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How to Get Verified on StockX

How to Get Verified on StockX

StockX has made a name as the middleman for buyers and sellers of sneakers and streetwear. The reason why the company has become so successful is that it takes account verification very seriously.

That means that every pair of shoes listed on StockX must be in flawless condition.

If you have something for sale, perhaps you’re wondering what it would take to get your item verified. Let’s find out.

Two Steps to the Coveted StockX Tag

Any sneakerhead would know that if a pair of shoes come with the green StockX tag of verification, you can probably rest easy that there are no issues with the quality.

Buying shoes online can be tricky, and other eCommerce websites can’t guarantee that what you’re getting is the real thing. So, the burden lies with the sellers on StockX.

They need to make sure that the item they’re listing abides by StockX guidelines. To minimize potential rejection, StockX informs the sellers, in detail, all they need to know about how to inspect and ship their items properly.

This process is one of the reasons why the dissatisfaction rate of StockX buyers is less than 0.5%. After a seller ships a sold item to one of StockX’s verification warehouses, that’s when the real work happens.

StockX Verified

Verification Process

The first stage that leads to the green StockX tag is verification. Technicians trained to do this kind of work would inspect the product thoroughly.

Since a large percentage of the items sold on StockX are sneakers, that means they need to check all the specs associated with the particular pair. Is the size correct? What about the color, has it faded?

They may even take a little whiff of the shoes to make sure that they haven’t picked up any odor during all the time sitting in the box.

Verification includes looking up the invoice and checking every last detail. Also, they’ll check if the shoe box is in good condition, too, because there can’t be any damage.

Essentially, the professionally trained workers make sure that the sneakers are in the exact condition as the seller described. More importantly, the technicians will also ensure the item isn’t a fake.

Authentication Process

The authentication is a relatively similar process to verification. But it simply goes into it even deeper. The item is passed on to another professional trained in spotting knock-offs. They’ll be looking for things like the materials of the item and any minute damage.

This may include determining if the leather is real, for example. They’ll also inspect the stitches and adhesive for the workmanship. If the item in question is a pair of sneakers, the StockX tag is always attached to the left shoe.

StockX technicians go through scores of sneakers every day, and you can safely assume that they know how to spot fakes and covered-up blemishes.

Get StockX Verified

How Long Does Verification Take?

In most cases, the authentication and verification of a StockX item will take no longer than a day. Meaning received, the folks at StockX usually ship it on to the buyer on the same day.

If the item doesn’t live up to StockX’s standards, it’s getting shipped back to the seller on their dime and with a 15% penalty tacked on. Repeat offenders and known scammers will probably be banished on StockX.

Don’t Forget to Verify Your Email

Getting verified may also refer to the time when you sign up for a new StockX account. The site will automatically send a verification email to your listed email address.

It’s best to check your inbox immediately and finish the verification. You might forget because StockX will let you bid and sell right away.

The problem is that you can go through all the steps to making a purchase or a sale and at the last bit where you need to confirm it, StockX will remind you that your email address remains unverified. That means going back to your inbox and verifying before you’re allowed to proceed.

Get the StockX Stamp of Approval

It can be quite frustrating to pack up your sneakers or collectible hoodie and ship the package off to StockX only to get rejected. However, it’s also possible that you might’ve just missed a step or two, rather than anything to do with the item.

If you’re sure that your item is authentic, it’s on you to ensure that it arrives in pristine condition to the StockX authentication warehouse. From there, you’re going to get paid and the item will find its way to the buyer.

Have you ever had an item verified on StockX? Let us know how it went in the comments section below.

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