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The Best Mobdro Alternatives – 2019

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The Best Mobdro Alternatives - 2019

The age of streaming television has brought along plenty of advantages compared to the old way of watching television, but if there’s one thing we miss, it’s the ability to stream live events and premieres. Sure, plenty of content can wait until the next day, using services like Hulu or iTunes to watch the newest episode of your favorite TV show the following night. Other content, however, like awards shows or sporting events, really require live television to get the most out of them. But without paying upwards of $50 per month for a cable subscription, or around the same price for a monthly online streaming subscription like Hulu Live or YouTube TV, there’s only so many ways you can get live television for cheap.

If you’re looking for the ultimate free application for watching live television and you’re willing to not just sideload an app, but to take the risk of using an app consisting of pirated material, Mobdro is the best choice out there. With a great interface that’s easy to browse using the Fire remote, Mobdro is one of the best ways to watch live TV on your Fire Stick without the use of Kodi. It’s an app designed around being able to easily access streams of all your favorite channels, from live movies to news stations like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, to premium channels like HBO, to locals like ABC and NBC. You’ll be hard pressed to find any live TV app streaming online that works as well as Mobdro, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for alternatives.

If the look and feel isn’t for you, it’s good to have options. As good as Mobdro might be, it has a unique look that won’t gel with everyone. If that’s the case for you, you’re in the right place as I’m going to cover some of the best Mobdro alternatives in 2019. All will offer the same quality of design, simple usability and offer the same access to the huge range of content that Mobdro does. Let’s dive in—but first, a word about streaming safely online.

Using a VPN

Not all of the options above on this list are hosting pirated material, but for those applications that do, you’ll want to make sure you don’t skip this section. Though some users risk their privacy by choosing to stream pirated content without the protection of a VPN on their device, we highly recommend using a VPN service to protect your data, especially if you’re using one of the less-than-legal services on this list. Though having a VPN on is very rarely the wrong choice, the privacy it adds to your device isn’t needed to enjoy your favorite services regularly. And although we also say that the less information you give internet service providers and online companies, the better, the truth is that a VPN won’t be right for everyone.

However, if you’ve found your way to this page, it’s probably because you’re using your Fire Stick for something that isn’t a standard application available through the Amazon Appstore. Be it basic piracy apps like Showbox or Terrarium TV, or more complicated applications like Kodi, which allow you to fully load your Fire Stick with a new interface, along with thousands of applications and add-ons to completely change how you watch movies forever. These systems are easy to setup and use, but there’s a big reason why people turn away from them: they aren’t entirely legal. While thousands of users get away with consuming pirated content on the internet every day, it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone gets away with piracy. If you’re caught by your ISP, you can land yourself in some hot water, including losing access to your internet or even facing major fines from groups like the MPAA.

With that said, here’s our guide to the best Mobdro alternatives for 2019.

Live NetTV

Live NetTV is an Android app that has over 800 live channels streaming from across the globe. Whether you’re looking for English language channels or foreign television options, Live NetTV has options for everyone looking to stream. From sports to comedy, news to movies, there’s an option for everyone looking to stream television to their phone. Live NetTV features a slick design that matches well with most Android options, making it easy to navigate from shows, channels, categories, and more.


Crackle is currently one of the only studio-backed free streaming services left standing, ever since Hulu left their free tier behind to focus on their paid content. Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures, which means you’ll mostly see Sony-released content with a few other offerings alongside them. In our tests, Crackle had one of the better libraries of both original and non-original content available for free. Everything did include ads, unfortunately, but the inclusion of those pesky ads also meant that everything was above the board and completely legal. Crackle, like any other streaming service, changes their library every so often, so just because something is on there now doesn’t mean it will be there permanently. When it comes to television programming, you’ll find shows like Community, Startup, Married with Children, and a wide selection of anime all streaming on Crackle.


How could we publish this list without including the ultimate streaming application, Kodi? Originally known as XBMC, Kodi is an open-source home theater suite that allows you to completely replace your normal Fire Stick interface within the application. Kodi is a powerful piece of software on its own, and entirely legal when used properly. Of course, and much to the detriment of the development team behind Kodi, plenty of users do not stick to the usual options for Kodi services. Instead, using add-ons and builds, Kodi can become a powerful piece of piracy software, using applications designed to automatically stream movies, television shows, and basically any other media you could possibly imagine.

Whatever you choose to use Kodi for, there’s plenty of opportunities to make your Fire Stick work how you want. Whether you’re just looking to stream content over your local network (similar to Plex, originally a XMBC add-on that we’ll discuss below) or you want to go all out on installing add-ons, builds, and plenty of additional content through Kodi’s file browser, Kodi is basically a must-have utility for any media consumption device. Check out our favorite add-ons and builds for Kodi by following those links!


Mobdro broadcasts out of the United States, but for those more interested in what’s happening on the other side of the Atlantic—or looking for a streaming service that offers them more where they actually live—UKTVNow is the perfect app. Complete with English language shows around the world, UKTVNow is perfect for accessing the BBC and all assorted channels, like Channel 4 and ITV. The streaming service features over 150 channels from ten countries, and can even schedule viewing using the excellent on-screen guide provided by the service. UKTVNow is available for PC and Android, along with apps for Amazon’s Fire OS and Kodi.


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