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How to Create an Out of Office Email Reply with iCloud

How to Create an Out of Office Email Reply with iCloud

Anyone with experience working in an office setting should be familiar with ‘out of office’ replies. These messages automatically reply to incoming email, letting senders know that a recipient is on vacation or otherwise unavailable. The corporate email servers that businesses rely on often enable out of office functionality for users, but did you know that you can set up your own out of office message with Apple’s iCloud? Here’s how it works.
First, log in to the iCloud Web interface. If you don’t yet have an iCloud account, you can sign up for free using an iDevice or Mac.
Out of Office Email iCloud
Once you’re logged in, click the Mail button on the main iCloud page.
Find the settings icon, which looks like a gear, in the lower-left portion of the Mail window. Click it, and choose Preferences.
Out of Office Email iCloud
In the Preferences window, click the Vacation tab. In the box here, enter the text you want those who email you to see when the system sends out your out of office reply. Apple gives you sample text to start with.
Out of Office Email iCloud
Note that this email will go out to everyone who emails you, so while it might be helpful to give people your phone number in case of an emergency, remember that such information may be automatically sent to someone who probably shouldn’t have access to it.
When you’re all set with your out of office message, check the box to “Automatically reply to messages when they are received.” Just as it explains, once you check this box and press Done at the bottom of the window, your out of office message will be sent to anyone who emails you.
To disable the feature when you get back from vacation, just head back to the Preferences window in the iCloud Web interface and uncheck the box referenced above.
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One thought on “How to Create an Out of Office Email Reply with iCloud”

Laura McHarrie says:
Can you help. I set up an out of office about a year ago. I now want to change it but despite getting as far as the preference window – I cannot find the vacation tab. Can you help with my dilemma? With thanks Laura
TekRevue says:
Hi Laura,
I’m not sure why you’re not seeing the Vacation tab. It might be a problem with your browser. What operating system and browser are you using?
Laura McHarrie says:
:-D I know this is going to sound like I’m an idiot but how would I find what the os and browser is??? :)

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