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Five Games Every Mac User Should Own

Five Games Every Mac User Should Own

There are a plethora of games available for Mac, but here are ten hand-picked games you should own!

Mac doesn’t necessarily have a reputation as a gaming machine, but it does a great contrary to popular belief. Macs have enough hardware capabilities for gaming even when it is often used for development or businesses. Whatever your stand on this debate is, there are a few games that can make gaming on your Mac worthwhile. These games are so good in terms of gameplay, graphics, plot, and everything else.

Here are ten games every Mac owner should own

Divinity: Original Sin

Divinity: Original Sin started as a Kickstarter campaign, a classic role-playing game with all the best RPG elements on it – an epic storyline, comprehensive character builds, elaborate character customization, good voice actors, and tactical gameplay. This game is a must-have for all hard-core gamers or those who wish to explore the genre.

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The plot of Divinity: Original Sin begins in the town of Rivellon. The player can customize two protagonists then along the way choose other companions to make up a party of four people. The main characters are charged with the task of eradicating those who practice the forbidden magic called the Source. The game begins with your two character, also called as Source Hunters, investigating a crime of murder which is thought to involve Source magic. This investigation leads to a big conspiracy that threatens the Universe, and it is up to our very own Source Hunters to stop it.

One of the most profound elements of the game is the light-hearted humour that resonates throughout the game, rather than a very serious or stern storyline. The game is filled with very colorful NPC personalities, that interacts with you and delight you with constant surprises. You can get a copy of Divinity: Original Sin on the App Store for $39.99.


Firewatch is, by core, a mystery game in the Wyoming wilderness setting in 1989. The player takes on the role of Henry, who decided to join the firewatch team and live a simpler life. is a mystery game set in the Wyoming wilderness. Your role is to watch out or smoke during hot and dry summer days and report them to Delilah, your supervisor. However, one day, you are drawn by something out of the watchtower and explored the woods. Here you are presented with ethical or moral decisions that could strengthen or sever your relationship with Delilah. The story of Firewatch unfolds as you make different choices along the way and make your way through this beautifully crafted world.

The game has casted Cissy Jones from Walking Dead Season 1 as Delilah’s voice, while Rich Sommer of Mad Men fame plays the voice of Henry.

Firewatch is more than just a video game, it is more of an experience. It should be on top of your list of games to play if you are into good storytelling in video games.If you’re looking for more than just a game — an experience — then Firewatch should be at the top of your to-play list. Even though the story is linear and replayability isn’t a huge selling feature of Firewatch, I have personally played this game through about five times. What starts as a simple game of watching for forest fires becomes a strange, twisty-turny, mystery-filled rabbit hole with new discoveries at every turn. It’s like a book you just can’t put down. You can download Firewatch on the App Store for $19.99

The Witness

If you like exploration games on mysterious islands, check out The Witness. This visually-stunning adventure game was released earlier this year.

The game starts with you waking up on an island alone. You will then be forced to explore the island, solving puzzles as you go. The game boasts very high replay value since it challenges the players with tons of different puzzles and other challenges.

You’ll definitely need good hardware on your Mac to run this game. But, it is inch by inch worthy with the breathtaking graphics and good gameplay..

You can download your copy of The Witness from the App Store for $39.99.

Life is Strange

If you’re up for some 90’s nostalgic coming-of-age trip, Life is Strange may just be the pill for you. This mystery game has you play the role of Max Caulfield, a teenage student who discovers her ability to rewind time. Life is Strange comes in episodes, each with different main stories but featuring the same air of mystery and adventure. Throughout the game, Max realises the consequences of her actions, facing dilemmas and making decisions to the player’s accord.

Life is Strange takes you to an experience that taps into different parts of your brain. Its well-crafted characters, the moving story and its immersive ambience makes you not want to leave without finishing the whole episode.

You can avail of the first episode for $5 and buy subsequent episodes via in-app purchases. Or, you can get the whole season of 5 episodes for $11.99 on the App Store.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of those unique games that you cannot really beat. It offers endless fun and exploration by allowing the player to build and create a virtual world.

The game begins with you inheritance which is composed of a farmland and a few coins from your grandfather. Using only these will you build up a farm and prosper. This gives the player total freedom on which direction the game will take. Its open-world gameplay allows the player to spelunk, explore caves, go fishing, or just doze off an entire afternoon and enjoy the view.

You may access Stardew Valley on Steam for $14.99. It offers 30 distinct characters, each with its special perks, and endless secrets and treasures for the player to explore.

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