How to merge PDF, MP3, Video and Text Documents in Windows 10

Posted by Matthew on August 9, 2016

Do you have one, or more, files you need to merge together? If so, there are plenty of programs available for Windows 10, and other platforms, that enable you to join various file formats together. This is how you can merge MP3s, video files, PDFs (Portable Document Format) and txt text files together in Windows 10.

Merging MP3s with MP3 Joiner

If you have lots of MP3 audio files, you can merge your favorite tracks into one single file. MP3 Joiner is one program that joins MP3s together. This is a freeware package that runs on most Windows platforms from XP up. Click Download on this Softpedia page to save its setup, which you can then open to install and run the program as below.

mp3 joiner

On the left of the window is a folder hierarchy that you can browse to select MP3s to merge together. Click a folder there that includes the MP3s you want to merge together. Then press the Join the files in the list button to merge all the MP3s in the selected folder together.

That will save the merged MP3 file in your default Music folder. However, you can select alternative folders to save them to by pressing the Open the option dialog button. Then select Always Ask Me Where to Save File radio button and click OK.

mp3 joiner2

To select to merge more specific MP3s from a folder, press and hold the Ctrl key and click the MP3s to merge. Then you should right-click to open the context menu in the snapshot below. That includes a Join Selected option you can click to merge the files with.

mp3 joiner3

Merging Video Files with Freemake Video Convertor

Freemake Video Convertor is one of the best software packages to convert multimedia file formats with, and you can also merge videos together with that program. If you need to join a few of your recorded camcorder videos together, add Freemake Video Convertor to Windows XP/Vista7/8/10 from this website page. Click the Free Download button there to save its setup and install the program, and then open the software’s window in the shot below.

mp3 joiner4

Next, press the Video button and choose a few videos to merge. Then you can press a play button beside each selected video for a preview to check it’s the right clip. Note that the preview window also includes additional cutting options you can cut out parts of the video with.

To merge the videos together, you should switch the Join files button at the top right of the window to On. Then click the Convert button at the top of the window, and select a file format for the merged video. That will open the window below from which you can select a folder to save the file to.

mp3 joiner5

When you press the Convert button on the above window, another will open stating that a Freemake splash is included at the beginning and end of video. Click the button on that info window to merge the videos together and convert them to the selected format. Then you can play your merged videos in Windows 10’s Films & TV app.

You can also merge a variety of audio file formats with this software much the same. Press the Audio button to choose a few music files to merge together. You can select to merge WAV, WMA, AC3, M4A and other audio file formats. Then click Convert on the menu bar as before, and select a format for the merged file.

Merging PDFs with PDF Shaper

You can merge two, or more, PDFs with PDF Shaper, which might come in handy for email attachments. This program has a number of PDF options, and there’s a free version for Windows platforms from XP to 10. Click here to open the software’s site, and click the Download button to save its setup. When you’ve run through the setup, you can open the window directly below.

mp3 joiner6

Click Content and Merge to open the window shown below. Press the Add button there to select a few PDFs to combine into one. If you need to check the PDF content a little more, press the Preview button on the Merge – PDF Shaper window. Press the Process button, enter a title for the merged PDF file and click Save. Then you can open your newly merged document that will include all the PDFs you selected to combine.

mp3 joiner7

Merging Text Documents

If you need to convert some text, txt, documents together, you could always copy and paste their content into one single file with Ctrl + C (copy) and Ctrl + V (paste). That might be ok for a few files, but it can take a while to copy lots of text documents together. As such, it’s quicker to combine text files with software packages such as Easy File Joiner. Add it to any Windows platform by clicking the Download button on this page. Then open its setup to install the program in the shot below.

mp3 joiner8

Click Add Files to choose some text documents to merge together. Note this only works on the txt files, so you can’t merge other text document formats. Choose a few documents to merge, and then enter a file title and path in the text box. Press Join Files to merge the documents.

Easy File Joiner is a basic package with few extra options. You can’t add any separators to the documents with that program, but you can with TXTcollector. This software also joins BAT, CSV, DAT, LOG, REG and other file formats. Save the TXTcollector Zip to Windows from this Softpedia page, and click Extract all in File Explorer to unzip the file and run through the setup. Then open the program’s window shown below.

mp3 joiner9

One thing to note about this program is that you can only merge all txt files included within a single folder. So you might need to move the separate txt documents you’re going to join into one folder beforehand. Then click Browse Folders and select the folder that includes the text files you need to merge together.

Now you can select a variety of separators from the Select a separator or enter one drop-down menu. Press the Combine all files button, type in a file title for the merged text document and click Save. Then you can open your newly combined text document, with separators included, as below.

mp3 joiner10

Those are just a few of the freeware software packages you can quickly merge audio, video, text and PDF files with in Windows 10. You can also merge PDFs and audio file formats with Web apps such as Audio Joiner and Merge PDF

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