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Prevent Eye Strain and Headaches With the Best Blue Light Filter Glasses

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Prevent Eye Strain and Headaches With the Best Blue Light Filter Glasses

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How to Choose Your Perfect Blue Light Filter Glasses: A Buyer’s Guide

As we see an immense increase in a person’s average screen time, we also realize the harmful effects of this continuous exposure to light. Our eyes ‌rest now and then so that we can focus properly, facing no eye strain. But as we continue to use screen devices excessively, eye strain and headaches have become a common problem of this generation. While it is better to avoid such issues by creating serious lifestyle changes, we know it is a difficult option. So a more practical approach would be to use blue light filter glasses that will effectively block these harmful rays. As a result, you will see clearly and also observe a reduction in eye strain. When you look around to buy a good-quality pair of light-blocking glasses, you ‌see that the market is filled with endless options. This never-ending hunt can frustrate anyone easily. To avoid that, check out this list of some of the top-rated blue light filter glasses in 2023 that will help you ditch ‌eye strain efficiently. Let’s have a look!

Now that you’ve read about some of the top blue light blocking glasses available on the market, let’s see how you can find your perfect pair of them. Following are some factors you should consider when investing in such eyeglasses.

Factors to Consider When Buying Blue Light Filter Glasses

Frame material

The first and the most important point to consider when buying any type of glasses is their framework material. Normally, eyeglasses are manufactured from a wide range of materials, including plastic, wood, and even titanium. But while all of them have their pros and cons, it all comes down to your preference and comfort. With blue light blocking glasses, you want something that is not only functional but also comfortable to wear for long periods too. When you’re shopping for your blue light filter glasses, ‌invest in one that has a good quality framework. By doing so, you can ensure that your spectacles will last a long while with no constant frame change. Also, you want something that is not only practical to use but also adds a sense of style to your look.  If you want them for casual use, you can easily get a plastic framework as it’s lightweight and easy to style. Similarly, if you are planning to use them in professional work, you might want metal frame for a chic look.


Because you will be using your blue light blocking glasses a lot, ‌buy a pair that is sturdy and durable. There is almost no point in investing in a pair of expensive glasses only to see them break or get loose after a few uses. One way to check the sturdiness of eyeglasses is by looking at their hinges.  The hinges keep the frame in place and avoid the slippage that otherwise happens because of the stretching. If they are locked in their place strongly, you are looking at a good-quality pair of glasses. But if you feel ‌the hinges aren’t secure, ‌keep looking for a better pair of blue light filter glasses. 


Another point you have to consider in blue-light-blocking glasses is their affordability. You can find a wide price value of these eyeglasses, ranging anywhere from $15 to $150. But every brand offers different qualities depending on the cost of the product. You should consider your budget before deciding.  Sometimes it is better to splurge on a good-quality product rather than compromising on a cheaper but subpar version of it.


There is a vast variety of styling options with light-blocking glasses. From simple transparent frames to unique printed designs, the market is filled with such styles. But as discussed above, ‌consider your personal style in such shopping. Just remember that you will be wearing this piece of accessory for a good chunk of your day and choose something that you can pair with any outfit.  You can even mix it up and get two pairs, one for casual use and one for special days. The point is, that there is no restriction and you can choose whatever style you like for your light-canceling glasses.

01 Horus X Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Manufactured with high-quality polycarbonate, these blue light filter glasses from Horus X are a great option for screen users. The glasses are available in a classic black frame and a reflective pair of lenses. Also, it features a pair of gaming lenses that help prevent eye strain especially when you spend hours in front of a screen.

The kit includes many accessories to keep your glasses clean and maintained. It includes one case, a microfiber cloth for cleaning, and an anti-scratch pouch. The glasses are backed with a lifetime warranty service along with a 100% money-back guarantee. Because it is a universal design and works efficiently to avoid any blue light damage, we have chosen this product as the best pick from the list.


  • Backed with a lifetime guarantee
  • Includes clip-on lenses
  • Offers both blue light and UV protection


  • Doesn’t include a cleaner spray
Horus X Blue Light Blocking Glasses

02 Benicci Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Designed to promote a healthy sleeping pattern, the blue light filter glasses by Benicci are a highly versatile option. It features a classic frame design that is both practical and comfortable to use. Whether you are going for a casual or professional look, you can pair these spectacles with any outfit easily. 

This product encourages melatonin production and is advised to be used especially at night. By doing so, it regulates your sleeping pattern and helps you sleep deeply. The kit also comes with a protective case to keep your eyeglasses secure when not in use.


  • A classic frame design for universal use
  • Includes a sturdy case
  • Pocket-friendly option


  • Not backed with warranty
Benicci Blue Light Blocking Glasses

03 Livho Blue Light Blocking Glasses

The Livho Blue Light Filter Glasses are an amazing choice for gamers. These glasses are available in three lens options including, clear, gaming ones, and one for night vision. It helps avoid eye fatigue and promotes a healthy sleep pattern while preventing headaches. 

There are two frame options available for these spectacles: clear and black. Also, the glasses offer UV protection and help with glare reduction as well. You will find two pairs of glasses in each kit, and you can even select different lenses according to your requirements.


  • Lens options are available for different uses
  • Two types of frame options
  • Comes in a kit of two pieces


  • Doesn’t include any protective case
Livho Blue Light Blocking Glasses

04 Aomaste Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Available in 11 different frame styles, the Aomaste Blue Light Filter Glasses are another universal option. With a classic cat-eye frame and a metal rim design, this pair is certainly one of the most aesthetic options available on the market. 

It features a clear lens option that helps reduce eye strain while also assisting with the glare effect. This is a lightweight product that is not only pocket-friendly but also comfortable to wear all day. It’s produced from non-toxic materials to avoid any allergic reactions.


  • Comfortable to use for long periods
  • Pocket-friendly option
  • Available in many styles


  • Prone to breakage
Aomaste Blue Light Blocking Glasses

05 Anyluv Blue Light Blocking Glasses

With a blue light block rate of 45%, the Anyluv glasses cancel out up to 90% of harmful light from entering your eyes. It comes with a clear lens that efficiently blocks the harmful rays without compromising your vision or focus from the screen. 

The product is backed with a lifetime warranty along with a money-back guarantee in cases of dissatisfaction. You can also find these eyeglasses in a wide range of colors, from classic black to gunmetal. The kit also includes a protective cover to shield your spectacles.


  • 45% blue light block rate
  • Available in different styles and colors
  • Comes with a protective cover


  • Expensive as compared to other options
Anyluv Blue Light Blocking Glasses

People Also Asked

How do blue light blocking glasses work?

As the name suggests, these glasses block a range of harmful blue light rays from entering our eyes. As a result, they reduce eye strain while improving visual acuity.

Can I use my night glasses as sunglasses?

No, blue light glasses work differently than sunglasses. Sunglasses ‌block UV radiation and other harmful rays. Night glasses only block a limited range of visible blue light rays.

Are blue light glasses useful for migraines?

Yes, blue light glasses can help with migraine headaches if your pain is triggered by excessive screen use. Because it prevents the rays from entering your vision field, it essentially removes the trigger, so you can avoid the headache episode.

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