How to Watch Local Channels on PS Vue

PS Vue How to Get Local Channels

Local channels are not a new thing on PS Vue. Sony added 200 more channels in 2018 to provide one of the most extensive offers, so by this time, there should be well over 450 local channels on the platform.

As you might know, the accessibility and channel selection vary based on your location because Sony provides the service per zip code and broadcasting license. There are also limitations for those with the basic subscription. Anyway, you need access to some of their subscription plans to be able to watch the local channels.

It’s All About the Subscription

With PS Vue, there are four subscription plans and the more you pay, the greater selection of local channels you get. The following sections outline some of the available channels according to the subscription plan and there’s a quick overview of each one.

Note: For the purposes of this article, the channel listing applies to New York. The offer varies if you live in a different region.


This is the basic PS Vue subscription. It is the most budget-friendly and offers a limited channel selection. The local broadcasters include CBS 2, ESPN 2, FOX 5, COZI TV, FS 1 and 2, as well as close to 30 other channels.

If you are into sports, there is an option to extend the package and get 12 more sports channels. The same applies to the Español Pack and epixHits, though there are only 10 additional channels in the Español Pack.

ps vue how to get local channel


The Core pack is geared more towards those who like sports, and some of the highlights include ESPN News, ESPNU, SEC Network, Olympic Channel, and more. You also get PS Vue Spotlight, Fox Business Network, DIT, etc.

But then, you need to pay extra for the Español Pack and the 12 channels from the Red Zone NFL Network. Overall, this package is a small step up from Access.


With the Elite plan, you get sports, movies, and live TV. This is why the bundle is the best value for the money. The package features more than 90 channels, and the ones that stand out are Cheddar News and Business, epixHits, Fusion, three channels from the Hallmark family, etc.

At this point, it’s not hard to guess that additional sports channels and the Español Pack come as an extra.


Two premium cable networks make the difference between the Ultra and Elite package – they are HBO and Showtime. Being the two most popular movie and TV series broadcasters, these channels are a major selling point for the Ultra package.

However, you have the same local channel selection with Elite and there’s always an option to add Showtime or HBO as a separate subscription.

Important Notes

Certain zip codes won’t be able to watch live broadcasts from FOX, ABC, NBS, or CBS via PS Vue. NBC, ABS, and FOX offer on-demand alternatives and there is a catalog of top programs. But you should know that the on-demand version doesn’t apply to sports channels.

You cannot get the CBS on-demand alternative via PS Vue, and the channel airs only in the areas where it’s available. A few cities can also get national live TV from FOX, including the following:

  1. Harrisonburg, VA
  2. North Platte, NE
  3. Charlottesville, VA
  4. Lubbock, TX
  5. Presque Isle, PA
  6. Central Wisconsin
  7. Minot-Bismarck Area, ND
  8. Clarksburg, WV

Can You Check the Local Channel List?

Of course you can, and it’s pretty simple to do it. Go to the PS Vue subscription page and enter your zip code to get the listing of the available channels. It’s important to allow the page to check your location to ensure you receive the correct list.

The PS Vue FAQ Channel page provides in-depth information about the local channels. You can check the list of recently included local channels under “Have You Added Any Channels to the Lineup Recently?” Just click on the drop-down menu to preview the full list.

how to get local channel

Getting Local Channels Outside of PS Vue

Even though the network is rapidly expanding, some channels are still not available on PS Vue. If you wish to view them, there are two options – use an OTR antenna (digital over-the-air) or a special tool to help you select a better plan.

With an OTR antenna, you can watch live TV from NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX for free and record the program with a special DVR. The plan selection tools provide a list of subscription services that best fit your needs, but this means more monthly fees.

This is why it would be better to go for an OTR antenna and a corresponding DVR. You pay for the gear only and there are no extra monthly fees.

Can You Record Live TV on PS Vue?

All PS Vue subscription plans come with 28-day DVR cloud storage. As such, you can record your favorite movies, series, and TV shows, but certain restrictions do apply.

For example, broadcasters like NBC, ABC, and FOX don’t allow you to fast forward/skip the commercials. Plus, there are recording limitations for some sporting events.

On the bright side, you can watch local sports networks from anywhere in the country. But make sure to sign in (at least once) from the zip code you used when subscribing to PS Vue.

Get Ready to Go Local

Similar to other streaming services, some local channels are included with the basic subscription and there’s more if you go premium. Which local channels do you like the most? Are they available on PS Vue? Tell us more in the comments section below.

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