How To Download Videos from Crunchyroll

Posted by Jamie on March 14, 2019

Want to know how to download videos from Crunchyroll? Need to get your anime action in places without internet or have a poor connection at home or at work? This tutorial will show you a couple of ways you can download anime shows from Crunchyroll.

If you’re into anime, Crunchyroll needs no introduction. For the rest of you, Crunchyroll is a prime destination for watching Japanese anime in HD. Some of the shows are free to watch while others require a subscription. Either way, you get access to the widest collection of anime anywhere on the internet.

Like most streaming services, Crunchyroll wants you to stream then and not download them. Some of that is sure to be about licensing but some of it is because if you download your anime, you won’t keep going to Crunchyroll to stream it. Either way, downloading video is going to be against Crunchyroll’s terms and perhaps against the law.

Download videos from Crunchyroll

I tested all of these methods on Crunchyroll and the results were mixed. Some methods worked on some videos but not on others. If one method doesn’t work, I suggest trying one of the others.

Video Grabber

Video Grabber is a web app that offers to download any video by using its URL. There is a desktop app too but I didn’t test that. To get it working, navigate to the Crunchyroll video you want to download, capture the URL, enter it into the box on the Video Grabber website and press download.

You should be able to download the video in MP4 format. If the downloader doesn’t work, select Record Screen in the center of the web page. This is an online screen grabber you can use to record the show as you watch it on Crunchyroll. It isn’t ideal but it gets the job done. The recording is saved as MP4.

Flash Video Downloader

Flash Video Downloader is a Chrome extension that works even on videos that don’t use Flash. I had mixed success with this extension. Some videos would download flawlessly while others didn’t. There seemed to be no pattern to what worked and what didn’t either.

If you’re a Chrome user and download videos, you may already know this extension or be able to put it to good use. Worth a try anyway.

Crunchyroll Downloader

Crunchyroll Downloader will let you download videos from Crunchyroll directly. It has been tuned specifically for this site and makes short work of the download. The app is free but promotes Allavsoft Downloader so expect to see ads. Aside from that, the program works well enough.

It isn’t the prettiest app but works in much the same way as these others. Get the URL of the video, add it to the app, set the video format and download location and let the app download.

Crunchyroll Video Downloader

Crunchyroll Video Downloader is another web app that makes short work of downloading videos. While named for Crunchyroll, it will work on other sources too. It works the same as well. Get the video URL, paste it onto the page, hit Download, set a video format and save location and wait for it to finish.

This worked on the majority of Crunchyroll videos but not all of them. Download speed was comparable to these others and it all worked well enough.

Windows screen recorder

If you use Windows 10, you may not even know that there is a screen recorder built in. It has been there for a while now but unless you’re a gamer, you might not have noticed. You can use a screen recorder to record any Crunchyroll video you watch on that computer.

  1. Select the Game Bar from your Windows Start menu.
  2. Select Game Capture and then Record.
  3. Set a save location and record the Crunchyroll video.

If you have a stock install of Windows 10 you should also be able to use Windows Key + Alt + R to record the screen.

Mac screen recorder

Mac also has a screen recorder built in that you can use to record anything that happens on screen.

  1. Hit Shift + Command + 5 to bring up the recording dialog.
  2. Play the Crunchyroll video.
  3. Select Record from the dialog and enjoy the movie.
  4. Press Record again once finished.

Downloading video from Crunchyroll may be illegal where you are so always be careful to make sure you know what side of the law you’re on. It is definitely against Crunchyroll’s terms so make sure you’re not caught if you do download from the site.

Do you know any other ways to download videos from Crunchyroll? Tell us about them below if you do!

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