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The Best Power Strips With USB Can Maximize Your Workstation’s Safety

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The Best Power Strips With USB Can Maximize Your Workstation's Safety

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Finding a High-Quality Power Strip With USB: Buying Guide

Electric extension cables have been around for years, enabling multiple connections at a single hub or delivering electricity to unreachable areas. Despite ruling the industry for years, they couldn’t maintain their popularity due to one fatal flaw — no power surge protection. Power surges can lead your smartphones, computers, and other electronic devices to total burnout, which is why you need the top power strips with USB in 2023. Since power surges happen pretty much anywhere, it was only eventual that power strips with embedded surge protection technology would take over. In addition to adding extra plug-in outlets in your room, these strips with USB outlets let you charge your tablet or laptop without fearing any damage. Although USB power strips are extensively available in the market, not all of them are equipped with power surge protection. If you want to keep your workstation out of harm’s way, opt for a power strip from an authentic vendor online. We’ve covered some of our top picks below to get you started!

USB ports have now become inherent in power strips. These ports allow users to charge their handheld devices including smartphones and tablets without having to use an additional dock. But before you trust your precious devices with power strips, make sure they are embedded with power surge protection or have a high heat endurance in the least. Since not all power strips are equipped with necessary safety precautions, buying the right power strip with USB demands consideration.

Things To Consider When Buying a USB Power Strip

Purchasing from an authentic brand or vendor seems like the most probable solution. Nevertheless, there are things you should still consider before making the purchase.

Surge protector

With the rising dependency on multi-port cord extensions, surge protectors have become fundamentally important in power strips. Power surge protectors, as the name suggests, safeguard electric appliances from involuntary and occasional power surges — a momentary spike in voltage. Surge protectors work by allowing and maintaining a specified amount of current/voltage to pass through to the appliance. Whenever the current exceeds a certain limit, the surge protector reroutes the surplus energy back to the source using MOVs (metal oxide varistors). This shield irregular transient current waves from reaching and affecting the built-in appliance circuit. Every power surge they reflect depletes the MOVs making them replaceable after some time. Surge protectors are either used separately or integrated with power strips where they can protect all devices connected to the circuit. The capacity of the surge protector is measured in joules (the unit of energy). It signifies the electrical energy a protector, or in specific terms, varistor repels. Starting from 600–900 joules to 2300–2700 joules for high-end versions, there are plenty of options to consider. If your budget allows, you should place your money on high-capacity variants.


As discussed earlier, the most important thing that makes a power strip with a USB safe to use is surge protection. Additionally, keep an eye out for electricity overload protection and heat endurance figures as they also help keep your devices safe. Some power strips are also UL certified for their heat endurance claims which is an added bonus.

Wattage regulation

The primary purpose of power strips with USB is to allow users to charge their devices directly from the USB port without attaching an adapter. However, since adapters regulate the current to an optimum level to charge the device, can power strips do the same? Let’s see. Most top-notch USB power strips are integrated with smart device detection technology that recognizes chargeable devices the moment they are attached to the port. The technology then adjusts the power input to meet the device requirements. Hence, before connecting your expensive smartphones to a USB power strip for a charge-up, make sure it meets the required wattage output of your device.

Number of ports and port layout

How many power strip outlet extensions do you need? Do you want to set up your workstation or need to power your TV or gaming console? Do you need embedded USB ports to charge your smartphone or tablet side-by-side? Do you have limited space but still require a lot of ports? You must ask yourself these questions before placing your order. While figuring out the number of ports, pay attention to how the ports, particularly AC outlets, are laid out on the power strip you are buying. If you are getting one to set up your desktop, remember that plugs of most devices are usually large and bulky compared to standard plugs. In such a scenario, you’d need a power strip with widely spaced outlets, or perhaps a power strip tower.

