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How to Customize the Win + X Menu

How to Customize the Win + X Menu

Microsoft introduced the Win + X menu in Windows 8, and it remains in Win 10. That is a menu that opens when you press the Win + X hotkey. The menu includes a number of system tool shortcuts, but you can add much more to it with Win + X Menu Editor.

Win + X Menu Editor is a software package that customizes the Win + X menu. So with that you can add new software and system tool shortcuts, edit ones already on the menu or remove them. Open this page and click Download: Win+X Menu Editor for Windows 8 to save the software’s compressed Zip file. Open File Explorer and click Extract all to extract the folder. Then you can open the software from the extracted folder.

Win X

When you’ve opened the window in the snapshot above, press the Add a program button and select Add a program from the menu. Select a software package to add to the menu and press the Open button. To apply the changes, press Restart Explorer. Then open the Win + X menu, which will now include the software shortcut added.

Win X2

You can add a Control Panel item much the same. Select Add a Control Panel item from the Add a program menu to open the window below. You can select a shortcut to add to the menu from there. Then press the Restart Explorer button as before.

Win X3

You can add new groups to the Win + X menu. Click the Create a group button to add a group to menu. Then select the group and click Add a program to add shortcuts to the new group. Press Restart Explorer after adding some new shortcuts to the group.

To further customize items on the menu, right-click a shortcut in the window to open the context menu in the shot below. That includes some extra options such as Remove, which you can delete shortcuts from the Win + X menu. You can also select Move Up and Move Down options to reshuffle the position of the menu’s shortcuts.

Win X 4

Overall, Win + X Menu Editor is a great tool to customize the Win + X menu with. With this software you can now greatly expand the number of shortcuts on that menu.

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