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Experience Gaming On the Go With the Best Handheld Gaming Consoles

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Experience Gaming On the Go With the Best Handheld Gaming Consoles

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Buyer’s Guide for Finding Handheld Gaming Consoles

Gaming is serious business and all hobbyists and professional gamers will nod in unison when we say so. Ever since their rampant access to the masses, games have been a popular choice of entertainment. The rise of the internet era and technological advances have also made gaming a much more immersive experience. In this guide, we have picked out some of the premier handheld gaming consoles in 2023 exclusively for you. They stood out to us due to their ability to offer a truly immersive and thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience. Gaming has a plethora of beneficial impacts on the cognitive well-being of an individual and is also a source of immense gratification due to its impact on the reward center of the human brain. If you have a gamer in your family or are a gamer yourself, it must be a well-known fact that gamers, whether hobbyists or professionals, are always itching to get back home so they can be reunited with their beloved gaming console to continue playing games. Luckily, gaming consoles have been revolutionized to the point where you can indulge in playing games outside the confines of your homes.

As the trend of handheld gaming consoles gained momentum, the markets have been flooded with tons of variants. Purchasing one is no longer an easy task since one is spoilt for choice. Therefore, we have compiled a detailed guide to assist you in the process of buying the most suitable handheld gaming console.   

What Are Handheld Gaming Consoles?

In a world of PC and console gaming like Xbox and PlayStation, handheld gaming consoles are knights in shining armor. They are portable gaming devices with features comparable to those of home gaming consoles. Unlike home gaming consoles, handheld gaming consoles do not require external equipment as they come with an in-built screen, speakers, and controls to help you get an enticing gaming experience. These devices are lightweight and portable which means that they can fit even in the cramped space in your backpack and can be used regardless of your location. Although smartphone games may seem similar to the ones on these handheld consoles, the visual experience and gameplay offered by a designated gaming device cannot be compared to that of a smartphone. Handheld consoles stand out as an impeccable option for enthusiastic gamers owing to their excellent features and properties. 

Why Invest in a Portable Gaming Console?

Handheld gaming consoles are not a technological breakthrough and have been around for decades now. However, the ones available today are better than ever. As an avid gamer here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing one.


Handheld gaming consoles offer unmatched mobility which not only makes them a great choice for using on the go but also a great option for using at your convenience around the house. There is no need to be tied down to a TV or a charging port as is the case with most gaming consoles.

Rich features

These consoles offer an exhilarating gaming experience for the user through incredible graphics, interactive gameplay, and excellent controls. The response time is also super fast which makes the console even more lucrative. It essentially means that the portability of a handheld gaming console does not in any way compromise the gamers’ experience. 

Vast gaming libraries 

There is a vast variety of gaming libraries available when it comes to handheld gaming consoles. Plenty of great gaming choices are available for each genre. It provides extensive opportunities for ardent gamers to pick and choose their games. 

Factors To Consider When Looking For Remote Gaming Consoles

The process of buying remote gaming consoles is not an easy one with every option appearing equally lucrative. Therefore, to help you shortlist the most appropriate option we have enlisted a few factors that you ought to consider when purchasing one.


The brand you choose may seem like a petty consideration but it has far-reaching effects as it influences the availability of games and the resultant gameplay. It is vital to research the market and choose the brand that has the best gaming library and features. 

Number of players 

There are some consoles that allow a single player and some that allow up to several players. The choice depends upon whether you plan to purchase the gaming console for your personal use or as a means of family entertainment. The most suitable choice in this regard is a handheld console that allows adjusting the number of players based on the preference and situation.


Handheld devices are almost exclusively compact in size. However, some are bigger than others. When choosing one it is best to consider your personal circumstances. If you are looking for a better visual experience, it is best to choose a slightly larger handheld gaming console as it would inadvertently have a larger screen. However, if portability is your prime concern then it is more appropriate to choose a console that is compact in size.


Most modern handheld gaming consoles have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. This ensures a full spectrum gaming experience as the user can connect to online servers, indulge in playing competitive games with friends online, and update the game as the newer versions come out.

Battery life

Handheld devices rely on rechargeable battery power for running smoothly. The battery life directly influences your duration of play. For uninterrupted and sufficiently long playing hours, it is best to opt for devices with extended battery life.

Tips for Making the Most Out of Handheld Gaming Consoles

First-time gamers can feel overwhelmed when it comes to making good use of their gaming consoles. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your handheld devices:
  • Handheld consoles by different companies have different operational mechanics and it obliges users to fully understand the device before delving into playing. 
  • To keep gameplay and mechanics interesting at all times, it is recommended to experiment with playing games from genres other than your favorite ones. 
  • Carrying a fully charged handheld gaming device aids in turning every free minute into a gaming adventure without any significant downtime. Additionally, it is also recommended to carry supplemental battery packs. 
  • Using handheld gaming devices in conjunction with VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) integrated headsets offers a richer experience.
  • The best experience is derived from indulging in playing games that are specifically designed for handheld gaming consoles.    

What Is the Typical Price Range for Handheld Gaming Consoles?

