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How to Make Apple AirPods Fit Better

How to Make Apple AirPods Fit Better

Apple’s AirPods are definitely one of the best-looking ear buds you can find. With their slick and minimalistic design, they absolutely deserve to carry the Apple logo. When you add the great sound quality they manage to push through a pair of tiny drivers, it’s no wonder people rave about Apple’s tiniest product.

The only thing that could top the original AirPods proved to be their younger sibling, the AirPods Pro. One of the coolest things about the Pro version is the addition of interchangeable silicone tips. They allow you to customize how these ear buds fit into your ear, making sure they stay in place even when you do some heavy training. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with the original AirPods.

Improving the AirPods Fit

Depending on the shape of your ear, AirPods can fit perfectly or they can come loose even after a few steps. Even if they might fit nicely most of the time, as soon as you start exercising, the sweat will most certainly make them pop out of your ear.

Since AirPods aren’t exactly the cheapest of products, losing one or even both of them can prove to be expensive and irritating. And if they don’t fit your ear, Apple can’t do anything to help you with that. That’s why many AirPods owners felt there’s practically nothing they can do to keep them from falling out.

To address this problem, many third-party manufacturers decided to create additional products that aim to improve the fit between the AirPods and your ear. These products vary in functionality and design, so it’s only right to go through a couple of variations, hoping one of them will help you with this issue.

Make Apple AirPods Fit Better

Silicone Covers

The most obvious way to improve the fit is to wrap a thin silicone cover over the AirPods. This automatically removes the issue that comes from the slippery plastic surface of the AirPods themselves. Also, the silicone cover will add a bit to their size, hoping it will fill the gap if there was one.

As with any third-party products, silicon covers may come with a downside as well. Depending on the shape and thickness of the cover, it may prevent you from fully closing the AirPods case lid when you need to store or charge them. That means you’ll have to remove the silicone cover before putting them back into the case. Understandably, that can get pretty annoying if you need to do this a couple of times each day.

Out of many different covers you can find online, DamonLight AirPod Covers seem to solve both of these issues. The silicone improves the fit on its own, plus they’re thin enough to fit into the AirPods case, allowing you to close the lid without any problems.

If DamonLight covers are too thin to help AirPods fit snuggly in your ear, you might want to try a slightly thicker version from another manufacturer. For example, EarSkinz AirPod Covers will provide additional fit, which may solve the problem for you. Unfortunately, with these on, your AirPods won’t fit into their case, so you’ll have to remove the covers each time. Worry not though, they come off pretty easily.

Ear Hooks and Neck Straps

If you need to improve the fit even further, there are other solutions than the simple covers mentioned in the previous section. To be able to get into some serious exercise without worrying your AirPods will come loose, you might consider using some of the silicone hooks available online.

One such solution is the AhaStyle Silicone Ear Hooks Cover. These catch onto the inside of your ear, making sure the ear buds stay put even when running at a serious pace. Of course, these won’t fit into the AirPods case, so you’ll definitely need to take them off each time.

To go even further, you can use products such as the AirPod Grips by RhinoBand. These are basically silicone loops that go around your ear, keeping them firmly in place even with the heaviest of exercise. Compared to the covers with hooks, RhinoBand’s solution is super-easy to put on your AirPods, as well as to take it off.

Even if you don’t have big issues keeping AirPods tight in your ear, you might want to prevent losing them in case they accidentally fall out. For that purpose, a neck strap may come as an ideal solution. Spigen RA100 is one such product. Just slip the two ends of the silicone strap over the lower end of your AirPods and you’re all set.

Apple AirPods Fit Better

A DIY Solution

Besides buying the third-party products, there’s one solution that appeared on the Internet that may solve all your problems with securing the fit of your AirPods. This solution is so minimal that it even allows you to put your AirPods in their carrying case without any fear the lid won’t fully close.

To do this, you’ll need a hole-puncher and some self-adhesive waterproof tape. For example, you can use the Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Tape. Just punch four holes in the tape and use the small round pieces that fall out of it. Attach the two pieces above and below each AirPod and that’s it. You might need to adjust the positioning of the tape pieces until you find your fit, but once it’s done, your AirPods will finally remain securely in your ear.

The Slippery Problem Solved

Whether you’ve opted for some silicon covers, ear hooks, or that simple DIY trick with adhesive tape, it’s certain you’ll be able to solve the problem of Apple’s slippery AirPods. Even though the AirPods Pro offer customizable grip right out of the box, you might hang onto your current AirPods with one of the mentioned solutions.

Have you managed to securely fit AirPods in your ear? Which of the solutions do you find best for your personal use? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

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