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Clean Your Phone With the Best UV Phone Sterilizers

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Clean Your Phone With the Best UV Phone Sterilizers

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Buying Guide: Choosing an Optimum UV Phone Sterilizer

Your phone is home to all sorts of germs, bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms that can potentially cause skin diseases and other problems for you. From taking your phone to the restroom with you to using it while riding on public transport, you expose your phone to all these dangerous microorganisms without even knowing. And when your phone comes in contact with your skin while you are taking a selfie or talking to someone on call, all those germs are transferred to your skin. But what can you do about it? Well, for starters, you can sterilize your phone regularly to keep it free of viruses and bacteria. UV phone sterilizers normally come with charging ports that let you charge your phone while cleaning it. So, you don’t just save time but you also kill two birds with one stone. We’ve jotted down some top UV phone sterilizers of 2023 to help you keep germs at bay!

Once you start looking for a UV phone sterilizer for your cell phone, you are going to encounter thousands of models each having its own unique perks that are going to make it difficult for you to come to a decision. Plus, a lot of them are going to be of dubious quality and there are a lot of scammers out there as well. To help you make a wise decision, we have created this buying guide for you, so you can get the right UV phone sterilizer for yourself:

What Should You Consider When Buying a Uv Phone Sterilizer?


Some UV phone sterilizers come with rechargeable batteries while others require you to power them via a power socket. The choice depends on your needs. If you want to take your phone sterilizer with you wherever you go, a rechargeable battery is your best. If you want to keep your sterilizer at home, then a regular phone sterilizer will suffice.


While the majority of sterilizers have universal compatibility, there are some models that only cater to specific phone models. So, always check whether the sterilizer you want to buy is suitable for your phone or not.

User manual

Buy a UV phone sterilizer that comes with a user manual so you can easily understand how to assemble it and use it in the best way.


The top UV sterilizers in the market also come with a special warranty of 1 to 10 years. Therefore, if your sterilizer starts malfunctioning, you can easily request a refund or repair.

Extra Features of a UV Phone Sterilizer

Charging capabilities

Some UV phone sterilizers also come equipped with USB and USB-C ports for charging while sterilizing.

Dual UV light

Some models feature a dual UV light that offers better sterilization than sterilizers with a single light bulb.

Auto shut-off feature

Not all models shut down after several minutes of inactivity or as soon as you open the lid. So, look out for this feature.

How to Use a UV Phone Sterilizer?


Unpackage all the components, including the attachments, user manual, and the device.


Now, prepare the device and connect it to its necessary components using the user manual.


Place your cellphone inside the UV sterilizer and make sure it is a perfect fit.

Fire it up

Some models automatically turn on as you close the lid while others have a button that you have to press to start the sterilization.


Normally, the process lasts from 60 seconds to 10 minutes depending on the type of your UV phone sterilizer.


Once the sterilization process is completed, your UV phone sterilizer will make a sound indicating that you can open the lid and take off your phone.

01 Phonesoap UV Phone Sterilizer

Clean and sanitize everything from your phone and keys to your pacifiers, smartwatches and headphones with this multipurpose UV-C sterilizer and phone charger. It can fit all phone models, including larger ones such as Galaxy S10+ and iPhone 8+. Plus the USB and USB-C ports for charging are universal, allowing you to charge your device while killing the harmful germs.

The best part is that the two scientifically proven germicidal UV-C bulbs in this product are capable of getting rid of 99.99% germs and bacteria and leaving your phone completely clean. Boasting a reflective interior for a complete 360-degrees disinfection, this UV phone sterilizer has earned the top spot on our list.


  • Come in six exciting colors
  • Charges your phone while cleaning it
  • Patented and clinically proven


  • It doesn't have a Qi charger
Phonesoap UV Phone Sterilizer

02 Watolt UV Phone Sterilizer

Looking for a gift for your family and friends? Say no more. This powerful cell phone sterilizer is the perfect gift for any clean freak because it is the most comprehensive disinfection device available on the market. It features a compact and ergonomic design that not only provides portability, but also adds to the style equation.

