The Best Free Photo-Editing Software for Windows

Taking great photos has never been easier, thanks to the ease of access that comes with using your smartphone to capture moments in your day to day life. Whether you’re rocking a Galaxy S9, an iPhone X, or a Pixel 2 XL, your phone probably has a fantastic camera on the back of the device, allowing you to grab some fantastic photos of your life’s best moments. And of course, since every photo is digital, it’s easy to take those images and transform or manipulate them with image-editing software. Image editors comes in different shapes and sizes ranging from full-blown software suites, browser extensions, apps and online editors. These software packages offer users a multitude of filter, image correction, text, digital painting and color adjustment options.

While Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard photo-editing package, there are still some great alternatives. Photoshop requires a $119 annual subscription to Adobe in order to be installed on your PC, but unfortunately, not everyone can access that type of software. So, if you’re looking to edit your photos on Windows without having to deal with high-cost subscriptions, there’s always the option of freeware. These are some of the best freeware photo-editing applications for Windows.

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