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The Best Monitor Desk Mounts for Comfortable Viewing Experiences

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The Best Monitor Desk Mounts for Comfortable Viewing Experiences

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Finding Your Next Monitor Desk Mount: A Buyer’s Guide

If you want to have a great experience when using a computer monitor for work or entertainment, you’ll need to get it in just the right position. Monitor desk mounts can help with this, as they’re designed to hold monitors in easily adjustable positions to suit your needs. With a monitor desk mount, you can truly perfect your home office set-up, streaming space, or computer room. But with so many different monitor desk mounts on the market, picking the right one can be a challenge. In this guide, we’ll help you find the top monitor desk mounts for 2023. We’ll also answer common questions you might have about these mounts and how to use them, as well as look at how to shop for your next desk mount.

There are plenty of great options to choose from when it comes to mounting your monitors and perfecting your setup, but how do you decide which monitor is right for you? Why should you get a monitor desk mount in the first place? Read on to learn everything you need to know to find the perfect monitor desk mount in 2023.

What Is a Monitor Desk Mount?

A monitor desk mount is a piece of equipment used to mount monitors on a desk or other stand. It’s designed to hold monitors up above the surface of a desk, usually offering tilt and swivel features so the user can move the screens around and get their desired viewing angle.

Why Should I Get a Monitor Desk Mount?

Not sure if a monitor desk mount is the right choice for your home office, gaming set-up, or computer room? Here are some reasons why investing in one can be a great idea:

Great viewing angles

The main reason to get a monitor desk mount is so you can position your screen(s) in just the right way. When you’re working, gaming, or creating, being able to see the screen clearly is important, and most built-in monitor stands just don’t offer the kind of flexibility you need.

Style and aesthetics

Another reason to use a monitor desk mount is for aesthetic purposes. A gaming rig or homework space can look much better when your monitors are lifted up and away from the desk, leaving them suspended in mid-air. This is a great way to give your study or office a more modern, exciting look.

User comfort

You may also find that using a mounted monitor can result in a more comfortable working or gaming experience for you. When monitors are mounted, there’s less risk of users suffering from issues like eye strain or neck aches due to having to bend their necks at bad angles to see the screen.

What to Look For in Monitor Desk Mounts

With so many monitor desk mounts out there, here are a few key factors you can focus on to narrow your search and hone in on the perfect product:

Single or double

Most monitor desk mounts are either single or double, meaning they can support either one or two screens. Many people only use one monitor, making a single mount a great choice, but if you want two screens side-by-side, a double desk mount is what you need.

Size and weight limit

You should pay close attention to the size and weight limits of each monitor desk mount. They’re only capable of supporting screens of a certain size and weight, so you’ll need to check the dimensions of the monitor(s) you want to mount and find one that can handle them.

Tilt and swivel

Monitor desk mounts let you tilt and swivel your screens in various ways, but some mounts are much better at this than others. Check the product details to see how much tilt and swivel each mount has to offer.

01 VIVO Monitor Desk Mount

Our top-rated product for this list is the VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount. This mount is capable of holding two screens, each on an adjustable arm. You can adjust the height and tilt of each screen, with 360-degree rotation, 180-degree swiveling, and more options as well to get your screen just the way you like it. 

This monitor desk mount fits screens ranging from 13″ all the way up to 27″, and it can support displays weighing up to 22 lbs. It’s a tough, versatile mount that’s great for any home office or entertainment space, and it’s super easy to install, making it the top choice on our list.


  • Can hold two monitors
  • Easy to set up and adjust screens
  • Comes with built-in cable management


  • Not ideal for only one monitor
VIVO Monitor Desk Mount

02 North Bayou Desk Mount Stand

If you’re looking for a single-monitor stand that comes at a great price, check out the NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand. This gas spring-powered monitor desk mount features a full-motion swivel arm, allowing you to easily move your screen around to different heights and positions for the perfect viewing angle. 

This monitor desk mount can support monitors ranging from 17″ up to 30″ and weighing up to 19.8 lbs. It’s one of the toughest stands around and comes with all the hardware and instructions you’ll need for a simple setup, making it a great choice for mounting a solo monitor.


  • Excellent value for your money
  • Easy to set up
  • Supports large monitors up to 30”


  • Can’t be used with multiple monitors
North Bayou Desk Mount Stand

03 HUANUO Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Setting up monitor desk mounts can be tough, but this HUANUO Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand aims to take the difficulty out of the process. This monitor desk mount is easy to assemble and can be ready to use in a matter of minutes. 

This monitor desk mount features two arms that are capable of supporting a pair of monitors between 17” and 27″ in size. The maximum weight limit for this monitor desk mount is 14.3 lbs per screen, and it lets users swivel, tilt, and rotate their monitors for a comfortable viewing experience. The swiveling and tilting movements are very smooth, making it easier to maneuver the stand and achieve your desired results.


  • Easy to install
  • Smooth swivel and rotate features
  • Supports two monitors


  • Weight limit is relatively low
HUANUO Monitor Desk Mount Stand

04 WALI Adjustable Desk Mount Stand

Next up, we have the WALI Dual Monitor Fully Adjustable Desk Mount Stand. This dual monitor desk mount supports two screens weighing up to  22 lbs. and measuring 27” in size, and it’s available in both black and white so you can choose the color that suits your look. 

Like other stands, this monitor desk mount offers a 90-degree tilt and swivel, helping you achieve the ideal reading, working, or viewing angle. You’ll also be able to rotate your screens a full 360 degrees, letting you switch between landscape and portrait orientation modes or even flip screens entirely around if needed.


  • Efficient, easy-to-use design
  • Flip, twist and swivel your screens
  • Available in black and white color options


  • Somewhat lacking in height
WALI Adjustable Desk Mount Stand

05 ErGear Desk Mount Stand

If you’re looking to mount large or heavy monitors, you’ll need a heavy-duty monitor desk mount to get the job done — the ErGear Dual Monitor Stand can be a great choice. This monitor desk mount supports two screens up to 32″ in size, with each arm capable of supporting up to 17.6 lbs. 

This monitor desk mount is one of the toughest stands on the market, and it’s built to cope with large, premium PC monitors. This monitor mount is a great choice for gaming, streaming, and video editing, letting you hook up two big screens and work on multiple projects at the same time.


  • Heavy-duty stand for large screens
  • Ideal for gamers and streamers 
  • Swivel, tilt, and rotate arms as needed


  • Necessary mounting tools aren’t included with purchase
ErGear Desk Mount Stand

People Also Ask

Is it better to mount a monitor?

In many ways, yes. Using mounted monitors reduces eye, neck, and back strain, and they offer you a great viewing angle of your screen. Mounting monitors can also help save space on your desk.

Whatu2019s the point of a monitor mount?

Any monitor desk mount aims to lift a monitor and give the user a better viewing experience. You’ll be able to see the screen more clearly, which can help you be more productive and have a better experience using your computer.

Does a monitor arm save space?

Monitor mounts and arms can be great space-savers. They can free up room on your desk that you can use to store items like your mouse, keyboard, and other computer accessories, and this can be important for people who work or play in cramped conditions.

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The Best Monitor Desk Mounts for Comfortable Viewing Experiences

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