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The Best Discord Servers for Advertising

The Best Discord Servers for Advertising

If you’ve created a fresh new Discord server, you are probably looking for a place to promote it. But where should you start? And what platform should you use?

Our answer is quite simple. Why change platforms when you can use Discord for promotional purposes as well. After all, your goal is to attract more Discordians, and the best place to find them is Discord itself.

In this article, we’ll show you the best Discord servers you can use for advertising purposes.

Advertise Your Server

Advertise Your Server, or AYS for short is currently one of the biggest Discord servers for advertising. At the moment of this writing, it has 23,069 members in total and by the looks of it, the numbers will only continue to grow. Among them, around 5,000 are active on a daily basis.


AYS has many different channels you can use to categorize your new Discord server. So, all you have to do is pick an appropriate channel and you can start sharing invitational links.

But what makes AYS truly stand out from similar Discord servers is their support staff. If you need any advice on how to grow your new Discord server, you can simply message one of their Discord Growth Experts. If you’re not English, you can contact their International Server Development team and they’ll answer all of your questions.

To make promoting easier, AYS has added its custom bump bot.

You can join AYS and start advertising your new Discord server by clicking here.

Self-Promotion Central

If you’re looking for a place that allows advertising, offers excellent features, and has thousands of active Discord members, then Self-Promotion Central might be the server for you.

It has more than 60 different categories that you can use to promote your own server or social media accounts. It currently has 17,043 members in total, and around 3,800 of them are active on a daily basis. That is more than enough to get the word out about your new Discord server.

Self Promotion

You can also make different partnerships with Self-Promotion Central based on your server’s size and popularity.

Besides that, you can participate in interesting giveaways and events almost every week. They are your best opportunities to advertise your server as that’s when Self-Promotion Central will be full of Discordians from all around the world.

So, if you want a steady way to grow your server’s member count, the Self-Promotion Central could help you in achieving that goal.

You can join this Discord server by clicking here.

Hydronix Advertising

Hydronix Advertising is one of the best places for growing your Discord server’s popularity fast. It has a very friendly community and an extremely helpful staff. If you need any help with growing your new server, all you have to do is message Hydronix’s staff and ask a question. You’ll get a reply almost instantly.


Hydronix Advertising allows its members to make partnerships with other Discord servers. Therefore, you can find other Discordians on the same mission as you, make a partnership, and help each other out.

The promotion in Hydronix Advertising is completely free. What makes things even better is that this server offers free server spotlights to new users.

Hydronix Advertising is currently 9,499 members strong, with around 1,800 of them being active daily.

Click here if you want to become a part of this community and promote your server.

How to Keep Your Server Growing

Once your server starts receiving more traffic, your goal should be to convert as many visitors into active users.

You can do that by customizing your server and adding new features that the visitors will enjoy. For example, you could implement an automatic reward system that would give points to your visitors based on their activity on the server. You can then reward the user with the most points with a giveaway prize or by improving their rank.

In other words, you should keep things interesting, fun, and dynamic if you want the visitors to stay on your server. You can do that by adding Discord Bots to your server, as well.

These are our top two Discord Bots that you can implement to your server today.


MEE6 is one of the easiest Discord Bots to customize and improve your server. Its main feature is the Leveling Ranking System.

If you toggle this feature on, the MEE6 Discord Bot will automatically start ranking your server’s users. All you need to do is enter the roles and MEE6 will do the rest.


The MEE6 Bot will give your server’s users different roles based on the XP they have gained thus far. Users can increase their XP by chatting, posting, or simply being active on the server.

Aside from that, you can set MEE6 to greet every new user with a warm message, play music, record voice conversations, and more.

Click here to download MEE6.


What better way to break the silence than by adding some background music? With the Rythm Bot, you can do just that on your new Discord server.

The Rythm Bot delivers high-quality music from many different sources. It supports the most popular streaming platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and more. The bot can also automatically queue songs that you’ve added to your playlist, playing them in the order that you want.


Rythm’s developers guarantee that their bot is as stable as they get, promising that there won’t be any lags, ever.

The fact that more than 5 million Discord servers are currently using the Rythm Bot says a lot about its quality.

Click here to add Rythm to your server.

Create a Strong Community

With these Discord servers for advertising and the free Discord Bots that we’ve mentioned, you can raise traffic on your server and start growing your community in no time.

Keep in mind that growing a Discord server requires a lot of time and attention. If you want your server’s users to be active, you’ll have to lead by example.

Which advertising server will you go with? Will you add any Bots? If so, which ones? Tell us in the comments below.

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