Does Samsung Galaxy J7 Have Notification LED Settings?

Over the past few years, flagship phones have gotten really good. Top-end Android phones like the Google Pixel 3, HTC U11, and Moto Z2 Force have offered users fast experiences, great cameras, pixel-dense displays, and even advanced features like waterproofing and so much more. Unfortunately, with these premium phones come premium prices. Not everyone wants—or needs—to spend more than $700 on a device like the Galaxy S9 or LG V30, or even $500 on a great mid-range Android phone like the OnePlus 6T or the Pixel 3A XL. These are great phones, no doubt, but for a lot of consumers, they’re just too expensive for what you want or need in a phone. There’s no reason to overpay for design, super high resolution screens, or top-end processors if all you’re looking for is a phone to get you through the day with a full battery, to read email and skim through news, text and place some phone calls, and take a couple pictures.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 happens to be one of those phones, whether you have the older model or the newer 2018 version. With a fast processor, a sharp AMOLED display perfect for watching movies or reading on the go, and all day battery life it’s easy to see why the Galaxy J7 is such a popular budget device with our readers. One of our favorite features about the Galaxy J7 comes from older Galaxy flagships, and that’s the notification light on the front of the device. A notification light allows you to see that you’ve received a message, a phone call, or any other notification without turning on the screen, keeping your view discreet and stopping you from interrupting a conversation or meeting.

Unfortunately, the customization options within the settings of your Galaxy J7’s menu are fairly sparse, but using a combination of third-party apps and other options, you can make your experience all your own. Here’s how to do it.

Customizing your LED Light

If you want to customize your notification options with the Galaxy J7, you can turn to a third-party app like Light Flow to help control the exact colors of your LED, allowing you to set options for each individual app on your phone. So whether you want to see a red glowing light for a brand-new email in your inbox, a blue light for a text, or a green light for when you receive a new message on Instagram, apps light Light Flow can help you acieve your exact goals.

How To Turn Off And Disable LED Notification

If you’d rather turn off your light entirely, you can do that right within the settings of your device, just by opening up the notification menu. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Wake your device
  2. From the Home screen open the Menu
  3. Then go to Settings
  4. Select on “Sound &Notifications”
  5. Browse for the “LED indicator” option
  6. Use the toggle to disable this feature

The main reason you would to want disable the Galaxy J7 LED notification feature would be able to keep your messages and notifications private or if you often receive messages that contain important information.
It’s important to note that you can’t disable individual notification types for the LED on the Samsung Galaxy J7. This feature make you select either to use the LED notification for all alerts, or not use it at all.

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