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Never Miss an Important Date With the Best Desk Calendars

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Never Miss an Important Date With the Best Desk Calendars

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Desk Calendars: A Buying Guide

Even on a slow day, there are often all kinds of reminders we have to pin down, especially while working. Whether it’s a last-minute grocery list item you need to add, or a short notice meeting that needs scheduling, an organized planner is just what you need to get on top of your daily tasks. Getting yourself an office calendar that functions as your dedicated daily planner might just make all the difference in your hectic daily routine. Just pencil in your to-do list for the day or organize your entire month. It also adds a nice touch to your office. Whether you like a simple look or you’re looking for interesting prints to bring some color into the space, there are all kinds of options available. If you’re considering getting an office desk calendar, check out our guide on the finest desk calendars of 2023.

What Is a Desk Calendar?

A desk calendar is typically designed to suit the requirements of an office. It is designed and formatted to give the user a space to write down their daily tasks and schedule meetings and other work commitments. It has large blocks for all the days of the month that have ample space to write in. Usually, there are also extra sections included in the calendar such as to-do list portions or an area for your quick notes. There are also convertible options available so you can hang the calendar on the wall. 

Benefits of a Paper Calendar

While digital calendars offer a lot of conveniences, getting a paper calendar has its benefits. Not only does it give your office an organic touch, but writing your goals down by hand is much more effective. It has been shown by various studies that physically writing things down enhances memory, so you are much more likely to remember what you wrote. Making the switch towards a traditional desk calendar is a much better option when getting yourself a desk calendar.

Different Types of Desk Calendars

Convertible calendar

A convertible calendar gives you both options, you can place it right on your desk or mount it on your wall.

Daily desk pad

These desk pad calendars can be placed like a mat on your desk. It is space efficient and gives you a convenient angle to write from.

Dry erase calendar board

The dry erase board calendar is a very convenient option for planning daily schedules or timelines for individual projects. There are various options available such as magnetic boards for your fridge. 

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Desk Calendar

Paper quality

Paper quality is an important factor. The last thing you need is a thin and poor-quality paper that rips too easily. Since the whole point is to keep things organized, it is an unnecessary hassle to deal with such an inconvenience. So make sure to check for premium paper quality and test it out before making the purchase. 

Personal style

Your office is an important space that you spend a significant portion of your day in. Creating the right environment and adding in some personal touches will boost your productivity. A desk calendar can be a good item to personalize your space, so check out the various designs and styles available to pick the one that goes with your style.


The format refers to the overall layout of the calendar. There are so many different formats available with different sizes and extra features for writing. Make sure you get the one that feels right to you.

01 Coboll Desk Calendar

Do you wish to be more organized? Getting a desk calendar might just make all the difference! Try out the Coboll Desk Calendar, with its lined spacious blocks you can easily write down your daily goals. It will help you get a clear vision for your future. Each month is marked with key dates and important holidays. It also comes with to-do lists and a notes section. It is decorated with floral prints to add an aesthetic touch and it has two wall hanging holes for an easier setup. To ensure a fresh look, there are also corner guards on the pages so they don’t wear out. Lastly, the pages are made of thick material that prevents ink from bleeding through, making this the top choice on this list.


  • Has two hanging holes
  • The thick paper prevents ink bleeding
  • Corner protectors to ensure a neat appearance


  • Size is small
Coboll Desk Calendar

02 Lemome Home Store Desk Calendar

For a modern and minimalist style check out the Lemome Home Store’s Desk Calendar. It has a simple layout of daily blocks that provide ample space for writing and are effective for year-long planning. The paper is also resistant to ink bleeding, as it is made of high-quality materials which give your calendar a neat and clean look. It also has a dedicated portion for notes that gives you the space to write down any quick reminders you need for the day or if you just need a place to pen down your fleeting thoughts.


  • Two wall hanging holes for ease
  • Sturdy, acid-free paper
  • Printed with high quality and safe ink


  • The colored background might reduce writing visibility
Lemome Home Store Desk Calendar

03 AT-A-GLANCE Desk Calendar

Do you need a space for your planning and scheduling needs? A desk calendar is just the thing. The AT-A-GLANCE Desk Calendar is the perfect calendar and planner for your busy life. Its minimalist and colorless design will also give your office a professional look. It is made of high-quality paper that prevents ink from seeping through the pages, giving you a clean look. The binding is durable so you can easily move through the pages without worrying about the calendar falling apart. It is also quite versatile, you can choose to hang it on the wall or place it on your desk for quick access.


  • Made of high-quality paper
  • Superior ink bleeding resistance
  • Backboard provides a convenient writing surface


  • Not that durable
AT-A-GLANCE Desk Calendar

04 Poluma Desk Calendar

In this fast-paced life, it can be quite easy to get wrapped up in a mess. To help you declutter your life, check out the Poluma Desk Calendar. With its enhanced organizational layout and monthly overview, it is the perfect product for your year-round planning. It is made out of premium quality thick paper that does not wear out easily and prevents ink from bleeding through. Having a daily calendar for planning on your desk or hanging on your wall will surely make your life more productive, as it will help you keep track of your daily goals. To top it off, it also has pretty designs that will give your office an aesthetic touch.


  • Comes with multiple presentation styles
  • Spacious blocks provided for writing
  • Comes with corner protectors


  • Size is small
Poluma Desk Calendar

05 Power Place Desk Calendar

Nothing beats a functional and clean look for a calendar. The Power Place Desk Calendar is the perfect calendar for organizing your workspace. You can get rid of excessive sticky notes and planners by utilizing your new calendar. This desk calendar has a well-organized layout that helps you keep track of your daily goals. You can schedule your reminders, meetings, and plans on the individual daily blocks. It is also simple to use, with its perforated pages you can easily switch to next month. Lastly, the high-quality paper also ensures your ink doesn’t bleed through the pages as you write.


  • It has a well-organized layout 
  • Made of high-quality paper
  • Pages are resistant to ink bleed
  • Spacious blocks, lined for convenience


  • Slightly prone to damage
Power Place Desk Calendar

People Also Asked

What is the right size for a desk calendar?

The right size mostly depends on your space and preference. If you have a large empty wall, maybe adding in a big calendar will bring everything together. If you’re getting the calendar for your desk, then a smaller one is usually the better option, to ensure you don’t crowd your workspace too much. However, a smaller calendar has the downside of having a limited area for writing, so if you’re someone who makes a lot of notes and reminders for your day, then perhaps the big wall calendar is the best fit for you.

Are desk calendars helpful?

Office desk calendars essentially double as planners. If you want to organize your daily tasks and reminders then getting an office calendar is very helpful to stay on top of things.

What should I write on my desk calendar?

Most office desk calendars have spacious daily blocks for you to write your daily goals and to-do lists. Most of them also have a dedicated notes section to give you a space for any fleeting thoughts and ideas you might have or if you have any important events or tasks that you need to highlight.

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