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Keep Your Gadgets Safe and Organized With the Best Power Strip Towers

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Keep Your Gadgets Safe and Organized With the Best Power Strip Towers

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

Finding Your Next Power Strip Tower: A Buyer’s Guide

Unless you are renovating a room or building a home from scratch, having enough power outlets is always a prime concern when moving to a new place. And if you’re someone with a gadget-loaded workstation, you’ve probably already found the number of outlets in your room inadequate for plugging in all the devices on your desktop. Even though extension cables have always been a convenient tool, their lack of protection against power surges makes them unreliable for expensive electronics. Recently, power strip towers have become lifesavers for valuable workstation gadgets and other electronics around the home. Besides keeping your work desk clutter-free as well as charging your gadgets, they also help safeguard your entire workstation from the possibility of electrical spikes and surges. Instead of waiting for your precious gadgets to get into harm’s way or leaving everything to chance, get a power strip tower. We have curated a list of the top power strip towers for 2023, so take a look.

Power strip towers are, without a doubt, a perfect way of organizing your workstation, powering your electronics, and charging multiple gadgets. Unlike typical extension cords, these nifty devices are integrated with surge protection, helping guard your devices against power spikes and surges. Since everyone has their own unique computer setup and gadgets, power strip towers vary as well. This is why finding a product that best accommodates your needs requires a little background knowledge.

Things to Look for in Power Strip Towers

At a glance, all power strip towers provide the same functionality — multiplying the number of outlets in a room and providing safe and fast charging speeds for your devices. But to make sure you are getting the perfect product for your needs, consider the following factors:

The number and variety of outlets

If you are getting a power strip tower to optimize your workstation, you are going to need more outlets than a standard switchboard offers. Power strips usually feature a combination of AC and USB-A outlets, and some also offer USB-C ports for faster charging. When it comes to the number of ports, the variety is almost endless. You can find power strips with as few as eight power and charging outlets, and some larger docking stations come with up to 20 outlets. Some high-end versions even provide a wireless charging facility on top of that. 

Surge protection

Power surge and short-circuit protection is fundamental to most modern power strip towers, even a slight power spike can damage your electronics beyond repair. If a power strip does not come with surge protection, you are better off buying a normal extension cord at a fraction of the price.

Maximum power output

Whether you are getting a power strip tower for your home-based work setup or to operate your kitchen appliances, you still need to determine the maximum power output of the docking station. Some power strips don’t supply adequate current to more than two machines at once. So, before you add a power strip to your cart, make sure the power output exceeds at least 2000 watts.

Housing material

Power strip towers are bound to heat up when excessive current passes through their board. Since these devices are designed to power and charge multiple devices at once, they need to have a fireproof housing that can endure higher temperatures. Opt for power strip towers built out of ABS and PC material since it has a higher heat threshold.  

Cable length

Although longer power-strip cords can be a hassle sometimes, they’re necessary for clearing up the cable clutter that’s probably already on your desktop. They can also help extend your wall sockets into multiple power outlets on your desktop. A smart way of dealing with this is buying a power strip tower that comes with a retractable cable, this lets you only pull out the required length.

Why You Need a Power Strip Tower

Power strip towers can really help with getting your workstation in order. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They can also help you:
  • Power up and charge multiple devices at once
  • Prevent possible electric shocks
  • Conserve energy using on-off switches
  • Protect appliances against power spikes by limiting the voltage output

01 Superdanny Power Strip Tower

From being a versatile power outlet in commercial offices to providing smart and reliable charging solutions for your gadgets, the Superdanny Power Strip Tower is a quick fix for your workstation needs. This option features 12 AC outlets and six smart-USB ports laid out on four facets — so it’s easy to plug in bulkier power plugs.

Each outlet comes equipped with surge protection up to 1050 joules too, keeping your precious devices out of harm’s way. To top everything off, this octagonal tower harbors a 15-watt wireless magnetic charger on top for hassle-free smartphone charging. This ingeniously designed product can help organize your desktop and delivers uninterrupted power to each outlet, so we chose it as the best overall on this list.


