What is the Difference Between Crunchyroll Premium and Premium Plus?

If you love watching anime or Asian TV dramas, you have a few options available.

Some big-name players may appeal. But if you’re a hardcore fan, you probably need more selection than Netflix has to offer. Crunchyroll has one of the most diverse collections outside of Asia. By far, one of the best things about Crunchyroll is that it doesn’t cost you a dime. Well, almost. They do offer free memberships, but it does have some drawbacks. So, if you have some extra cash, splashing out for the premium service might be a sound investment.

Free Membership

Crunchyroll gives you access to their library for free. But some stipulations come with this option, namely: ads and availability. Arguably one of the biggest downfalls, when you use the free version of a streaming service, is the endless ads. And Crunchyroll is no different in this respect. Expect to see an average of two ads per 24-minute episode.

That’s not too bad, right? It can get annoying, though, especially if you’re binge-watching an entire season. Also, newer titles may not be readily available for free users. Or you may not see all the episodes released until after a cool-down period passes. Premium users don’t have these restrictions.

what is difference between crunchyroll premium and premium plus

The Premium Plans

If you want to watch every anime in the Crunchyroll library without restrictions, you’re going to need a plan.

the difference between crunchyroll premium and premium plus


The Fan plan is the most inexpensive option Crunchyroll has to offer. You only get the essentials like:

  • Unlimited access to anime library
  • No ads
  • Digital manga library access
  • Streaming on one device
  • Access to new episodes an hour after it airs in Japan

Are you tired of seeing ads every 10 minutes? This plan cuts those annoying interruptions out completely.

It also gives you access to current seasons of your favorite anime a mere hour after Japan. Free users have to wait a week after the premiere to get those episodes unlocked.

Plus, if you’re a manga fan, this plan gives you access to Crunchyroll’s digital manga library. Unfortunately, the translations are only available in English right now.

Mega Fan

If you need a little something more from your membership, this plan may be the best deal. It includes all the perks from the Fan plan like no ads and unlimited access. But you get a few more benefits like:

  • Offline viewing
  • Spend $100 and get $15 off in the Crunchyroll Store (quarterly)
  • First access to their lotteries and events starting in 2021

You also get to stream Crunchyroll videos on up to four devices compared to the Fan plan that gives you only one.

Keep in mind, though, that Crunchyroll store availability may vary from country to country. So, check first to make sure you can order from the store before counting that rebate as a “win.”

Ultimate Fan

Hardcore anime fans rejoice! There’s a plan that’s geared specifically for you on Crunchyroll and it’s called the Ultimate Fan. In this plan, you get all the benefits from Fan and Mega fan, including no ads, offline viewing, and access to digital manga. You also get a few more perks that only an anime lover can truly appreciate like an annual swag bag and access to a limited-run figurine. You also get exclusive members-only access to limited edition merchandise.

And don’t forget the rebates to the Crunchyroll store! There’s nothing that screams anime fan more than getting limited-edition merch, right?

Of course, you also get a boost in streaming device capabilities, too. So, if you want to run Crunchyroll on six different devices at the same time, you can use the Ultimate Fan premium plan.

Picking a Plan

If you’re on a strict budget, there’s nothing wrong with going with the ad-supported free membership. But if you can afford $8 per month, it may be worth your while to get the lowest premium plan. This way, you’ll have access to Crunchyroll’s manga selection and premier episodes.

Also, keep in mind that each premium plan offers a free 14-day trial. Check them out and see which one gives you the best deal for your money.

What’s your take on Crunchyroll’s new premium plans? Let us know in the comments section below.

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