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How to Install the Phoenix Add-on KODI

How to Install the Phoenix Add-on KODI

In case you don’t already know, the Phoenix add-on for KODI is a must-have. You want to get the best overall experience out of your media center software, so let’s talk about getting Phoenix installed and running.

We’ll start by covering installation of the SuperRepo repository, and then move on to showing you how to install the Phoenix add-on.

Install SuperRepo

Follow these steps to get SuperRepo installed on your version of KODI media center.

  1. On your KODI home screen, go to the “System” tab.                                                        System KODI
  2. Click on “File Manager.”                                                                                                         System File Manager
  3. On the left-hand side of your screen, select “Add source.”                                             KODI add source
  4. Choose the text box that says “<None>” and the on-screen keyboard will appear.        KODI Add file source
  5. Next, type (SuperRepo repository Web address) and click on the “Done” button.  http SuperRepo
  6. In the text box at the bottom of the screen where it says “Enter a name for this media source,” type “SuperRepo” and click the “Done” button again.                                                                                                               SuperRepo media source

Your File Manager should now have SuperRepo added to its list.

SuperRepo installed

Now head back to the KODI home screen.

Here we’re showing you how to install the proper version of SuperRepo for your KODI version.

  • Go to “System” and click on it to open the next screen, where you’ll navigate down to “Add-ons” in the left panel.  System Settings add-ons
  • Select “Install from zip file” in the list.                                                                                Install Zip file
  • On the next screen, you’re going to choose the SuperRepo drive icon.                      SuperRepo drive icon
  • Now a screen with a list of the three most relevant KODI versions will be displayed. You’re going to choose from Helix, Isengard, or Jarvis. (Note: Make sure you know which version you have installed, then proceed.)
  • Click on the repository zip file you’ll be installing—we’ve chosen Jarvis because it’s the version installed on our end.  select Kodi version
  • Next, you can select to install “all” the repository add-ons or select “video” in the “categories” folder, which is where the Phoenix add-on is located. Superrepo All
  • Then you’ll select the zip file on the following screen and double-click to add the repository.SuperRepo Jarvis install
  • A notification saying “SuperRepo add-on enabled” will appear in the lower right-hand corner of your screen once it’s installed.  SuperRepo enabled

Return to the KODI home screen one last time.

Install Phoenix

The SuperRepo repository has been added to KODI.

  • Go to System > Add-ons > Get Add-ons > All Add-ons.
  • Phoenix is in the add-on list and ready for you to install. Find Phoenix, click on it, and select the “Install” button on the next screen.
  • A notification box will appear in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, alerting you of Phoenix’s successful installation.  Phoenix add

This method that we’ve shown you to acquire and enable the Phoenix add-on for KODI is intended for those of you who don’t wish to enable an add-on installer program, like the one provided when installing Fusion. If you’d like to install Fusion, which also comes with other added features, we’ve covered that in a separate article which you can find located right here on TechJunkie.


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2 thoughts on “How to Install the Phoenix Add-on KODI”

Heather says:
Hi Catherine,
You didn’t do anything wrong. Go to Videos and under there it will say add-ons. Click add-ons and it should bring up a list of all your installed add-ons. Now just scroll through and Phoenix should be in there. Click on it and enjoy!
Linda says:
I found phoenix after I got it enabled, but when I click on any of the titles listed ex “Phoenix New Releases” it briefly shows it is working in bottom right corner, then stops and nothing happens??
Catherine says:
I have install the Phoenix and now I can’t find it to get it to open and search movies. What did I do wrong?


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