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Increase Your Device’s Protection With the Best Tablet Cases

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Increase Your Device’s Protection With the Best Tablet Cases

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Finding Your Next Tablet Case: A Buyer’s Guide

If you own a tablet, then you probably understand the need for a good tablet case. While these electronic devices have definitely made our lives easier, they can be a little difficult to take care of if you don’t have the right protection for them. Tablets are meant to be carried around – that means that you’re probably going to be taking them with you on your commute, on long journeys, and many other places. To protect your device from scratches, bumps, and inevitable drops, you’re going to need a good case – one that looks nice but also serves you well. We’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular tablet cases of 2023 for you to look through before making your choice. Check it out below:

Tablets are useful and convenient devices, but they require care and protection if you want them to last. For that to happen, you need to invest in a high-quality tablet case — one that offers all the features necessary to provide your device the protection it requires while also making things easier for you. This guide will help you understand the features you should look for when shopping for a tablet case in 2023:

Types of Tablet Cases

Back covers

This type of tablet case will protect the back and sides of your tablet but leave the front exposed. The advantage of these is that you won’t have to open the cover every time you need to use your device, but the downside is that your screen won’t be entirely protected.

Book cases

These are tablet cases that open and close like a book. When closed, the case protects the front as well as the back of your tablet from scratches and dirt — this can be useful when you’re carrying your device in a backpack or bag. These covers are usually foldable and can be adjusted into an upright position for when you want to watch a video or use it while sitting upright. The downside to these tablet cases is that you’ll have to open the cover each time you want to use it, and your device won’t always be protected from falls.

Tablet cases with fall protection

If you’re used to carrying your tablet with you wherever you go, these tablet cases will serve you well — especially if you’re a bit of a klutz. They’re great for when a tablet is mainly used by children, but they do add quite a bit of extra weight to your device.

Tablet cases with keyboards

Using a tablet case with an integrated keyboard can prove to be super useful, especially for people who would rather carry a tablet than a laptop. These can be handy for typing as well as watching movies and taking video calls, but the keyboard can get in the way if you’re using this kind of tablet case for other purposes.

Things to Consider When Buying a Tablet Case

Does the material offer enough protection?

This is the most important thing to consider, as protection is the primary purpose of a tablet case. Make sure that the case you’re buying fits your tablet on all sides – it shouldn’t be too loose anywhere around your device. The cover should also be made of premium shock-absorbent, durable, and waterproof material, and added padding is a bonus if you’re not concerned about a little extra bulkiness.

Is it lightweight and portable?

You need your tablet case to be easy to carry, especially if you’re someone who’s used to carrying their device around with them — the lighter the case, the more portable and ergonomic it will be. Without compromising on its overall stability, durability, and the protection it offers, your tablet case should weigh as little as possible The ideal tablet case will also double as a carrying case, as this adds to its overall portability.

Is it adjustable?

This is another crucial detail you need to focus on. The perfect tablet case will double as a stand, helping you maintain good posture while using your tablet. You need a case that can be elevated according to your height and what it’s being used for at the time — you should be able to adjust it for when you’re typing or using it as a screen so you don’t always have to hold it in your hands.

Does it have extra storage?

A nice bonus would be if your tablet case features some extra storage for things like your documents, wallet, phone, and any other small items, as this can save you the hassle of having to find somewhere to store all your belongings.

Does it look good?

If you’re going to be taking your device to work meetings or like when your accessories enhance your look, choose a tablet case with a classy design that doesn’t compromise on its overall quality. Most cases are available in a variety of different colors, while some may even be available in different patterns.

01 Fintie Tablet Case

This tablet case from Fintie sports a simple yet elegant design that offers both style and functionality. It’s made of sturdy polycarbonate material for protection against bumps and drops, and its sleek polyurethane (PU) leather exterior can help you make a statement when using your device.

This tablet case lets you clip your device into it for a secure fit, and its adjustable nature gives you more efficient typing and viewing angles. This case doesn’t weigh too much and isn’t bulky, either, and it features cutouts for the back camera, buttons, audio jacks, and speakers on the sides of your device. If you’re looking for a tablet case that looks great and functions even better, this is probably the one for you — that’s why it’s our top pick, after all.


