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Modernize Your Space With the Best Smart Light Bulbs

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Modernize Your Space With the Best Smart Light Bulbs

We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom or editorial staff was not involved in the creation of this content.

A Buyer’s Guide to Finding Quality Smart Light Bulb

Remember that episode of Mr. Bean’s where he shoots the light bulb out before going to bed just because he is too lazy to switch the thing off? Well, a smart light bulb would have saved the poor incandescent lamp from its imploding fate. You can remotely control a smart bulb with the help of your smartphone or smartwatch, and to add to their ease of use you can even dial down the hassle by integrating these bad boys with your smart home assistant. From a handy voice command option to color customization, modernizing your space has never been easier. To help you navigate the online marketplace, we’ve curated a list of the leading smart light bulbs of 2023.

The Convenience of Getting Premium Smart Lights

When buying quality smart light bulbs, you can rest assured that you’ll achieve only the utmost convenience. Aspects that add to this include but are not limited to: 

Voice command 

Convenience is perhaps the reason why you sought out smart lights in the first place. While you can toggle these lights without moving a muscle, purchasing a smart light bulb with voice command can prove to be an even greater help. 


Smart lights boast LED bulbs, which are 75% more efficient than your standard light bulbs. With such bulbs, you can also set schedules for your home’s lighting and set it to automatically go off at night time—further ensuring you’re not wasting your hard-earned money. 


Finally, smart lighting will also boost your home’s safety. For example, you can set your lights to periodically turn on and off while you’re away on vacation. This will give the impression of life in the apartment and deter robbers from breaking in.

What Is the Price Range of Smart Light Bulbs?

You can expect to pay a low of $5 or a high of up to $20. Generally speaking, a higher price tag will get you a premium brand name on the packaging. You can also expect longevity, superior build quality, and extra features when paying a higher price.  Since most brands offer bulk discounts, you should consider buying them all in one go.

What Should I Consider When Buying Smart Light Bulbs?


Perhaps the most important thing you should think about when in the market for a new smart light bulb is its color. Smart lights usually come in either white or multi, and while white lighting is great for the office a multi smart light bulb can provide versatility to your home.  If you’re going for multi-colored lighting, consider the number of colors offered and the richness of their renderings. On other hand, if you’re opting for white-colored smart home lighting you should aim to make sure you get a decent range. To check for these specifications, you can play around with the color’s warmth with the companion app.

Smart home integrations

Next, you should also think about the kind of smart home integrations your new smart bulb offers. Aside from considering what commands are available and how responsive the bulb is, make sure it is compatible with the smart assistant at your place. Furthermore, you should also ensure these integrations are seamless and don’t take too much time.

Additional Buying Tips

Installation & setup

As far as buying tips go, we recommend opting for a smart light bulb that is easy to set up. With these, all you should be expected to do is fix it in its outlet and effortlessly connect it to your phone in minimal steps. You also can get a good idea of how easy it is to install a smart light by reading through customer reviews, as well as the product details. 


Your smart light bulb’s companion app will let you remotely control it, toggle its brightness, and set schedules for it. Upon arrival, make sure its interface is easy to navigate and use. If you’re ever stuck, a quick glance at the customer testimonial section will give you a good idea of the user-friendliness of your smart light’s companion app.

01 LUMIMAN Smart Light Bulb

Earning the top spot on our list is this smart light bulb from LUMIMAN. Coming to you in a pack of two, four and six, you’ll also get to choose from 16 million colors. Allowing you to take full control of its brightness and vibrancy, LUMIMAN’s user-friendly app also lets you set timers and collectively control all the lights at your place.

If you’d rather go hands-free, you can also connect these smart bulbs to your Google Home or Alexa home assistants. This makes it a perfect option for those who are looking for a hassle-free experience.


  • 16 million perfectly rendered colors
  • Can be synced to your music's beat 
  • Low wattage and energy efficient
  • Featured app is easy to use


  • Assistant integration must be done with app
LUMIMAN Smart Light Bulb

02 TREATLIFE Smart Light Bulb

Similar to our top pick, these smart bulbs from TREATLIFE also offer you 16 million colors to play around with. Allowing you to sync these colors to the music being played, this app also lets you set timers for the lights and control them while you’re away, which is great for people who live alone and need their lights to periodically switch on and off. They’re also a great gifting option for the elderly, as well as those who tend to forget if they’ve switched off their lights. 


  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • The app comes with amazing light presets
  • The whites are fully adjustable


  • The Wi-Fi connection takes time
TREATLIFE Smart Light Bulb

03 Sengled Smart Light Bulb

The Sengled Smart Light Bulb boasts a massive spectrum as low as 2000k and as high as 6500k. Allowing you to play around with your light’s whites, if you’d rather go full color you can rest assured there are 16 million shades that allow you to play around with the brightness and contrasts can fully be tailored. 

Also compatible with voice control, an amazing feature of this app is how it allows you to schedule your lights’ brightness according to your routine. This app also offers you individual and group control of your home’s lights while you’re away.


  • Comes backed by a three-year warranty
  • A phenomenal price-to-performance ratio
  • Seamlessly connects to Google Home and Alexa


  • Lags a bit sometimes
Sengled Smart Light Bulb

04 Kasa Smart Light Bulb

Next up on our list is this smart light bulb from Kasa Smart. Unlike our other picks, this one is available in two brightness options: 800 lumens and 1000 lumens. Regardless of the option you go for, you’ll get a light bulb in the package that packs in 16 million colors and offers remote access via the Kasa smart app. 

As is expected from a brand like Kasa, this app is extremely user-friendly and is designed to impress. The Kasa smart app also allows you to set timers, change light modes and toggle brightness levels. You can also connect the app with the smart home assistants of Amazon, Google and Samsung for some voice control magic.


  • The setup is quick and easy
  • An extra bright option is available
  • Compatible with Alexa, SmartThings and Google Home


  • Pricey but well worth it
Kasa Smart Light Bulb

05 DAYBETTER Smart Light Bulb

Coming to you from DAYBETTER, you can customize your purchase to come in various sized sets. Rocking over 16 million colors, this bulb is easy to install and set up. The Smartlife app offers you remote control and also allows you to toggle its colors and brightness levels. And to add to its functionality, you can also create presets with custom hues and warmth for different rooms. 

Another plus? Aside from having the option to group your lights, you can then control them for added convenience.


  • Efficiently uses electricity 
  • Amazing price point


  • The app can get a bit annoying
DAYBETTER Smart Light Bulb

People Also Asked

Do smart bulbs work without Wi-Fi?

A smart light bulb won’t die on you the moment the internet at your place goes down. In fact, with the majority of modern brands the light will keep working with the exception of a lack of remote Wi-Fi access.

Do smart light bulbs need a special socket?

No, a smart light bulb doesn’t need any special socket. It can be fixed on any outlet, provided the base matches the size of the socket. Just like standard incandescent bulbs, you should make a habit of checking the product description prior to purchasing to ensure all specifications align with your home setup. 

Are smart lights safe?

Smart light bulbs are totally safe to use. In fact, they’re safer than your traditional incandescent bulb thanks to their LED composition.

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