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Make Your Showers More Relaxing With the Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers

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Make Your Showers More Relaxing With the Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers

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Bluetooth Shower Speaker Buying Guide: What To Look For

Nothing helps you wind down after a stressful day better than a warm, relaxing shower. Combine this shower with a relaxing bath, and you’ll be totally removed from the stresses of your day. These activities can take some time, and it’d be nice if you could hear anything other than running water, like music or your favorite podcast. Sure, most modern phones are water resistant, but it’s still a risky maneuver to bring them in the shower with you. This is where the clearest sounding Bluetooth shower speakers of 2023 come into the picture to completely improve your shower sessions.These portable speakers are as water resistant as it gets in electronics without compromising sound quality or loudness. If you’d like to experience that high-class audio experience in your shower, we have several top-tier recommendations for you. Take a look.

Bluetooth shower speakers are one of the top audio equipment investments out there. They will keep you entertained in the shower, while also acting as a normal portable speaker when outside. The only issue with Bluetooth shower speakers is finding the right one. There are so many to choose from, and there are so many individual attributes to consider. Evaluating each option thoroughly will waste a lot of time and effort. Luckily, you can speed up this process considerably. All you have to do is focus on the following factors to determine the top choice for you.Let’s get started. 

Audio Quality

Audio quality is the most important thing about a speaker, so it’s only natural to take it into account when making a purchase. The big issue here is that there is no way to actually experience the audio quality of a speaker through its online product description. This is where you have to rely on popularity and customer reviews. Read through the positive customer reviews about the audio quality. Look for people who go into a bit more depth than “it sounds good” and trust their evaluation. If a speaker is actually good, you should start seeing more specific comments regarding the quality of the bass, for example. You should also take the brand name into account. For example, portable speakers from JBL or Skullcandy will sound better than most no-name, cheap knock-offs. Lastly, if you see negative reviews about issues like clacking, or glitches in the audio output, move on to the next viable option.

Connectivity Options

How does the speaker get access to the audio files? Most shower speakers are Bluetooth, so you can play music via your phone and just take the speaker into the bathroom. If this is the case, settle for nothing less than a Bluetooth 5.0 connection. It is much more stable than the previous standards and has a much wider range. The other wireless option is W-iFi, which is often found on speakers with an accompanying smartphone app. That said, these are not the ideal option for shower speakers, as the audio quality will suffer if your bathroom doesn’t have good a Wi-Fi signal, which most bathrooms don’t haveThe last option is a TF or micro SD card slot so you can load songs directly onto the speaker itself and play music without a phone or the internet. These slots are getting more and more uncommon as most folk stream music on their phone, but it is nice to have one nonetheless. These come in especially handy for those who’d like to enjoy music on a camping trip.

Battery Life 

The battery life of a Bluetooth shower speaker matters more than you might initially think. After all, the last thing you want is your music player dying in the middle of a soothing bath. You normally shower for an hour max, so a battery life of one hour should be fine. Right? Well, not exactly. The minimum playback time for wireless Bluetooth shower speakers is around 6 hours. Anything below that is not worth your consideration. This is because having to charge your speaker every day is super annoying. What if you forget to charge it one day, and the subsequent shower is without music or podcasts?The ideal battery life of your Bluetooth shower speaker is between 10 and 15 hours, so you can easily go weeks without having to think about charging it. This extended battery life is also very helpful on camping trips and other outdoor activities.

Mounting Mechanism

There are two main mounting options when it comes to Bluetooth shower speakers. First is the tried and tested suction cup method. It works like a charm in any modern shower, and you have tons of options for exact speaker placement. The other method is the string/clip that hangs from a hook. These can also attach to things like backpacks, which makes them more portable.

01 Insmy Bluetooth Shower Speaker

The C12 Shower Bluetooth Speaker from Insmy is one of the most portable speakers on the market, and this is not just because of its size. It’s quite compact and lightweight, sure, but you can find smaller speakers. The thing that makes this portable is its ideal balance of sound quality, water resistance, battery life, and overall durability. Among these, the fantastic audio quality and long battery life are the highlights. This portable speaker will play balanced audio for 12 hours straight, making it perfect for any outdoor trip. 