Built-in cable

Whether you prioritize it or not, it is best to have a power strip with an extended cable because all it adds is convenience (and a bit of weight) to the package. If you feel the length is more than you asked for, wrap it up and stick it behind your desk, problem solved! Likewise, it’s not just the length you should focus on. The quality of the cable should also be considered. Nearly all power strips with USB have thick PVC enclosed cables; however, braided cords are believed to last longer than others.

Power Strip and Surge Protector — Are They Different?

Considering how often the two terms are correlated, power strips and surge protectors have been deemed nothing but part of the same. Besides, the vague differences between the two make it difficult for users to distinguish between the two. Nevertheless, these three indicators can help clear the fog.


While power strips simply increase the number of outlets, surge protectors are devices that protect appliances from any possible rise or fall in voltage. They are either used separately or installed in a power strip.


Power strips are standard cord extensions with multiple sockets including USB ports where you can attach plugs or charge devices. Whereas, surge protectors either absorb or repel excessive inflow of power, therefore, preventing your appliances from burning out.


Price is the biggest factor that distinguishes the two. Power strips are comparatively cheaper and more affordable than surge protectors.


Power strips with USB ports are becoming a common thing in most households as they expand a regular wall socket into various outlets. In case you are looking to organize your desktop by adding more charging slots for your handheld devices, we hope our recommendations will help you decide which power strip to buy.

01 Alestor Power Strip With USB

People looking for convenience and safety when it comes to operating their workstations should look no further than the Alestor power strip with USB. This strip boasts 12 AC power outlets with 4 USB charging ports, each with 2.4 A of maximum output. The integrated smart technology with USB ports detects charging devices to deliver optimum and even current through all outlets.  

You no longer need to worry about occasional power surges because the Alestor power strip features a level 3 power surge protection system. The technology comprises TVS (transient voltage suppressor), MOV (metal oxide varistor), GDT (gas discharge tube) components offering an enormous absorbing capacity of 2700 joules. Being certified by UL means the power strip causes no environmental or human hazard whatsoever, and solidifies it’s place as best overall.


  • 12 AC outlets and 4 USB charging ports
  • Smart integrated technology ensures optimum current delivery
  • 2700 joules surge absorbing capacity


  • Outlets are too closely placed for bigger plugs
Alestor Power Strip With USB

02 SKUREKA Power Strip With USB

This pick has four AC outlets, three USB-A ports, and one USB-C port, allowing you to power up to eight devices simultaneously. It operates on 100-240V worldwide voltage, making it ideal for cruise ships, offices, or on the go! Because of the built-in smart chip, it can auto-detect your connected devices and provide faster battery performance.

It has a fire-resistant outer sheath and built-in power sensing to identify external loads and has been certified by all necessary authorities. What else? This flat power strip is also overvoltage and overcurrent protected, and it comes with an eight-foot pure copper extension cord that will last a long time!



  • Ideal size and length
  • Great for cruise ships
  • Sleek and modern look


  • Slightly on the heavier side
SKUREKA Power Strip With USB

03 Superdanny 5-Outlet Power Strip With USB

Looking for a surge-protecting power strip that you can keep close to you at all times? Invest in the Superdanny 5-outlet Power Strip With USB that features additional USB ports. It allows you to keep your phone close with the added satisfaction of not worrying about short-circuiting or overheating failures.

This excellent power strip contains up to five individual, thick AC power outlets that provide a constant 10-ampere current and offer universal voltages from 110 to 240 volts, allowing it to handle a plethora of devices simultaneously. Its one-piece copper strip construction also ensures superior surge protection up to 900 joules, leaving you carefree about your devices even while you enjoy a peaceful night of restful sleep.


  • Has 4.5 feet extendable power cord
  • Three extra USB ports with smart charging functionality
  • Cable and loop fastener included for free


  • 10-amp value can tripping more often
Superdanny 5-Outlet Power Strip With USB

04 Mifaso Power Strip With USB

Whether you need a nightstand charging hub or want a reliable desktop power extension for extensive usage, the Mifaso power strip with USB fits your requirements perfectly. This power strip features three 5V/2.4A AC sockets and an equal number of USB ports with a diversified power distribution of 100-240V. This enables users to power their desktop computers and charge handheld devices simultaneously.

