The 5 Best Mobdro Alternatives – 2019

Posted by Jamie on February 20, 2019

Mobdro is one of many streaming apps that offers access to movies, TV shows and all kinds of content to any connected device. If the look and feel isn’t for you, it’s good to have options. As good as Mobdro might be, it has a unique look that won’t gel with everyone. If that’s the case for you, you’re in the right place as I’m going to cover some of the best Mobdro alternatives in 2019.

All will offer the same quality of design, simple usability and offer the same access to the huge range of content that Mobdro does.

Mobdro and apps like it come and go all the time. Remember Showbox? It was one of the best streaming apps around until it was taken down. The same could happen to Modbro or any app like it. Having a couple of apps on hand means you should always be able to view content regardless of what’s going on.

Here are what I think are the top Mobdro alternatives in 2019. As Modbro’s strength is in TV content, I have selected apps that also specialize in TV shows over movies.


UKTVNow doesn’t just show British TV but English language shows from across the world. It is also handy for catching up with those Brit classics like Luther but is useful for much more than that. It works in a similar way to Modbro and offers access to a ton of content across a bunch of categories.

The app is nicely to use and logical. Categories work well and most channels that are available are listed within an easily navigable menu. There are apparently over 150 channels from ten countries and includes the option to schedule viewing. It is available for PC, Android and iOS as well as Firestick and Kodi.


Kodi should need little introduction. It is one of the best streaming apps out there and has almost limitless options for customization, content and more. It works on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and even Raspberry Pi. In terms of usability, Kodi is up there with the best as it has an avid developer base and several years of history and evolution behind it.

Kodi offers access to movies, TV shows, music, photos and any kind of content that can be streamed. It has a bit of an overhead on phones but once a stream is underway works flawlessly as long as you have a decent connection.


Crackle often appears on these lists of streaming apps and for good reason. It’s a legit app owned by Sony and offers access to a massive range of content from across the world including movies and TV shows. It needs registration but has a bunch of features you get only on Netflix or Hulu like the ability to resume or a learning algorithm that can suggest things to watch.

Navigation is slick, categorization is good and the range of content, while more limited than Kodi and the like, is still respectable enough to make using it worthwhile.

Live NetTV

Live NetTV is an Android app that has over 800 channels of live TV from across the globe. There are a lot of foreign language channels but also lots of English ones too. The design is slick and nicely done, navigation is simple, categories are easy to browse and there is more content available than many other options out there.

As its name suggests, Live NetTV is more about TV than movies or music but there is other content on there too. However, if TV is your thing, there is more content on here than you could watch in a lifetime.

Exodus Live TV

Exodus Live TV is another Android app that offers a ton of streaming content. It works within Kodi but also as an independent app with its own APK. It has a bunch of channels from major networks as well as movies, music and more. If it is being streamed somewhere, it will likely be available on here.

The design is okay and similar to the Kodi version. Categories are logical and easy to navigate while the depth of content is pretty good too.

Always play safely

Not all of the top Mobdro alternatives I list here are legit. That means you must use a VPN when streaming anything from them. The streaming scene is hotting up, both with new releases offering access to streams and the industry prosecuting them as quickly as they can. While the studios tend to not go for individuals, your ISP will so always use a VPN.

Install a good quality, no logging VPN on every device that accesses the internet and use it all the time. That way, if you stream without thinking of the VPN, you’re covered.

TechJunkie does not recommend or condone accessing copyrighted or illegal content. We do believe in the freedom of information and of choice which is why we produce content like this. Be safe out there!

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This Guide Last Updated: February 20, 2019

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