How To Record Videos In Slow Motion On Samsung Galaxy J7

Today’s smartphones have come a long way from the early days of flip phones with cameras that could barely take a picture. The high-end camera on phones like the Samsung Galaxy J7 have amazing capabilities, like video recording in slow motion. Using the slow-motion function on your Galaxy J7 smartphone lets you record rapid movements and then slow them down for your video recording.

In this article I’ll show you how to set your Galaxy J7 to record in slow motion.

How To Record Videos in Slow Motion

  1. Turn on the Galaxy J7
  2. Go to the Camera app
  3. With the live camera image showing, select the “Mode” button
  4. Select “Slow-motion” Mode

Now your phone is set to record video in slow-motion mode. You can also use the Settings option in the Camera app to set the actual rate of the slow-motion video. The available options are:

  • x1/2 (slow motion effect is twice as slow as normal)
  • x1/4 (slow motion effect is four times as slow)
  • x1/8 (slow motion effect is eight times as slow)

For the maximum slow-motion effect, you should set the phone to x1/8.

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