Your budget is a crucial consideration when it comes to purchasing handheld gaming consoles. Handheld devices usually do not require any peripheral devices like home-based gaming consoles for indulgent gameplay.  Pricing for handheld gaming consoles is usually affordable in comparison to full-sized options. Even within the category of handheld devices, there is a wide range of options ranging from affordable choices to exuberantly expensive ones. On average, the price ranges from as low as $50 to as high as $500. The better the specifications, the higher the price. However, considering the fact that it is not an everyday purchase it is logical to go a bit overboard.

01 Nintendo Handheld Gaming Console

Nintendo has given the gaming world several hit handheld gaming consoles. To date, it is the most sought-after company for handheld consoles. The Nintendo Switch is the perfect choice for gaming on the go, and can also be switched for TV and tabletop modes. Its screen is sufficiently large and features all the controls on the handheld device. It also allows between 4.5 to 9 hours of battery time for uninterrupted playing activities.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con stands out as the best available option due to its excellent design features, flexibility, and—most of all—the parental controls that allow parents to keep a check on the activities of their children.


  • Incredible battery life
  • Versatile playing modes with WiFi connectivity
  • Interactive gameplay and all-inclusive packaging
  • Parental controls included


  • The pricing is slightly on the higher end
Nintendo Handheld Gaming Console

02 Emaas Handheld Gaming Console

The Emaas handheld gaming console is a mini retro gaming console that comes with over four hundred games pertaining to different genres. The handheld console has a 2.8-inch screen size with lightweight and portable design features. It allows TV connectivity and can accommodate up to two players. The games are equally interesting for adults and children. This console’s expansive rechargeable battery of 800mAH offers a significantly longer run time. Children’s small hands are not adept at firm grips. This console has excellent ergonomic features with a no-slip design for your child’s convenience. It also offers an excellent price point and is the perfect choice for carrying around.


  • Wide variety of up to 400 games 
  • Long and reliable rechargeable battery
  • No-slip design features with ergonomic design
  • Lightweight and truly compact


  • No WiFi connectivity
Emaas Handheld Gaming Console

03 Sony Handheld Gaming Console

Are you traveling and miss your PlayStation that is lying back home? Well, the Sony Vita is here to rescue you from the woes of missing your gaming console by giving you access to PlayStation games even when on the go.

PlayStation is a pioneer in the world of gaming consoles and portable playstations have been equally in demand. The renewed variant of the Sony PlayStation Vita is a refurbished handheld gaming console restored under the Amazon Refurbishment Plan, which means you can reduce your carbon footprint with this purchase! It has excellent features including a 5-inch large screen for an immersive and graphical gaming experience. It also includes dual analog controls that give the plate a greater degree of precision. You can access more than 900 games on the portal with this console.


  • Expansive gaming library
  • Smooth and highly responsive touchscreen system
  • Performs all the functions of a smartphone
  • Quick charge and long battery life


  • No in-built storage; requires purchasing a memory card
Sony Handheld Gaming Console

04 Beijue Handheld Gaming Console

Retro handheld gaming consoles are nostalgic and can potentially transport you to glorious and carefree childhood days. This Beijue handheld gaming console comes in a variety of bright colors and features a 3-inch screen with plenty of captivating games to keep children occupied and entertained for a considerable duration of time. The controls are also easy to understand for children. Its sturdy construction includes shatterproof glass with an anti-slip shell. A replacement can also be claimed within 30 days if the product is a disappointment and a damage warranty is also applicable for the same period.


  • Durable and rugged construction
  • Convenient and easy to grip design
  • Easy to understand controls


  • A few violent games included
Beijue Handheld Gaming Console

05 KToyoung Handheld Gaming Console

The KToyoung handheld gaming console is of incredible quality, comes with more than 1200 different games, and has a dual joystick for a thoroughly entertaining gaming experience. Although it is designed for individuals of all ages, adults, in particular, enjoy indulging in playing with this handheld console. The hardware specifications are also great with a 4.3-inch screen, fully calibrated control buttons, and all hardware inclusive. It is laced with extremely lucrative features yet the price is as nominal as it can possibly be. Its large lithium-ion battery is 1500mAH, provides 8 hours of uninterrupted gameplay and up to 30 hours of battery life. Perhaps, its most lucrative features are its intelligent control and memory features.


  • Vast variety of over 1200 games
  • Ability to save and resume games
  • Extensive battery life of up to 30 hours
  • Multi-support and multi-functional


  • The device lags sometimes
KToyoung Handheld Gaming Console

People Also Ask

Are the games on a handheld gaming console better than smartphone games?

Games on a handheld gaming console are infinitely better than the ones on smartphones. The graphics, gameplay, controls, and variety on a remote console are incomparable to the ones available on a smartphone.

Is there a handheld device available for replacing the PlayStation?

The PSP which is an acronym for PlayStation Portable is an excellent choice for supplementing the PlayStation on the go.

What is the service life of a handheld gaming console?

Handheld gaming consoles on average have a service life of 2 to 5 years. The duration expands and contracts based on the care and maintenance. However, after 5 years, the technology often becomes obsolete and it is best to switch to the latest one.

Is a handheld gaming device worth it?

Yes, particularly if you are a gaming enthusiast perpetually on the go it is your best bet for catching up on gaming.

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