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Print and Scan on the Go With the Best Home Office Printer Scanner

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Print and Scan on the Go With the Best Home Office Printer Scanner

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Buying Guide to Choosing a High-Quality Home Office Printer Scanner

Do you often need to print documents or scan photographs but are too tired or busy to go out to a copy center? Or maybe you have a home office but don’t want to invest in a full-fledged printer or scanner. If so, then the two-in-one home office printer scanner might be the perfect solution for you. A home office printer scanner is a small, compact machine ‌that can print, scan, and be easily set up in your home or apartment. It’s much cheaper than buying two separate machines to do the same work! If you’re looking to watch your budget while upgrading your home office, check out these premium home office printer scanners from 2023.

A home office printer serves as a staple of many people’s personal and professional lives, which is why it is essential to choose the best one for yourself for your job or school. This buying guide will help you navigate your search and select the top home office printer scanner for your needs. 

Laser or Inkjet?

When you’re looking for a printer for your home or office use, you might wonder whether to get a laser or an inkjet model. Laser printers are ‌faster than inkjet printers and can print larger quantities frequently, making them perfect for a professional office setting.  Laser printers also are more durable and economical in the long term, making them an attractive choice for home use as well. But if you want a printer for your home to occasionally print some material or to produce high-quality, detailed color images, then you should ‌buy an inkjet printer.

How to Choose Your Printer Scanner

When you are out looking for an all-in-one printer for your home or office, there are certain factors you need to consider, such as the printing speed and compatibility of the printer.


Speed and resolution are both important factors to consider. In an office setting, you would want to have a printer that can print at high pages per minute or PPM so that your work does not slow down.  If you mostly want a printer to print a lot of documents in black and white at a quick pace, look for a printer with a PPM of around 15-20 pages. 


If you’re looking for a printer scanner for your home office, connectivity is definitely something to keep in mind. You’ll want to make sure that the printer is compatible with the devices you’ll be using it with; whether that’s a laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet. There are a few different ways to connect a printer to a device, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB. So, ‌look at how each of these options works and decide which one would be best for your needs.

01 Epson Wireless Printer with Scanner

Looking for an affordable, easy-to-use printer that doesn’t skimp on features or quality? This innovative printer uses high-capacity, easily refillable ink tanks instead of cartridges, so you can save a lot on replacement ink. Not to mention, every replacement ink set comes with zero cartridge waste, helping reduce the number of cartridges that end up in landfills. It even has a built-in scanner that can send high-resolution images to your computer or smartphone.

The office printer has a distinct heat-free technology and uses ET pigment black ink to generate incredibly clear text and stunning color photographs. So whether you’re printing photos or documents, this printer can handle it all. Plus, the wireless connectivity makes it easy to print from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Because of its quality build and easily refillable ink tanks, this printer scanner from Epson is definitely the best overall product.


  • Incorporates a high-resolution scanner
  • Comes with two years of ink
  • Has a heat-free technology


  • Does not have a covered paper feed
Epson Wireless Printer with Scanner

02 HP DeskJet Wireless Color Printer

The HP Wireless Color Printer is a great choice for those who need a basic printer for printing office documents. Thanks to the free six months of Instant Ink subscription, HP will ship you free ink refills whenever you run out. This printer also comes with HP+ Smart Features activated, so you can enjoy mobile printing, security, and automatic updates.

This printer is simple to set up and use, thanks to the HP Smart app, which guides you through the setup process. It also uses dual-band Wi-Fi for more reliable wireless connections and better range. The printer even comes with a flatbed scanner that will help fulfill your photocopy and scanning needs.


  • Receive instant ink for up to six months
  • Wireless connection offers a better range
  • Comes with mobile printing and automatic updates


  • Does not come with a paper tray
HP DeskJet Wireless Color Printer

03 HP OfficeJet Wireless Color Printer

Looking for an affordable and reliable color printer? This printer comes with a six-month free subscription to HP+ Instant Ink, which means you’ll receive free ink refills from HP whenever you run out. With this printer, you can easily print up to 700 pages per month. Thanks to the HP+ Smart, you also be able to access the wireless printing feature even through your smartphone. And best of all, the HP+ features are easy to activate with your HP account and internet connection.

The HP Smart app walks you through every step of the process, so you can start printing ASAP on any device. The printer lets you scan and send the copy to your phone with no issues. Because of the use of dual-band Wi-Fi with self-reset, you’ll always have a reliable connection with the printer with an exceptional range.


  • HP Smart app guides you along the way
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi with self-reset feature
  • Six months free ink subscription


  • Slow printing speed
HP OfficeJet Wireless Color Printer

04 Canon All-In-One Printer

The Canon G7020 All-In-One Printer is a versatile and powerful printer that is perfect for homes and small businesses. This printer offers wireless printing and scanning, making it convenient for any home or office. This printer also features built-in ink tanks, so you can easily refill your ink when needed.

This office printer comes with 350-sheet capacity, allowing you to handle large print jobs with ease without having to restock the paper again and again. Thanks to the AirPrint compatibility, you can print from any Apple device, such as your iPhone or Mac. The Canon Printer is a great choice for those looking for a capable printer at an economical price.


  • Incorporates a high page yield
  • Plain paper capacity of 350 sheets
  • Integrated ink tanks


  • The control panel is hard to use
Canon All-In-One Printer

05 Brother Compact Color Printer

Looking for a reliable printer that can meet all of your printing requirements? This printer can produce high-quality color prints that can rival laser printers. Its paper tray can hold 250 sheets at a single time, allowing you to easily tackle large printing jobs with minimal need to refill. With an incredibly fast printing speed, you can complete all your tasks quickly and effectively.

For individuals who need to print documents on the go, this multifunctional device can wirelessly print from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Thanks to the Wi-Fi Direct and built-in wireless connectivity, it’s easy to connect to your home or office network. And if you need to scan or copy documents, the 3.7-inch color touchscreen makes it a breeze. You can even create custom shortcuts for your most frequently used features.


  • Professional-quality prints
  • Paper tray accommodates a lot of sheets
  • Compatible with popular cloud apps


  • Doesn’t have a good quality envelope feeder
Brother Compact Color Printer

People Also Asked

How is a scanner different from a printer?

An input device known as a scanner creates an identical image from a source object for display or processing. It scans paper documents, including photos and text pages, and then converts them into digital formats. A printer creates physical copies of a digital or other physical document.

Can scanners print?

Scanners typically give you more alternatives because you can always edit, email, or print a digital image once it is on your computer. It is simple to keep backup digital copies of your scanned documents in distant places.

Why should I get a printer scanner?

A printer scanner is a great investment for anyone who frequently needs to print or scan documents. With a printer scanner, you can quickly and easily print high-quality documents or photos from the comfort of your own home.

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