The portability of this Bluetooth speaker is proven further by details like the built-in ultra-durable strap. It even supports a TF card, so you don’t even need a phone to enjoy music in the shower or on the go.


  • Fantastic audio quality
  • Great water resistance
  • Super sturdy built-in strap
  • Can play directly from a TF card


  • A little lacking in bass
Insmy Bluetooth Shower Speaker

02 Donerton Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This Bluetooth Shower Speaker from Donerton offers one of the greatest audio experiences for portable wireless speakers. There is a lot that goes into making a speaker sound great, but the obvious secret here is its 360-degree sound projection. Attach it to your shower wall (using the suction cup on the back), and the entire bathroom will be filled with the music of your choice. Using it in the shower is also quite convenient, thanks to its super tactile buttons and grippy texture. 

Even if you have zero interest in using it in the shower, this Bluetooth shower speaker is still worth your consideration as a compact wireless desktop speaker for your PC or laptop. You can also use it as a regular portable speaker when going out, thanks to its 7-hour playback time. 



  • High-quality audio quality and sound stage
  • LED lights on top brighten the mood
  • Tactile, easy-to-use buttons
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for unmatched connection


  • Short battery life
Donerton Bluetooth Shower Speaker

03 Ifox Bluetooth Shower Speaker

The Portable Bluetooth Shower Speaker from Ifox sets a high bar for what these speakers should be like. First off, the sound quality on this speaker is fantastic. The highs are crystal clear, and the lows are punchy. This sound quality is accompanied by Bluetooth 5.0, which ensures uninterrupted audio transmission from your phone to the speaker, even if the phone is outside of the bathroom. 

This ideal speaker and latest Bluetooth transmission chip are wrapped in a fully water-resistant body with a convenient suction cup so you can attach it to almost any smooth surface. Not to mention the 10-hour-long playback time, so you don’t have to worry about charging it every day. 


  • Will not get damaged by water
  • Crystal clear sound quality
  • Battery lasts a super long time
  • Can be attached to any smooth surface


  • Gets a little slippery when wet
Ifox Bluetooth Shower Speaker

04 SoundBot Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Many think that quality waterproof speakers are quite expensive, which is not true at all. The SB510 Bluetooth Shower Speaker from Soundbot is a great example of that with its exceptional value proposition. For starters, the price tag on this speaker is noticeably lower than most of its direct competitors. Then, there is the matter of sound and build quality, and this Bluetooth shower speaker excels at both of them as well. Its audio quality is on par with many more expensive speakers, while also being adequately water resistant.

The thing that sets this speaker apart from other value options is its no-compromise approach to everything. The navigation buttons on the front, for example, are super tactile and premium, while the suction cup on the back is as sticky as it gets at this size.


  • Great price for the quality
  • Music playback time up to six hours
  • Compact and portable size
  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty


  • Shorter battery life
SoundBot Bluetooth Shower Speaker

05 JBL Bluetooth Shower Speaker

JBL is one of the most admired brands when it comes to consumer audio, and their Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker demonstrates the reason behind this popularity. The audio quality on this is unlike anything you’ve heard from a speaker this size. Every frequency level is clear and distinct, while also keeping the vocals sharp and audible. It matches the range and stage of larger speakers while also being IPX7 waterproof. 

The overall build quality and design of this Bluetooth shower speaker are nothing to scoff at either. The full mesh front looks exceptional alongside its minimalistic three-physical button setup. Then there is the clever metal mounting clip that will keep the speaker secure no matter what.


  • Looks great in almost every situation
  • Sounds better than most on the market
  • Easy to understand physical button layout
  • Durable clip is super secure


  • No next or previous song buttons
JBL Bluetooth Shower Speaker

People Also Asked

What is the connection range of a Bluetooth 5.0 shower speaker?

Bluetooth 5.0 devices can detect connections up to 800 feet. That said, you have to stay within 200 feet for stable audio transmission.

What if I drop my Bluetooth shower speaker in the bath?

Most of these speakers are waterproof, so they should work just as well.

Is it OK to leave Bluetooth shower speakers plugged in all the time?

No, it is not. Only plug it when the battery is low and remove it when it’s full.

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