  • The design adds convenience
  • Ensures surge protection up to 1050 joules
  • Powerful, efficient wireless charger


  • The charger doesn’t support Android phones
Superdanny Power Strip Tower

02 Koosla Power Strip Tower

Power surges are no joke and Koosla knows that better than anyone. Apart from massive 1500-joule surge protection, this tower offers protection from circuit overloads and short circuits. It is made up of premium-grade PC material with an ABS shell, which prevents overheating and makes this option one of the safest charging docks on the market.

With 12 AC outlets and six USB ports, this product can power up and charge 18 devices simultaneously. The outlets are embedded as layers and have individual power buttons to prevent wasting energy. Its 6.5-foot long cord can reach almost any outlet, too. The 45-degree angled plug also makes it easy to use even in tighter spaces.


  • Offers impressive surge protection
  • Protects against circuit overloads and overheating
  • Features three power control switches on each level


  • The USB ports aren’t the greatest quality
Koosla Power Strip Tower

03 Jackyled Power Strip Tower

Want a power strip tower that looks good standing at the corner of your desktop? Jackyled has a stylish power strip that keeps your workstation powered up and charges your devices as safely as possible. The octagon design allows maximum room for connecting bulky plugs and also consumes less space on your desk.

The 18 power and charging outlets are set in groups of three, and they have independent switches that help save electricity. The 6.5-foot long cord is also retractable, so you won’t need to pull out more than you actually need. This docking station is also CE and FCC certified, so it has a great deal of short-circuit and overload protection.


  • Compact and attractive design
  • Individual switches for energy saving
  • 6.5-foot long, retractable cord


  • The USB ports are low-quality and ineffective
Jackyled Power Strip Tower

04 Smallrt Power Strip Tower

When it comes to safety and reliability, only a few brands stand out and Smallrt is one of them. This power strip tower offers eight-point security overload protection including voltage surge detection, safe energy consumption, and embedded surge protection. The power extender is constructed from fireproof ABS plastic and can safely bear temperatures up to 1382 Fahrenheit.

In addition to the 12 AZ outlets, this option offers three USB-A and one USB-C port that deliver fast charging speeds. Whether you need to power up your home office or the electronics in your kitchen, the 9.84-foot extension cable can bring far-away wall outlets to your table or kitchen counter.


  • Comes with a 9.8-foot long extension cord
  • Comes with a USB-C port for faster charging
  • Equipped with multiple safety features


  • The individual switches don’t totally block the current
Smallrt Power Strip Tower

05 Anntane Power Strip Tower

This option from Anntane is a compact and budget-friendly solution for your setup’s power needs. This power strip tower features a combination of eight AC outlets and four USB ports, and each one is guarded by surge protection. It delivers up to 2500 watts of power output too, keeping your workstation running day in and day out.

Apart from the surge protection, this product comes with CE, FCC, RoHS certification. The ABS and PC fireproof housing can also endure higher temperatures up to 1382 Fahrenheit — so, you don’t need to think twice before trusting your valuable electronics to this docking station.


  • Delivers 500 watts of maximum power output
  • Comes with a 9.8-foot power cord
  • Complies with FCC, CE, and RoHS benchmarks


  • Does not include individual power switches
Anntane Power Strip Tower

People Also Asked

Can I plug larger appliances into my power strip tower?

Generally, connecting large electrical appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and microwaves is prohibited since they draw more power, leading to power strip burnout. But there are power strip towers with higher power output capacities, they allow high-capacity appliance connections.

Can I minimize the power consumption of my power strip?

Every outlet on a power strip tower carries current continuously. But there are models that come with individual switches, allowing you to cut off the current to outlets that are not in use, minimizing power consumption.

Is it safe to charge my smartphone using my power strip tower?

Yes, it is safe to charge smartphones using power strip towers thanks to their surge protection.

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