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Power Up Your Tech Game With the Best PC Laptop

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Power Up Your Tech Game With the Best PC Laptop

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Buyer’s Guide to Finding a Great PC Laptop

Whether you’re taking online classes, jotting assignments, or immersing yourself in a new gaming experience, laptops have your back. These hardy pieces of portable technology are becoming a fan favorite, especially after the transition to the digital world during the pandemic. In fact, recent stats show a billion dollars of sales worldwide with over 26% increase in global laptop shipments—which is all the proof you need to know that laptops are here to stay. Laptops are up and running within seconds thanks to their speedy drives. From programming and editing to even web surfing, laptops are a must-have. And to help you out, we’ve curated a list of the leading PC laptops of 2023.

While looking for a laptop, you need to get your hands on a device that aligns perfectly with your needs. While it’s an arduous task to compile all the features, we’ve broken down the most significant aspects.

Operating System

A few popular operating systems are available, which work fine for those who live a busy lifestyle, students, and content creators. 


If you have ever used a laptop before, you will be aware of one of the ideal platforms for work and studies. The Windows system is quite user-friendly, has an intuitive GUI, and is compatible with most devices. The latest versions include Windows 10 and Windows 11.


The Linux operating system is compatible with almost every device if you don’t mind a learning curve. It’s an open-source system, reliable, and does not compromise on performance. It may not be the most popular one out there, but it does support a wide range of programming languages for coders.


A popular interface for Apple’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air is the macOS, with recent versions including macOS Catalina and Monterey. It is a great option with an easy-to-use interface and swift multitasking, even for robust usage. In addition, its security surpasses many others and makes it less likely for you to encounter security lapses.


Last up is the operating system found on Chromebooks. These are great if most of your work can be performed online and stored in cloud storage. Although not ideal for gamers, programmers and designers who plan to use heavy applications would enjoy its processing speeds. 


The faster your processor, the more work you can get out of it. Here are the two most popular types out there.


The Intel family isn’t a new name and comes with many variations, including an i5, i7, and i9. Core i5 is more popular for basic business and office needs while higher cores are designed for more complex tasks. 


Another strong competitor in the AMD processor, which offers more than an intel core processor would. Finally, the Ryzen 5 and 7 are the live competitors of Intel’s Core i5 and i7.


If you are always on the go, a laptop with over seven to eight hours of battery timing will be enough. If the battery isn’t the priority, you can still rest assured that most laptops offer three to four hours of performance on both heavy and light usage. 


Whether it’s gaming, streaming, or work it’s best to invest in a quality display to have the best and safest computing experience. While HD refers to a high-definition display, 4K refers to a 4,000 display. Meanwhile, ultra HD differs slightly from 4K but offers a great display.  A retina display for Apple products is a type of screen display that provides a minimum resolution of 2304 x 1440. To enhance your experience, it’s best to have a sharp, clear display that offers great packed pixels and refresh rates.

Storage and Memory

Although used interchangeably, these differ in their usage. While all your data is stored when not in use in HDD, recent opinions have seen a transition to SSD or a hybrid option. SSD is faster than its HDD counterpart, which is also what we recommend.  Ram is the live storage where data is stored while it’s being used, and the memory depends on what you plan to do. A minimum of 8 GB is recommended for basic computing needs, but if you can afford 16 or 32 GB you’ll safeguard any future need for more memory. 

Ports and Webcam

Always look for a laptop with versatile ports, such as an HDMI port and USB ports. Additionally, it’s best to invest in a laptop with a built-in webcam perfect for online meetings and classes.

Keyboard and Speakers

The keyboard needs to be easy to use and features quality speakers for a more enhanced listening experience. Moreover, you need to consider graphic cards, additional accessories, and Bluetooth compatibility.

01 Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

Powerful and travel-friendly, Acer Aspire delivers every aspect of day-to-day computing needs. Thanks to the AMD Ryzen 7 3700 processor, 4 GB Ram, and 128 GB SSD NVMe of storage you can easily tackle many tasks without lags. Leading the charts with its 15.6 inch HD display that will let you enjoy a true-to-life colored display, your eyes will stay strain-free thanks to the Acer Aspire blue light protector.

