How To Change Wallpaper On Samsung Galaxy J7

It’s common to change the wallpaper of the Galaxy J7 to make more personal based on the way you want your new smartphone to look. Others like to change the wallpaper of the Galaxy J7 to be able to differentiate their smartphone from others that have the same standard Galaxy J7 background. Learning how to change the wallpaper on the Samsung Galaxy J7 is very easy to do and will only take a few minutes to complete. Below are instructions on how to make the wallpaper changes using two different methods.



Change Galaxy J7 wallpaper from the home screen

After you have turned on the Galaxy J7 and have gone to the home screen, you can quickly change the Galaxy J7 wallpaper by going to the launcher from the home screen. If you press and hold an empty section of the home screen for about two seconds the settings menu will show up. Once the settings menu is up, select on the “Wallpapers” button.

Once you get to the Samsung Galaxy J7 wallpaper settings, a list of pre-installed wallpapers will be shown that you can choose from. A different photo can be selected and set as the wallpaper on your Galaxy J7. You can do this by selecting the “Gallery” option and select another image that is on your smartphone. From that page you will also be able to select from any cloud storage accounts that you’ve linked to the Galley app.

After you have selected that image that you want to replace the Galaxy J7 wallpaper, select the bar at the top of the screen and select if you want the image to be either the home screen wallpaper, lock screen wallpaper or both. Finally, select Set as wallpaper and now you should have changed the wallpaper on the Galaxy J7.


Change Galaxy J7 wallpaper from the phone settings

If you can’t change the Galaxy J7 wallpaper using the first method, you can also change the wallpaper of the Galaxy J7 is by going to the main settings on the smartphone. From the settings page, find “Sound and Display” and then select on Wallpaper. After you select on Wallpaper, you will go to the same screen as mentioned above that will allow you to either select from the list of pre-installed wallpapers or choosing another image that you have saved on the Galaxy J7.

The two methods above will allow you to change the wallpaper on your Samsung Galaxy J7 very easily.



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