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Swivel Like a Boss With the Best Office Chair Mats

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Swivel Like a Boss With the Best Office Chair Mats

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Buyer’s Guide to Finding an Optimum Office Chair Mat

If the floor space around your desk looks like you’ve been navigating your home office on roller skates, a quality office chair mat may just be your next best solution. These mats are designed to protect your floors against the endless wear and tear, extending the life of both your flooring and desk chair. With so many ranges of sizes, shapes, and materials to choose from it can be hard to figure out if you’ve made a lasting purchase. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of our favorite office mats of 2023!

The type of office chair mat you choose for your office will depend on the current floor type and the size of your workspace. Features such as whether you alternate between sitting and standing can also affect your final decision. The following guide contains all the information you need to take your office comfort to the next level. 

Type of Floor

The type of floor you have will determine which mat will be best for your space. Carpet floors will need a thicker office chair mat that features spikes or rubber nubs to hold it in place. The thicker material is necessary to prevent the weight of the chair from bending, and they are fairly hardy and easy to clean.  Medium and high pile carpets are rarely seen in office buildings, however, if you have an office at home you might want to protect your precious carpet from office chair damage. High pile carpets need very thick chair mats with spikes to keep them in place, and alternatively, a mat that sits slightly above the surface will prevent pressure from being applied directly onto the carpet. Hard surfaces, such as hardwood and laminate flooring, should be protected from scratches with a flat chair mat. Something with nubs underneath will make the rolling surface uneven and could cause damage to a hardwood floor. When using mats on hard floors, make sure to clean under the mat if it is not sealed in place. This prevents grit, sand, and dirt from getting in underneath the mat—which can cause scratches as they rub against the floor. Tile and concrete floors can also benefit from a mat in these cases. Without an office chair mat, you run the risk of encountering things like cracked tile and a hard, gritty concrete texture.

Mat Material

You may be surprised to know that chair mats are available in a variety of materials. While PVC chair mats are the most common type, you also get wooden and tempered glass chair mats.


PVC chair mats are budget-friendly, soft, and slightly textured. They’re durable and ideal for hard floors, and another great thing about these is that you can cut them to size to fit your office configuration.  As a downside, these chair mats can become brittle over time. And in the case of aesthetics, if you’re all about having an ultra-stylish office they may not appeal to you as much as polycarbonate or glass mats.


Polycarbonate office chair mats offer more durability and aesthetic appeal. They are suitable for carpets and hard floor surfaces.

Tempered glass

Although these look incredibly stylish and offer fantastic durability, tempered glass places on the pricey side and can’t be cut to fit unique office configurations.


Wooden office chair mats are lightly cushioned platforms. Since they are slightly raised, they are ideal to create a smooth surface over carpets. While these mats are not suitable for excessive everyday use, on the flip side they will keep your carpet protected.

Mat Shape and Size

While office chair mats are generally rectangular or in a T-shape, some mats can be trimmed to shape if your office configuration is a little out of the ordinary. Because the shape you choose will depend on the area you need to cover, it’s important to make sure that the entire area where your chair will be rolling has sufficient grip to prevent the chair from rolling. 

Mat Appearance

Although clear mats look stylish when they’re new, they quickly show scratches and dirt after some use. Frosted mats are better at minimizing the appearance of small scratches. 

Environmental Footprint

Plastics that cannot be recycled are not good for the environment, both in their disposal and manufacturing. Check whether the mat is recyclable if you are opting for a plastic-type.

01 MuArts Office Chair Mat

Thick, heavy and highly durable this dual office chair mat can easily be mistaken for glass. The mat is not bendable or foldable, which means its solid structure won’t curl or slide around. It is also suitable for hard floors such as tile, timber, laminate and low pile carpets.

Specially designed to withstand high pressure from the weight of the chair, MuArts provides a one-year warranty. This makes it a perfect choice for those who are purchasing an office chair mat for the first time or are weary if their purchase will withstand the test of time.


  • Clear design will match most rooms
  • Features smooth surface 
  • Heavy-duty structure


  • May show scratches with time
MuArts Office Chair Mat

02 Azadx Office Chair Mat

Designed to protect hard surfaces such as laminate, timber, tile and hardwood this mat is just big enough to protect the area around which your chair moves. This way it doesn’t hinder the office design and you don’t have to move anything around to position it correctly. Aside from being free from phthalates and BPA, the material is durable and made to handle the pressure of the chair movement without wearing.

When dirty, simply wipe it with a wet cloth.


  • Clear design will match most rooms 
  • Scuff-resistant matte finish
  • Flexible PVC for easy chair movement


  • Not suitable for carpets
Azadx Office Chair Mat

03 Hiwood Office Chair Mat

This chair mat has a softer top that reduces chair noise on hard floors while still providing efficient movement and floor protection. Made from polyester fiber, it is non-toxic and resistant to fading and scratching. And since it is ideal for all hard surfaces—including tile floors, laminate, concrete and smooth stone—it’s a great choice for those who need to purchase multiple mats for their space.

Featuring a film on the bottom of the mat that can be removed for additional security, cleaning is as simple as vacuuming your mat or throwing it in the washing machine.


  • Easy to cut to shape 
  • Material resists scratching 
  • Smooth and quiet chair movement


  • Not suitable for carpets
Hiwood Office Chair Mat

04 Dimex Office Chair Mat

If you’re looking for something to protect low pile carpets at your office, a school or a healthcare facility these chair mats are a great option. Ideally sized for protecting floors beneath standard or large wheeled office chairs, their smooth top surface allows for an easier gliding experience. Free of odor and Greenguard Certified, you can rest assured that your working environment is as healthy as it is functional.

While only suitable for indoor use, Dimex offers a one-year limited warranty.


  • Clear design will match any room
  • Cleated bottom protects low pile carpets


  • Not suitable for high-pile carpets
Dimex Office Chair Mat

05 Kuyal Office Chair Mat

This mat is ideal for use on hard floors including concrete, wood, laminate, tile and smooth stone surfaces. Just big enough for basic chair movement around the desk, it won’t be intrusive or change the look of your office. And since the PVC chair mat is durable and won’t curl, crack or discolor you can rest assured that your floors will be kept in great condition.

If you have pets that like to lie on the mat, you can also breathe easy knowing this office chair mat is free of toxins and doesn’t contain any phthalates, cadmium, tin or lead.


  • Clear design will match any room 
  • Features anti-slide bottom surface
  • Flexible PVC promotes easy chair movement


  • Not suitable for carpets
Kuyal Office Chair Mat

People Also Asked

How should you secure an office chair mat to the floor?

If the mat does not have rubber nubs underneath to hold it in place, get a non-slip rubber pad to place underneath. Although you can use tape or double-sided tape, this will leave residue on the floor and damage it in the long run.

What is an anti-fatigue office chair mat?

Anti-fatigue mats are generally small mats used at a standing desk. These can be combined with an office chair mat so that the anti-fatigue area is pushed under the desk while using the chair.

Will a glass chair mat break?

Tempered glass chair mats are incredibly durable and scratch resistant. While they can get scratched if there is sand or other hard dirt on the chair wheels, they are highly durable.

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