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How To Download Videos from KimCartoon

How To Download Videos from KimCartoon

Do you want to know how to download videos from KimCartoon? Want to collect your favorite shows before KimCartoon goes the way of KissCartoon? This tutorial will show you how.

When KissCartoon went down last year, you could hear the wails of disappointment from across the world. One of the foremost cartoon repositories on the internet had finally disappeared forever and many thought that was it. Until KimCartoon came along to replace it.

KissCartoon was flaky, prone to outages and went through its fair share of issues but it was still an amazing place to get your cartoon action. So imagine the delight when KimCartoon picked up the baton and began running with it!

As usual, as KimCartoon became popular, fake sites sprung up to copy it to make money and perhaps serve malware. According to a Kiss Moderator on Reddit, all .io domains related to KissCartoon and KimCartoon are fakes. I use which is what I have linked to at the top. This site seems legit.

Download videos from KimCartoon

I don’t usually advocate downloading content from streaming sites. I may show you how to do it but I think the media is best left on the provider and we all support them. Without that support it will be back to the bad old days where the studios and publishers had all the power instead of just most of the power.

That said, TechJunkie is all about the freedom of information so if you want to download videos from KimCartoon, this is how to do it.

Use a browser extension

There are only two browser extensions I know work for KimCartoon as I have used them myself. They are Video Downloader Professional for Chrome and Video Downloader – YouTube HD Download for Firefox. These were suggested by another KimCartoon fan and they work well.

Both extensions add an icon onto your browser. Just navigate to the page of the cartoon you want to download, hit the icon and the option to download the video will appear.

The usual video downloader websites don’t seem to work with KimCartoon. I have a few I tend to use to download from other websites but none of them would work on KimCartoon. That means the other usual download route is closed to us. So the only other way to get your cartoons is to record your screen. Not ideal in terms of quality, but if you really must have it on your drive, this is the way to do it.

Use a screen recorder

Both Windows and Mac have screen recorders built in and this is the way to go if you cannot find any other way to do it. You may compromise video and audio quality but it’s better than nothing.

In Windows:

  1. Select Windows Key + G to bring up the Game Bar.
  2. Set the cartoon to full screen or select the Lights Off setting on the KimCartoon page.
  3. Set the Game Bar to record or select Windows Key + Alt + R to record.
  4. Select it again to stop recording.

The video will be recorded as an MP4 and will be inside your Videos and Captures folder. You should then be able to watch the video on your default media player and cut, copy, paste or whatever.

In MacOS:

  1. Select Command + Shift + 5 to bring up the Screen Record tool.
  2. Set to record either the entire screen or portion depending on how you’re setting it up.
  3. Select the Record button when you’re ready.
  4. Hit record again to stop recording.

The video will be recorded as a .mov file with the time you recorded it as the title. You can play it or edit it in iMovie or any app you like once complete.

Other ways to download videos from KimCartoon

There are lots of websites out there offering programs, apps or download pages that allow you to download from KimCartoon. I tried some of the download websites and couldn’t get any of them to work. Some held you behind a paywall demanding a ‘donation’ to download while others simply didn’t work.

There are a few programs out there also promising to download from KimCartoon or other site. They might be able to but they might also have other hidden surprises. I would always suggest not downloading software from companies or sources you have never heard of. That’s especially true if it enables you to perform an action in a legally gray area. It’s completely up to you of course.

Those are the ways I know of to download videos from KimCartoon. Do you know of any other ways that work? Tell us about them below if you do!

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Nemo says:
“Video Downloader – YouTube HD Download for Firefox” doesn’t work. It can’t even see the video.

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