This UV phone sterilizer comes with a USB charger, which means that you can recharge it with your power bank, desktop, or laptop. The versatile design fits almost all smartphones that are smaller than 6.6 inches, making it a go-to option for all your sterilizing needs. What’s more? You can also use this device as an aromatherapy diffuser by putting your favorite essential oil in the diffuser to get a wonderfully smelling phone.


  • Features an ergonomic design
  • Has an incense feature for aromatherapy
  • Can be recharged easily on-the-go


  • Doesn't fit phones larger than 6.6 inches
Watolt UV Phone Sterilizer

03 Grownsy UV Phone Sterilizer

This multipurpose UV phone sterilizer not only kills germs from phones but also gets rid of bacteria from a wide variety of things such as baby bottles, tableware, clothes, toys, toothbrushes and beauty tools. It boasts a powerful built-in Philips UV lamp that offers long life and increased efficiency as well as quick and effective sterilization.

You can effortlessly kill 99.99% of germs from your daily necessities like your phone. It not only performs the sterilization effectively, but also takes care of the storage and drying. You can also use it in your kitchen to sterilize water bottles or milk bottles of infants. Featuring a mirror inner wall design, it offers 360 degree sterilizing by efficiently reflecting UV light to kill germs in the crevices.


  • Can accommodate 12 baby bottles
  • Melt-blown filter for entry of fresh air
  • Has an auto shut-off option for safety


  • Might have a strong plastic-like smell
Grownsy UV Phone Sterilizer

04 HoMedics UV Phone Sterilizer

The HoMedica UV phone sterilizer comes in a set of a UV-clean sanitizer bag and multiple attachments. It features a powerful UV-C LED technology that effortlessly cleans toothbrushes, remotes, makeup brushes, jewelry, eyeglasses, and keys among other things.

You can carry it with you in your gym bag, backpack, suitcase or car. Plus, it kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria 10 times faster than other sterilizers. The interchangeable clips will keep your phone in place to ensure maximum coverage and optimal UV exposure.


  • Kills germs 10 times faster 
  • Has a one year warranty
  • Has interchangeable platforms for different products


  • Can be of better quality
HoMedics UV Phone Sterilizer

05 Cahot UV Phone Sterilizer

This one is perfect for you if you have kids staying with you because it features an auto-off protection option that automatically turns the system off as soon as you open the magnetic switch cover. This way you will not be exposed to any ultraviolet light accidentally or intentionally. Having an appealing design, this UV phone sterilizer blends well with the overall setting without being an eyesore.

What’s even better is that it comes equipped with dual UV lights that can keep your cell phone safe from potential threats for a long time and works within just 30 minutes. You can relax with its aromatherapy function that effortlessly spreads fragrance around it.


  • Comes with a dropper and charging cable
  • Two disinfection modes to meet your needs
  • Has an auto-off feature for safety


  • Larger phones won't fit in it
Cahot UV Phone Sterilizer

People Also Asked

Why do you need to buy a UV phone sterilizer?

Every time your phone comes in contact with your skin it transfers thousands of viruses, bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms onto your skin. To keep yourself and your family safe from any outbreaks, it is better to disinfect your phone regularly. And the most reliable way of sterilizing a phone is by using a UV phone sterilizer.

Can you use a UV sterilizer to disinfect your watch?

Yes, you can. The majority of UV phone sterilizers can also fit watches and headphones perfectly.

How can you find the most fitting UV sterilizer for your smartphone?

The best way to find the best UV sterilizer for your smartphone is by following some important steps. Start by taking measurements of your phone and noting the measurements down on a piece of paper. Then use this list of measurements to compare it with the specifications provided by the manufacturer of the UV sterilizer you’re planning to buy. If your measurements are smaller than those of the UV sterilizer, you’ve found your perfect match.

Can UV sterilizers affect your overall well-being?

No, they cannot. UV phone sterilizers are not harmful to health or skin. They are perfectly insulated to make sure that no UV light escapes.

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