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Why Does Pluto TV Keep Changing Channels?

Why Does Pluto TV Keep Changing Channels?

Pluto TV supports thousands of free channels to entertain you all-year-round. But what happens when Pluto TV decides to change them?

In this article, we’ll explain exactly why this happens, and also cover the new program layout and collaborations that influence Pluto TV’s scheduling.

Content Optimization

Occasionally, every streaming platform must optimize its channel lineup. The goal is to make the platform more intuitive and easier to navigate.

As Pluto TV has more than 100 channels, it can be challenging for users to find what they need from the three categories on display. During the summer of 2020, CBS started introducing new channels and TV shows, and that’s when the user interface redesign became inevitable.

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The big update included a reorganization of channels and a remodeling of said user interface.

Pluto TV Keep Changing Channels

New Pluto TV Layout

The new layout now has 15 new categories instead of three, to make sure users can always find what they’re looking for. The 15 categories included in Pluto TV reorganized lineup are:

  1. Movies
  2. Entertainment
  3. News + Opinion
  4. Featured
  5. Comedy
  6. Crime
  7. Reality
  8. Classic TV
  9. Home + DIY
  10. Explore
  11. Gaming + Anime
  12. Sports
  13. Music
  14. Latino
  15. Kids

Some of the new categories include two subcategories that work well together such as News + Opinion, Home + DIY, and Gaming + Anime. Kids’ programs also got a section of their own so parents can find them easily.

Improved Search

Since launching, Pluto TV had a moderate search engine and functioned more like classic cable TV. However, it was obvious that its user experience had to change to its navigation. After all, free platforms depend on the number of their subscribers and good reviews.

Why Does Pluto TV Changing Channels

Now, Pluto TV has a revamped design that enables quick skipping through dozens of channels. The company also updated its on-demand user experience to let users find content in new categories like rom-coms and binge-watch.

Also, every movie will now have a preview page that shows trailers and additional information since viewers are used to these services on other platforms.

New Options

Plato TV has introduced new improvements to the platform through these three options:

Channel Favoriting – pins your favorite channels to the top of the channel guide.

Watch List – is a new feature that allows viewers to save their top picks and resume watching.

Watch Now – lets viewers save selected on-demand movies or TV shows for later.

New Channels

There are 12 valuable new additions to the Pluto TV channels that offer something for everyone.

In addition, there are Pluto TV exclusive channels like Pluto TV Love Stories, Suspense, and Fantastic that offer a variety of TV shows for different audiences.

Here’s what you can expect from some of the new programs:

The Rifleman: For the fans of Western culture and movies, there’s a channel that plays one of the best Westerns 24/7.

Johnny Carson TV: Johnny Carson is considered one of the most significant characters of Late-Night Television. “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson” aired for more than 30 years, and the best episodes will now be available on Pluto TV.

Three’s Company: The famous American sitcom that defined a new era in television is now streaming on Pluto TV. Watching the lives of three friends living together can transport you back to the 80s culture and lifestyle.

Dabl: Dabl is an Australian lifestyle program and a place where you can watch all your favorite food and lifestyle experts. From “Kitchen Nightmares”, “The Martha Stewart Show” to “Essence of Emeril” and “Escape to the Country.” All of them are now in one place and just one click away!

Demand Africa: This channel offers unlimited access to one of the largest collections of Afrocentric lifestyle shows, movies, and series. All are devoted to promoting Africa and its entertainment around the world with shows like “Cooking with Siba,” “When Love Happens,” “Battleground,” and many more.

New Shows from CBS

More shows from CBS network are finding its way to the Pluto TV platform. As an official owner of Pluto TV, Viacom CBS decided to promote more of its content through free Pluto TV services.

Shows like “America’s Next Top Model,” “Everybody hates Chris,” and “JAG” are newcomers set to attract many subscribers. During the summer, Pluto TV also added more than 40 award-winning CBS and Comedy Central shows to its program scheme, including:

South Park (selected episodes from Seasons 1-10)


Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Amazing Race

Beverly Hills 90210

CSI: NY and CSI: Miami

Melrose Place



Hours of New Content

Pluto TV has grown immensely popular with the help of Viacom CBS franchises to become one of the fastest-growing services with more users every month.

The restructuring of the platform also involved adding new on-demand content. In the end, Pluto TV announced that they’ll be offering more than 100,000 hours of content for users.

TV Novelties

With all the technological advancements, watching TV has become more exciting than ever, and platforms like Pluto TV are pioneers in providing free, high-quality content.

These are exciting times for the development and transformation of TV to fits better its users’ needs. What are your favorite channels on Pluto TV? Is there a show you’re particularly excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

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