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Fix iTunes Transferring Problem? WinX MediaTrans is Your Best Choice

Fix iTunes Transferring Problem? WinX MediaTrans is Your Best Choice
  • “I just want to transfer some music not all of it but there is no option. Why is iTunes so complicated that I can’t transfer a single song?”
  • “I transferred a movie to iTunes but I couldn’t watch it or transfer it back to my device. This is driving me nuts.”

    Complaints on iTunes have never stopped for its complexity and various issues. Few lucky guys enjoy a great experience of iTunes while most people are struggling for iTunes errors solutions, especially for iTunes transferring problems on Windows. For example, not syncing music/photos/videos to iPhone/iPad/iPod, not syncing new songs, re-syncing same songs every time, even some data erased after sync.

    Suggestions spread all over Apple communities but often with a response of “not working for me”. Instead of endlessly searching for a valid solution, it is wise to discard iTunes and switch to a smarter iTunes alternative for Windows. WinX MediaTrans is our pick.


    No More iTunes, Transfer iPhone Perfectly on Windows with WinX MediaTrans

    WinX MediaTrans is an innovative and new-rising iOS file transfer program for Windows. Fully independent from iTunes, it delivers a much easier and safer way to transfer photos, music, videos, e-books, ringtones etc, between iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Windows computer.

    Just connecting iDevices with computer via a USB cable, users can get transferring task successfully finished in 1-click. The built-in conversion engine helps make incompatible audio/video files (FLAC, MKV, AVI etc,) to acceptable MP3, AAC, H.264 during syncing to iDevices for a proper playback. On the other hand, the utilization of hardware acceleration greatly speeds up transferring and converting process. Get annoyed with data loss of iTunes transferring? WinX MediaTrans will keep all data on your iDevice and computer well without sudden replacement or removal.

    With it, you can get a smoother file transferring experience as a substitute for stumbling iTunes syncing. Below are the overview of this best iTunes alternative for Windows helping escape from iTunes transferring problem.


    1. Photo Transfer

    It is available to selectively export (one or more or all) photos shot by camera or other apps (like WhatsApp) from iPhone/iPad to computer. It also allows creating a new album in iDevice and adding pictures to this album from computer. This personalized album can be easily deleted as well.


    1. Music Manager

    Not only does songs between iDevice and computer easily, it embeds a music organizer empowering to edit music metadata, create playlist, add/remove songs to/from playlist, delete songs and make ringtone (within 40 seconds) from a song. And, it helps convert incompatible music (FLAC, WMA etc.) to AAC/MP3 when adding to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


    1. Video Manager

    A similar workflow to music transfer is performed to video syncing with WinX MediaTrans. Export videos from iDevice to computer for a backup and add videos to iDevice with an auto-conversion to MP4 (H.264) for a flawless playback. The utilization of hardware acceleration greatly speeds up the conversion. Also, deleting action is permitted to free up space of iDevice.


    1. Book Transfer

    WinX MediaTrans integrates e-books syncing with converting to export EPUB to PDF, TXT, HTML from iDevice for PC, Mac, Kindle Fire etc, and in turn add EPUB/PDF books from computer to iDevice for movable reading. It also handles audio books well, to export, add, delete and convert from M4B/M4P to MP3 to play on non-Apple devices.


    1. Voice & Ringtone Sync

    Voice Memos, podcasts and iTunes U can be downloaded from iDevice to computer while 2-way syncing for ringtones is available.


    1. Flash Drive

    Turnyour iPhone iPad iPod to be a flash drive to store all types of files, such as Word, Excel, PPT and so on.


    1. Stable & Safe Sync

    WinX MediaTrans boasts stability of file transferring, no crash or stuck during the process. iTunes transferring problems like repeatedly syncing, not syncing will not happen using it. And, it keeps all data on iDevices completely without any loss.


    [Guide]How to Transfer iPhone (Music) Files with WinX MediaTrans

    The following guide shows how to transfer music files from iPhone to PC with WinX MediaTrans. Preparation: download this iTunes alternative and install on Windows (10) PC.


    Step 1. Launch WinX MediaTrans and connect iPhone with PC via USB cable. Once the connection succeeds, the iPhone icon appears on the top-right corner of the main interface.


    Step 2. Click Music Manager to enter a new page where all songs in iPhone are listed.


    Step 3. Sync music from/to iPhone.

    • To download songs from iPhone to PC, select the file(s) and hit Export.
    • To add songs to iPhone from PC, click Add Music to choose song(s) saved on hard drive. After the song(s) are imported to WinX MediaTrans, click Sync to get them transferred to iPhone.


    Get annoyed with iTunes syncing errors? WinX MediaTrans must be the best fixer. Now, an interesting meme contest about stuck iTunes is on the fly. Engage yourself in this contest to get full license key of this alternative to iTunes software and win cash ($1,200 in total).





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