How to Make Wyze Camera Waterproof

Wyze makes some of the best affordable indoor camera devices that are accessible through your smartphone or tablet. Hugely convenient, you get a 24/7 available security system with a motion sensor and two-way communication abilities. The Wyze Cam is a device that has a wide variety of applications. In fact, if you’re creative enough, the options are almost infinite.

Although this cam can function as an indoor security cam, a baby monitor, and even help ensure that your pets are on their best behavior while you aren’t at home, is it waterproof?

So, Is It?

In short, no. The Wyze Cam is a device that was constructed exclusively for indoor use and will break down if it comes into contact with water. Moreover, if you put it outdoors during extreme temperatures, the device can end up permanently damaged. So, again, no, the Wyze Cam definitely isn’t intended for outdoor use.

On the other hand, the guys and gals at Wyze have announced an upcoming outdoor version of the device. Until that version arrives, however, there might just be a few tricks that can help protect your Wyze Cam in outdoor use.

People have been finding ways to weatherproof everything and Wyze cameras are no exception. Although it may not work in extremes, you can make sure that your camera is as safe as possible. Besides, with such a low price tag, risking damage isn’t too big of a gamble, really.

wyze camera waterproof

By and In Itself

Before proceeding to outline what you can do to ensure the best weather safety for your camera, let’s see how the camera behaves under a patio roof that’s completely covered from the rain. This might not sound fair, but you should take into account that this is a camera intended for indoor use, so you can’t really expect it to be waterproof or water-resistant.

As a matter of fact, even in harsh weather conditions – driving rain, dust, wind, and temperature spikes – the Wyze Cam holds up just fine. You shouldn’t expect any specific damage, electronic or physical. So, by and in itself, the Wyze Cam more than holds up its end – it has time and again proven that it can survive outdoor weather conditions that definitely aren’t guaranteed by the manufacturer or the retailer.

Using an Enclosure

Of course, if you don’t have a patio roof, chances are that your Wyze Cam won’t survive rain, regardless of how heavy or light it is. A solution may exist, however. You could always look for an enclosure for the Wyze Cam on Amazon that does a fairly good job. This wall-mounted bracket is essentially an outdoor casing that looks like a tiny house.

When looking for a good enclosure on Amazon, pay attention to the back section, where all the electronics on your Wyze Cam are situated. This part should be properly covered. The device should also come with a mounting bracket that will make your job even easier. Keep in mind that you may not find the ideal surface that works with Wyze’s magnetic base.

Although these gadgets are plastic, they do a fantastic job of protecting your Wyze Cam from heavy rain.

A Plastic Case

Another solution for weatherproofing your Wyze camera device would be simply buying a cheap plastic see-through case, especially if we’re talking about the Wyze Pan, which has many moving parts. This works surprisingly well during the day and will keep the water, even in more severe weather conditions, away. That said, the IR light will reflect off of the plastic case’s interior, so it won’t work too well during the night.

make wyze camera waterproof

This isn’t really a permanent solution, as you’ll want to be able to access your live footage in the evening.


Wyze cameras all come with a unique and neat daisy-chaining option. This essentially means that you don’t have to connect each one to the power outlet. Simply connect one camera to the power outlet and then connect it to the others. This is very useful for outside use, as there might be a lack of outlets outside.

Waterproofing Wyze Cameras

As of yet, there aren’t too many suggestions as to what you can do to waterproof your Wyze Camera. You can try to find an enclosure on Amazon (look for those with the highest rating) or DIY the whole thing and buy a cheap see-through plastic case that will work perfectly during the day, but may present problems during evening hours.

Have you tried waterproofing your Wyze camera? How did it work? Do you have any cool waterproofing ideas? Share your thoughts, experiences, ideas, and questions in the comments section below.

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