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macOS Sierra System Requirements

macOS Sierra System Requirements

Apple has made the past few versions of Mac OS X available on a wide range of Macs dating back as far as the 2007 models. With the new versions of Apple’s desktop operating system, now called macOS, Apple still plans to include support for a relatively deep list of hardware, but that list is now a bit narrower for the first time in more two years. To make sure you’re ready for the next version of macOS, here are the macOS Sierra system requirements.

The macOS Sierra system requirements vary by model and are as follows:

iMac: Late 2009 or newer
MacBook: Late 2009 or newer
MacBook Air: Late 2010 or newer
MacBook Pro: Mid 2010 or newer
Mac mini: Mid 2010 or newer
Mac Pro: Mid 2010 or newer

While macOS Sierra will be supported on all Macs listed above, it’s important to note that, like in previous releases of OS X and iOS, not all features of the operating system will be available on all models.

macos sierra auto unlock

Image via Apple

Apple has yet to specify system requirements for specific macOS Sierra features, such as Siri, Apple Pay, Auto Unlock, and Universal Clipboard, but it is likely that many of these features will require Macs newer than the baseline minimum requirements. Examples include the Continuity, Instant Hotspot, and AirDrop features first introduced in OS X Yosemite. Although Yosemite could run on Macs as old as the 2007 model year, these more advanced features were only available on 2012 Macs and up.

macOS Sierra will launch this fall and is expected to continue Apple’s policy of free Mac operating system updates. The first developer betas of Sierra are now available to registered Apple developers, and the company will once again offer a public beta program this summer. As with all beta software, however, don’t rush to update all of your Macs to Sierra. Critical bugs are to be expected, and users should not install the macOS Sierra beta builds on their primary Macs.

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2 thoughts on “macOS Sierra System Requirements”

Biff Bifferson says:
Tim Cook is determined to alienate Mac users. That’s the problem with giving the operating system away. There’s no incentive to support users with older Macs. If they were still getting $125 per user they’d want to keep my Mac Pro going. Now they expect me to buy a new one; a cheap-looking, hard to upgrade, hard to connect to, trash can. No thanks. I’ve put Windows 10 on it and I’ll get used to that before I get a Joni Ive crayon Os.
itasara says:
I totally agree with you. If anyone does upgrade to Sierra On a MacBook Pro mid 2009 I’d be interested to know how it works for you and what you did not get that you wanted or that you had and is no longer available to you on the newer system. I am very upset with Apple that it goes out of the way to make working equipment obsolete. I guess it’s progress and innovation for some and a blow to one pocketbook for others who may find they have to upgrade to a new machine that they didn’t want in first place. Do you think Apple will remove the headphone jack on the new computers like it did in the iPhone 7?
Biff Bifferson says:
I think that they will remove the headphone jack. Apple looks at production cost and removing hardware means more profit. Having no headphone wires saves money too. I’ll try putting Sierra on an external hard drive, but I fear that it will be just as bad as El Capitan. Apple seems to want Macs to be base stations for iPhones instead of stand alone computers.
Mario says:
I guess this is the last year I can use my XServe Early 2009 for Netboot and SWUS unless I can figure out how to run Linux on it for JAMF’s Netboot/SUS Server. :-(

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