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Upgrade Your Workstation With the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

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Upgrade Your Workstation With the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Finding Your Next Ergonomic Office Chair: A Buyer’s Guide

Are you a workaholic that spends most of your day working on a laptop? If you are, you may already know how vital an ergonomic office chair is for supporting your body. These chairs can help prevent back pain while working long hours and also fight fatigue. A makeshift setup may seem an excellent way to save money, but it can lead to poor posture and even impact your spine. So, investing in the right ergonomic office chair is crucial. But you can’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach. There is no perfect model when it comes to office chairs. What’s suitable for one person may be miserable for someone else. You should do some research before picking out a chair for your workstation. Luckily, we have done some of the work for you, so you don’t spend time exploring online. Take a look at some of the top ergonomic office chairs for 2023 and find something that works for you and your space.

Are you overwhelmed by all the options for office chairs out there? This buyer’s guide will help you find the perfect chair for your needs. So let’s dig in and explore some details. 

What Are Ergonomic Office Chairs?

What makes an office chair ergonomic? It is a piece of furniture designed for comfort that alleviates tension and fatigue while sitting in it for long hours. These chairs have adjustable headrests, armrests, and seats, so you can use them and enjoy some extra support. Ergonomic office chairs also feature unique designs that contour to your body and provide excellent range of motion. 

Choosing the Perfect Ergonomic Office Chair

Here are some factors to consider when selecting a quality chair: 


An ergonomic office chair that helps you sit in a neutral position during long days can be really beneficial, and that is only possible if it comes with adjustable options that promote comfort. The correct neutral posture varies with everyone, that is why ergonomic chairs offering adjustable seat heights, headrest positions, and neck rests are such vital pieces of office furniture. 


A seat’s material and backrest play a significant role in a chair’s comfort level. For instance, choosing chairs with breathable backs for accelerating airflow and preventing unnecessary sweating can really provide a lot of relief. Mesh is an excellent material for this purpose.  When it comes to seats, chairs with padded bases are comfortable and help support your hips. Seats made of foam feel soft and can really up your comfort level. 

Weight capacity 

The maximum weight capacity of your chair is also an essential thing to check before buying something. A chair that can’t hold your weight is almost useless and can break easily. So, make sure you know a chair’s load capacity before you purchase it. 


Ergonomic office chairs come with wheels, and they should be smooth enough to support all kinds of movement. The wheels should also be safe to move on all kinds of surfaces. 

Adjusting Ergonomic Office Chairs

Different models use different mechanisms to make adjustments. For instance, some chairs come with knobs, and others use controls that allow you to adjust the seat height, the headrest position, and the armrest length according to your specific needs.  Chairs with knobs require you to loosen the knob first, adjust the chair, and then tighten the knob to a neutral position.

01 Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

If you want to upgrade your current office chair, consider the Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair because of its performance. This is a very comfortable product and has many different adjustment settings.

The headrest, seat height, and back support are adjustable and provide a fantastic sitting experience. The back of the chair is made of breathable mesh, providing a cooler experience. The seat is also fully padded, and the water-fall front reduces pressure on your legs.

This option comes with comfortable plastic handles, too. The armrests do become a little unstable when you make adjustments to the chair. This option can hold around 330 pounds though, which is pretty substantial. The adjustability and strength of this product helped us judge it as the best overall on this list.


  • Comfortable design
  • Comes with many adjustment options
  • Entirely padded 
  • Good weight capacity


  • The armrests become unstable during adjustments
Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

02 Gabrylly Ergonomic Office Chair

If you don’t have time to assemble a complicated office chair, the Gabrylly Ergonomic Office Chair can be pretty easy to set up. With some tools and clear instructions included, you can assemble this option within minutes. It also uses durable and lightweight parts, so even one person can handle it.

This product has four supporting points and offers lumbar support, and it’s also easy to adjust. The neck support isn’t great for taller people unless they lean though.

The armrests are fully adjustable too, and you can use the simple buttons to control them. The breathable back of this chair makes it easier to sit in it for extended periods, and the wheels roll easily and won’t scratch wooden flooring.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Provides many adjustment options
  • Button-controlled armrests 
  • Mesh back for breathability
  • Easy to roll wheels


  • Neck support is lacking for taller users
Gabrylly Ergonomic Office Chair

03 Amazoncommercial Ergonomic Office Chair

Thinking of gifting an ergonomic office chair to someone? This option from Amazoncommercial might be perfect.

This rolling office chair features a bonded leather design with unique diamond-pattern stitching. It also has some luxury finishing, reflecting its high-quality build.

The armrests, seat height, and wheels are all adjustable too, helping people use this product as comfortably as possible. The elevated headrest also makes it convenient to sit in this chair for long hours.

Although this option comes with a hefty price tag, it can make an excellent present for someone who experiences a lot of fatigue while working at their office desk all day.


  • High-quality stitching
  • Attractive, bonded leather 
  • Very adjustable 
  • Can help reduce fatigue


  • The back isn’t breathable
Amazoncommercial Ergonomic Office Chair

04 Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

If you don’t want an ergonomic office chair with plastic armrests, this option from Ticova comes with durable metal armrests that are long-lasting and comfortable. The 3D armrests are thick and hefty with soft PU padding and they can fit in with almost any setting.

This product has an adjustable design with a backrest and lumbar support, which helps prevent fatigue. The curved foam headrest also provides excellent support for your neck, while the unique water-fall edge design helps prevent your legs from getting tired.

Unfortunately, this chair isn’t very quiet, according to a few users — but it offers quick assembly and has smooth wheels that offer convenient movement.


  • Metal armrests for durability and comfort
  • Adjustable design
  • Excellent neck support
  • Smooth wheels for mobility


  • Isn’t very quiet
Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

05 Nouhaus Ergonomic Office Chair

With its 4D armrests, lumber design, and perfect lounge tilt, this option by Nouhaus allows you to conveniently tilt its back 135 degrees — letting you find a sitting position that feels comfortable.

This chair also features a breathable “elasto-mesh” technology that supports airflow and helps prevent stickiness and sweating. The back doesn’t feel wiry and lets you sit in this product comfortably for extended periods.

This chair comes with a five-point aluminum base with castors, providing you with excellent stability. Also, the wheels make it easier to move this option on hardwood floors without leaving any marks.

This chair is available in four different colors, and it has a great design overall, so it’s definitely worth considering for your workspace.


  • Excellent tilt design
  • Comfortable, “elasto-mesh” technology 
  • Two wheels for smoother movement
  • Available in four colors


  • Poor customer service
Nouhaus Ergonomic Office Chair

People Also Asked

Is an ergonomic office chair worth the money?

Yes, these chairs provide ideal support to your back, spine, neck, and legs. And they offer an excellent base for your arms to sit comfortably for many hours at a stretch.

Should my ergonomic office chair come with armrests?

Yes, armrests help support your upper limbs and can improve your seated posture. They also help prevent contact stress on your forearms and can reduce shoulder shrugging.

What should the height of my ergonomic office chair be?

This depends on your height, but a seat height between 16 and 21 inches works well for most users. This height helps you keep your feet flat on the floor, and you can also adjust your arms to your desk’s height.

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