The Five Best Cheap Printers [February 2020]

The world might be going digital, but printers are still not going anywhere. Every office needs them. Every home needs one, as well.

The thing is, however, that you don’t want to get an expensive unit. Although printers aren’t obsolete, things have, indeed, gone digital. The information that used to be on hard disks is now on clouds.

However, sometimes you need a physical paper copy of a document or to print a dear photo. Getting a cheap, efficient printer is pretty much a must. Looking for a good deal is more than recommended.

Here are five of the best bang-for-the-buck printers that you can find on the market.

5. HP DeskJet 3755

When looking for a printer, compactness and print quality are essential. Getting all that for an affordable price would be amazing. Well, it just so happens that the HP DeskJet 3755 won’t set you back too much. What it will do, however, is offer compact dimensions and more than decent print quality.

This HP model is also Wi-Fi-compatible, which brings wireless printing to the table. That’s surprising for such a cheap model. However, such a low price tag means that you will have to come to terms with certain downsides. With the 3755 model, these sacrifices reside with the copier and limitations involved with scanning resolution. The display and button controls aren’t the best around, either.

However, the DeskJet 3755 doesn’t pretend to be a top-notch printer. It compensates for what it lacks for with fantastic print quality and compatibility. A rather unexpected benefit with this printer is that it prints photos rather well.

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4. Brother MFC-J885DW

The Brother MFC-J885DW is compact enough to fit under a desk or even on a shelf. It isn’t too heavy, either, so don’t worry about the shelves. This model can copy, scan, fax, and print. It comes packed with a variety of features at a budget-friendly price.

It does have a small automatic document feeder that can feed up to 20 sheets, which isn’t a lot. Its central paper drawer can fit up to 100 sheets, which isn’t too much either. That said, a printer for modern needs doesn’t require much more than that.

Yes, the MFC-J885DW is Wi-Fi-compatible, but it also supports USB connectivity. The device is so diverse that it even features a telephone jack if you want to set it up as a fax machine. That’s where the new clashes with the old. This MFC comes with a 2.7” LCD touchscreen that contains all the controls.

3. Epson Expression Home XP-4100

Epson made the Expression Home XP-4100 for homes that don’t print a lot. Yes, it might sound counter-intuitive, but this is actually what people by printers for. They want to have a printer at home, as a tool that they occasionally use. As such, this model fits this list like a glove.

Controls are straightforward and intuitive. Anyone in your home will be able to master this printer, even kids.

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Still, it offers automatic 2-side printing, direct compatibility for Wi-Fi, and even voice activation. You can use voice activation to instantly print out things such as shopping lists, which can be very useful.

Yes, the speed of 10ppm isn’t impressive. However, the Expression Home XP-4100 isn’t there for heavy workloads.

Keep in mind, though, that this printer requires instant-dry Clarian ink cartridges. So, be careful when buying the replacement ink. Finally, the Epson Expression Home XP-4100 brings affordability and modern-day functionality.

2. Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3720

With this one, Epson wanted to make a budget-friendly all-in-one printer. And it looks like the company hit the Bull’s Eye here. For less than $100, with the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3720, you get a bunch of features that genuinely work well.

First of all, you get a 35-page auto document feeder. It isn’t a whopping number, but it’s usually just about enough for people who don’t have substantial printing needs. It also offers automatic two-sided printing, which is quite a relief when talking about a cheap printer.

This model has a 2.7” LCD touchscreen that allows you to control the printer, change settings, and schedule tasks. To contrast this somewhat modern feature, The WorkForce Pro also features a fax component. It’s there just in case you need it.

This little printer has another unique feature that sets this model apart from its competition. It supports NFC technology. What this means is that you can touch that device to the surface of the printer for direct connection. It’s possible as long as the other device is NFC-capable. If your phone doesn’t support it, you can print using the USB cable or a wireless/wired network.

This printer brings the new and the old together harmoniously.

1. Canon Pixma iP8720

The Canon Pixma iP8720 is among the best affordable home-friendly printers out there. It’s packed with great features, but you won’t have to get a second mortgage to buy it.

In addition to regular, high-quality prints, the Pixma can even accommodate 13” x 19” prints. Not a lot of modern printers this cheap can work with such print formats. That’s what makes this model unique.

This printer can also print photos. Although you shouldn’t expect pristine quality, it does a decent job for less professional purposes.

At 13.3 ppm for black and white prints, this printer isn’t the fastest one on the market. However, it is not the slowest, either. Keep in mind that this is a bang-for-buck printer, and that speed is not its focus feature. For colored prints, the Pixma can do 10.4 ppm, which is decent.

This printer supports Wi-Fi printing and USB connectivity, which is usually enough for most people.

That said, professional photographers should look into other options. However, if you’re looking for a printer that you’ll occasionally use in your office or at home, the Pixma iP8720 is more than great for that.

Cheap Printers for You

All the printers from our list make for fantastic deals. However, the choice between them heavily depends on what exactly you’re looking for in a printer. Read carefully through this list and make a choice. Cheap printers don’t get any better than these.

Which printer would you choose? Do you have another model on your mind that fits our list? Feel free to check out the comment section below and add your tips or questions.

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