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Quickly Charge Your Phone With the Best Charging Bricks

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Quickly Charge Your Phone With the Best Charging Bricks

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing a Premium Charging Brick

In today’s day and age, our lives revolve around our phones, making it essential to invest in a charging brick. Extremely fast and reliable, these charging bricks can keep your gadgets powered up and ready to go at all times — no matter what happens during the day, you’ll never need to worry about having enough battery life to keep up with everything. Whether it’s an unexpected meeting at work or a spontaneous night out with friends, a charging brick can give you the extra juice you need to take photos of your food or scroll through social media hashtags. Our favorite part about these nifty devices? They allow you to charge up to two devices simultaneously! Charging bricks are extremely easy to use, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one. We’ve rounded up some of the highest-rated charging bricks of 2023 below to help you pick the right one with ease.

Charging bricks are a great way to charge your phone, and they’re especially useful if you have multiple devices that need to be charged simultaneously. In this guide, we’ll go over different aspects related to charging bricks and help you find the right one for your devices in 2023.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Charging Brick

Device compatibility

The first thing you need to do is check if the charging brick is compatible with your device. Look to see if the brick has your device’s model or serial number written on it. If you see such information, this means it’s compatible with your device and will work well with your phone. You can also look through the brick’s product description to see whether or not it will work with your device.


When buying a charging brick, make sure that it’s durable, scratch-resistant, and sturdy enough to withstand harsh conditions like dust, water, and heat. If you want to take your charger with you as you travel the world, it should be able to withstand changes in temperature and humidity levels without causing damage to your devices or power outlet.

Charging Brick Features

Safety features

Just like other electronic devices, you should look at charging bricks’ safety features. Look for things like built-in fuse protection circuits (BFC) — these prevent explosions due to overheating or short-circuiting during use by automatically disconnecting the power supply when needed. Overcharging protection circuits (OCP) prevent batteries from being overcharged beyond their capacity limit, and you should keep an eye out for these as well.

Dual output

We live in a world where charging multiple devices at once is a common, everyday thing. If you happen to have many devices that need charging, the convenience of charging two things at once is unbeatable. For ultimate convenience, make sure your charging brick comes equipped with dual output that supports fast charging for even your most power-hungry devices.

Compact design

When it comes to charging bricks, size matters — the smaller the adapter, the better it is. Why is this, you ask? Well, because it’ll be easier for you to carry it around with you, no matter where you go! Size can also be a factor depending on how much space is available in your bag or purse while carrying other items as well.

Are Charging Bricks and Power Banks the Same?

While they both provide power to your device, these are not interchangeable terms. A charging brick is an adapter that plugs into a wall socket and converts AC (alternating current) voltage to DC (direct current) voltage. This current is then converted back to AC before it reaches your device’s charging port. Power banks, on the other hand, are portable batteries that can be charged and then used to recharge your smartphone or other devices on the go. Unlike a charging brick, you don’t have to plug a power bank into an electrical outlet — it can be charged with a USB cable or charger, and then charge your device in the palm of your hand.

01 AILKIN Charging Brick

This high-performance charging brick from AILKIN is equipped with dual USB ports that you can use to charge two devices at the same time. You can use this brick with your phone, as well as other devices like tablets and laptops, to keep everything charged up for whatever comes your way. This charger is also manufactured with an Eco-PC outer covering that can offer ultimate protection against accidental bumps, scratches, and drops.

This charging brick has an advanced protection system to safeguard against overcharging, over-currents, and overheating, so you won’t have to worry about frying your phone while it’s plugged in. The brick is also lightweight and compact, making it easy to store in any bag or purse, and it even comes with a one-year refund/replacement period, earning this charging brick the top spot on our list.


