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Essential PH1: No Sound Problem (Solved)

Today, we’ll be walking you through the possible solutions to Essential PH1’s no sound problem. Some users have reported auditory issues in audio when making/receiving calls, where both the caller and receiver are unable to hear the other person properly. Here are some ways to try and troubleshoot the audio problem on your Essential PH1.
These basic troubleshooting guide may save you the time and money.

Essential PH1 No Sound Problem fix

Switch off your Essential PH1, remove the SIM card for a few seconds, then put the sim card back and turn the smartphone back on again

  • Try cleaning your Essential PH1’s microphone using a compressed air can. Check for dirt, dust and debris blocking the speaker
  • Turn off Bluetooth temporarily on your device. In some cases, audio problems can be caused by your smartphone being connected to external Bluetooth devices
  • Try wiping your Essential PH1’s cache. Refer to this guide on how to wipe the Essential PH1 cache
  • Put your Essential PH1 into Recovery Mode

The suggestions listed above are easy and fast possible solutions to the Essential PH1’s audio problem. Make sure to try them to the best of your abilities, since it may save you a trip to the store and repair costs. Sometimes some simple troubleshooting is all it takes to solve an audio problem. Make sure to check if your phone is still under warranty, in case it could still cover repair or replacement options.

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Jan 17, 2018

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