys and read premium content? A method that doesn’t involve installing software or a browser extension? Tell us about it below if you do!

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