  • Portable and travel-friendly compact design
  • Two ports to simultaneously charge multiple devices
  • Automatically stops charging when battery is full


  • Plug might be loose in some sockets
AILKIN Charging Brick

02 GiGreen Charging Brick

If you’re looking for a solid charging brick to take with you on the go, take a look at this option from GiGreen. This charging brick features a durable outer shell that’s both scratch-resistant and smudge-proof, letting you use it for years to come, and its smart IC technology can help to charge some phones up to 1.5x faster than traditional USB chargers. 

This charging brick is compatible with all major brands of USB-enabled devices, making it a versatile choice. The brick also features a fireproof shell that protects against over-currents, over-charging, and overheating, as well as an advanced power management chip to ensure safe charging for both you and your device. This charging brick also has a portable design that makes it ideal for home, business, or worldwide travel — wherever life takes you, this brick can be there to keep your devices powered up!


  • Fireproof, scratch-resistant outer shell
  • Faster than traditional chargers
  • Automatically stops charging when full


  • Can become dirty over time
GiGreen Charging Brick

03 AndHot Charging Brick

The AndHot charging brick boasts a revolutionary new way to charge your devices — this brick is built to recognize IC technology and automatically adjusts its power supply according to the attached device. This charging brick also has a dual USB output that can charge two devices at the same time, letting you keep both of your devices fully charged without having to hunt for another outlet. 

This charging brick also comes with advanced safety features that protect against overcharging, overheating, and short-circuiting, and its ultra-compact shape means it won’t take up much space in your bag or pocket. Perhaps most importantly, this charging brick also comes with an affordable price tag attached, making it a solid option if you’re on a budget.


  • Automatically adjusts power supply for your device
  • Almost universal design — compatible with most phones
  • Extends device life by preventing overcharging


  • Doesn't come with a warranty
AndHot Charging Brick

04 CIQILY Charging Brick

This CIQILY charging brick features a built-in high-performance switching power transformer and two USB ports, and you’ll be able to use it with almost any device you want. It’s also made out of fireproof material, so you won’t have to worry about the possibility of short-circuiting or overheating leading to fires while charging. 

This charging brick also offers other advanced safety features, like overvoltage, overcurrent, and overcharge protection to keep your devices safe from harm while they charge up. The creative design of this charging brick is UL-certified, so you can be sure that you’re investing in a safe-to-use product, and the entire package includes five charging bricks in various attractive colors, offering you great value for your relatively small investment.


  • Hardened plastic shell for enhanced durability
  • Safely isolated components prevent short-circuiting
  • Backed by a 12-month warranty


  • Can overheat while charging
CIQILY Charging Brick

05 LUOATIP Charging Brick

With the LUOATIP Charging Brick, you can charge your devices as quickly and as safely as humanly possible (or should we say… charger-ly possible?). This charging brick is equipped with a USB-C power adapter that makes it great for a range of devices, including phones, tablets, and laptops.

This charging brick features a heat-resistant, anti-throw design that can offer maximum safety while charging devices. This brick is ultra-efficient and can charge your iPhone up to 50% within 30 minutes, whereas a standard charger would take much longer to reach the same charge. This charging brick comes in a pack of two, giving you more bang for your buck, and it’s a solid option for everyday use.


  • Fully charges devices faster than standard chargers
  • Durable, heat-resistant design
  • Built-in power delivery chip protects devices


  • Doesn't come with a charging cable
LUOATIP Charging Brick

People Also Ask

How should I use a Samsung charging brick?

Samsung has its own proprietary charging technology called “Fast Charge.” You can use this charger with your Galaxy device by plugging it into an outlet and then plugging in your phone or tablet. If you have a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad, simply place your device on top of it and let it charge wirelessly.

Why does my charging brick get hot?

Charging bricks, like all electronic devices, can get hot while charging, and this is because they take the voltage from an outlet (110-120V) and lower it down to 5V DC (direct current). The 5V DC is what your device needs to charge its battery, and the extra voltage gets released in the form of heat.

My charging brick is making a sparking noise. What should I do?

If your charging brick is sparking, you should stop using it right away. Even if the charging device is protected by safety features, there’s still the chance of short-circuiting and fires.

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