While it brings unreachable outlets to your desktop, the 5 feet long braided cable is designed to endure all kinds of wear and tear. Lay it flat on the table or mount it on the wall, the soap-bar-sized outlet extension gives you the freedom to design the layout of your workstation.


  • Compact size with grip pads and wall-mounting option
  • Braided extension cable for convenience and durability
  • Fireproof housing in case of overcharge and short-circuiting


  • No power surge protection can lead to electronic damage
Mifaso Power Strip With USB

05 Trond Power Strip With USB

Save the hard-earned money you spend on chargers, because the Trond surge protector power strip with USB can fulfill your needs just fine. This power strip extends your regular wall outlet into 5 AC slots along with a combination of 3 USB charging ports. The outlets are widely placed, so you have no trouble plugging in larger power adapters for your PC and printer.

The Trond power strip comes with 1300 joule surge protection, keeping your precious electronic equipment like TVs, computers, and laptops, safe and running. Apart from the 5 ft heavy-duty cord extension with a 15 A current carrying capacity, it uses a flat wall plug that seamlessly attaches to the wall. 


  • 5 widely spaced AC outlets for easy plugging
  • 45-degree angled flat plug
  • Screw mountable design for convenient fitting


  • Isn’t as efficient in charging devices
Trond Power Strip With USB

06 Nuetsa Power Strip With USB

Nothing beats the satisfaction you achieve when shopping from an authentic brand, especially when your electronics are at stake. The Nuetsa power strip extension cord keeps your devices safe and protected from power fluctuation. This power strip with USB transforms an outlet into 8 AC outlets and 4 USB ports (including USB-C) allowing you to operate your work setup effortlessly.

Embedded with a 3-level power surge protection up to 2700J, the Nuetsa power strip makes sure most power surges go unnoticed. Like your standard device charger, the USB ports produce a 2.4A current output and have a built-in smart device detection mechanism.


  • USB-A and USB-C ports make it more versatile
  • Tri-level surge protection guards against electricity overloads
  • UL certified for heat endurance up to 1382°F


  • Produces a buzzing sound when more than two ports are being used
Nuetsa Power Strip With USB

07 Addtam Power Strip With USB

The 8-in-1 power strip by Addtam offers a combination of 5 AC outlets and 3 USB ports. This means you can power 8 devices simultaneously. Don’t worry, the smart circuitry shuts off when power exceeds a certain limit thus keeping your appliances out of harm’s way. With a fire resistance of 1382°F, you won’t have to worry about the circuit blowing up.

The USB ports are influenced by smart charging technology which ensures an even current delivery across all ports. Thanks to the surge protection, the power strip can tolerate 900J of power (lower than other mentions in the list). Although the 6ft extension cord would be sufficient, you can also get a 10ft version if required. The 2-pack also makes this purchase more economical.


  • High-speed USB charging ports
  • 2 pack makes it good value for money
  • 45-degree angled flat plug


  • Most outlets are too closely packed for large adapters
Addtam Power Strip With USB

People Also Ask

Is it safe to use power strips with USB ports?

Power strips with USB ports are safe to use if they are embedded with necessary safety measures e.g., surge protection. The primary threat of using these strips is that power surges can damage any device plugged into the strip. But, if the power strip carries a surge protector, plugging in a device won’t be an issue.

Can I charge my smartphone on a USB power strip?

Yes, you can charge your smartphone on a USB power strip. Before plugging it in, though, make sure the power strip has smart device detection and surge protection technology integrated.

How do I choose the right power strip?

To choose the right power strip you should consider its safety mechanism, wattage regulation, number and layout of ports, and built-in cable.

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