  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Simply clip your tablet in to use
  • Offers viewing and typing angles
  • Available in multiple colors and patterns


  • Not very sturdy
Fintie Tablet Case

02 Zerhunt Tablet Case

This tablet case from Zerhunt is an incredibly light and slim cover that’s specifically designed for the all-new Fire HD 8 and 8 Plus tablets. Its high-quality PU leather exterior and microfiber interior offer added protection against dust, scratches, and knocks, and thanks to its impressive design this tablet case is functional, yet also comfortable and easy to carry.

This tablet case features a magnetic closure for increased device security and offers automatic sleep and wake functions by opening or closing it. It can also act as a stand for your device — simply fold it up behind your tablet and adjust the angle for a comfortable, hands-free viewing experience.


  • High-quality lightweight design
  • Magnetic closure for added device protection
  • Automatically sleeps and wakes up your tablet
  • Can fold up to become a stand


  • Not very durable
Zerhunt Tablet Case

03 Lacdo Tablet Case

This Lacdo Tablet Case is compatible with all iPads, some Samsung tablets, and other 9.7 to 11-inch tablets, making it a great choice for pretty much any device. This cover is made of neoprene and offers water resistance and moisture-proofing, which means you won’t have to worry as much when taking your device on the go.

This tablet case even offers additional space for storing things like your phone, USB drives, and other small items in addition to your tablet. It’s easy to open thanks to its smooth, high-quality zipper, and not only is this tablet case lightweight, but it’s shockproof as well — you can thank its triple-layered fabric and bubble padding for the extra cushioning.


  • Compatible with multiple tablets
  • Additional storage included
  • Lightweight, shockproof, and water-resistant
  • Subtle, lowkey look


  • Slightly bulky in size
Lacdo Tablet Case

04 ProCase Tablet Case

This ProCase Tablet Case is a protective cover for your device that’s the perfect blend of excellent craftsmanship and classy design. The professional look of this case can help you turn heads while using it, and its durable PU leather construction offers all-around protection for your device.

This tablet case features a multi-angle adjustment to hold your tablet according to your needs, an additional pocket for storing documents and other small items, and an integrated elastic stylus holder to keep writing utensils nearby. It features an elastic strap for device safety, and despite its multiple compartments, this tablet case isn’t bulky or difficult to carry in the slightest.


  • Classic look that’s stylish yet functional
  • Durable, waterproof, and easy to carry
  • Features extra compartments for additional storage
  • Offers angle adjustment for more convenient use


  • Not suitable for children
ProCase Tablet Case

05 JZCreator Tablet Case

This tablet case by JZCreator is great for anyone looking for something that combines fashion, functionality, and portability all in one. It’s large enough to fit devices measuring between 9.5 and 10.5 inches, offering increased tablet protection thanks to its long-lasting PU leather exterior, soft silicone gel interior, and powerful magnets that hold its front cover closed.

This tablet case can flip back and become a viewing stand, offering more convenience for watching your favorite shows and movies. Not only does this tablet case boast a high-quality design for a low price, but it’s also available in a whole host of fun, adorable styles.


  • Stylish, functional, and portable
  • Triple-layered protection for increased device security
  • Flippable for hands-free viewing
  • Tons of fun design


  • No rear camera opening
JZCreator Tablet Case

People Also Asked

What should a tablet case be made of?

Tablet cases are made of a combination of different materials that are mostly plastic. Some are also made of carbon fiber, silicone, leather, and cloth, while others may have double or triple-layer protection thanks to different kinds of material.

Are magnetic tablet cases safe?

Yes! Magnets are known for being harmful to the internal storage of electronic devices, but that’s only if the magnet is huge. Magnetic tablet cases aren’t large enough to cause that kind of damage, so you can rest assured that they’re safe to use.

What if my tablet case is slightly too big for my tablet?

Check to see whether your tablet case fits snugly around your device — if it doesn’t, your tablet will likely move around and be at risk of falling out.

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Increase Your Device’s Protection With the Best Tablet Cases

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