In addition to a top-class display, the laptop offers deep bass and more volume, a backlit keyboard, a wide range of ports, and a premium aluminum look. This laptop also bags the top spot on our list with a slim, portable exterior and top-notch features.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Exceptional performance with no lags
  • Great for beginners and everyday computing


  • Microsoft S mode can be inconvenient
Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

02 Lenovo Flex 2-in-1 Laptop

Next up is a more advanced piece of tech that is ideal if you are looking for a tablet and a PC laptop. This IdeaPad comes with an AMD Ryzen 5 4500U mobile processor with Radeon graphics, 16 GB of DDR4 memory, and 256 GB SSD storage. Ensuring excellent all-around performance, its 14 inch FHD touch display and featured narrow bezels gives you more viewing area and control.

The laptop also features an HD camera and exceptional speakers that is ideal binge-watching. With a wide variety of ports and a 65W power adapter, you will enjoy up to 10 hours of uninterrupted laptop and tablet experience, making it more than a fashion statement.


  • Super fast performance
  • Thin, stylish and lightweight
  • 360 degree hinge for the ultimate experience


  • Battery drains fast on full brightness
Lenovo Flex 2-in-1 Laptop

03 HP Stream Laptop

Are you looking for a super compact and portable laptop? This PC laptop by HP Stream is ideal for students and travelers. Championing the charts with its 32 GB eMMC storage, Intel Celeron N4000 processor, and 4GB ram it’s the perfect solution to studying, streaming, and designing.

The PC laptop has an 11.6 inch display with a 60 Hz refresh rate. Moreover, its battery can offer up to 12 hours of video playback timing, making it one of the most on-the-go options. Lastly, the laptop also comes with various ports and a built-in webcam—making it another great option for those who participate in long Zoom calls!


  • Small and lightweight
  • Beautiful metallic color
  • Ideal for academic purposes


  • Low storage capacity
HP Stream Laptop

04 ASUS Premium Gaming Laptop

Directed for serious gamers, this PClaptop is perfect for all your gaming needs. Housing a GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU, you will enjoy fluid gameplay on a 17.3 inch full HD and anti-glare IPS 144 Hz display. Coupled with a long-lasting 56 Wh battery and military-grade durability, the laptop has 32 GB of DDR4 RAM and 2 TB NVMe PCIe SSD.

But the list doesn’t end here, though. This PC laptop also features a backlit keyboard, built-in speakers, dedicated graphic card, USB ports, HDMI ports, and headphones jack. Combining Windows 10 and top-notch features, it’s perfect for those who are hobbyist and professional gamers.


  • Fast processing for advanced gaming
  • Features self-cleaning cooling system


  • Battery life can be improved
ASUS Premium Gaming Laptop

05 Dell Inspiron Laptop

With an Intel Core i5, the Dell Inspiron series is a popular choice. Along with its HD anti-glare led display, the laptop houses a built-in webcam and dual array microphone. In addition, the RAM can be upgraded to 16 GB and comes with a 512 GB SSD and 1TB HDD guaranteeing faster boot-up times, impeccable performance, and plenty of space to store all you desire.

On top of that, you also have a DVD player, Bluetooth, USB ports, HDMI port, and earphone jack. It also comes with pre-installed Windows 10, making it easy to set up for all non-tech individuals.


  • Features diverse ports for all your needs
  • Easy to set up


  • Sound quality can be improved
Dell Inspiron Laptop

People Also Asked

What laptop system is best for streaming and students?

Although laptops work pretty well for such needs, a more dedicated Chrome laptop may be better.

What’s the best screen size for travelers?

A smaller laptop, such as an 11 inch, is easier for portability.

Is a screen touch laptop practical?

A screen laptop is a great option if you can completely detach or fold the laptop. It’s also great for those who design.

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