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Experience Dynamic Audio With the Best Wireless Sound Bars

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Experience Dynamic Audio With the Best Wireless Sound Bars

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Wireless Sound Bar Buying Guide

Great audio is just as critical in your enjoyment of a movie, TV show, or video game as the visuals. Some might even argue that the quality of sound is more important since bad audio can ruin your experience on even the highest resolution displays. Unfortunately, whether it’s due to budget constraints or a lack of space in the room, many people are forced to rely on built-in TV speakers. They are usable, sure, but not good. This is where wireless sound bars come in. These bars are slim, so you can put them anywhere around the TV. Their lower cost compared to full speaker arrays and super-easy setup makes them more accessible as well. If you’re looking for quality sound bars, we’ve got the top wireless sound bars of 2023 right here to upgrade your entertainment center.

Modern, high-quality wireless sound bars sound too good to be true on paper. They are super compact, relatively inexpensive, and offer a drastic improvement over the built-in speakers of most TVs. Consider the following factors before you buy a sound bar, and you should find the ideal wireless sound bar to match your room space, TV size, and other needs in no time. 


Size is one of the biggest reasons to invest in a sound bar instead of a full high-quality speaker array. The one you buy needs to be compact. But what does compact mean in terms of length, width, and height? It completely depends on the space you have. For example, if you have the entire top of a TV stand available for the sound bar, 45-inch length and 4-inch height are still compact. If you only have limited space under the TV or on a shelf, the definition of compact shifts to at most 25 inches and only 2.5 inches in height.  One thing to remember about the height, specifically, is that it will influence audio quality. A pair of 3-inch full-range drivers is great for producing clear and punchy sound, but they can’t fit in a sound bar that’s only 2.1 inches high. So, try to get the tallest sound bar that will fit your available space. 

Sound Quality 

A wireless sound bar without quality audio output is not worth your investment or even attention. Unfortunately, there is no good way to determine the audio quality of a sound bar from its product description page. The best way to assess the sound profile of any audio output device is by listening to it yourself, which is not possible.  The second best option is to gather context clues from things like customer reviews. Overwhelming positive feedback is often a great indicator of a sound bar’s audio quality. You can also look into the number of drivers in the sound bar, their size, and their role. For example, a sound bar with three main drivers, two tweeters, and at least one reflex bass tube should sound better than a bar with just two primary drivers and nothing else.


A key consideration for buying a wireless sound bar is its price tag, and you have a lot of options to choose from. Inexpensive but adequate sound bars can cost as low as $75, while the higher end can go near $1,000. Many sound bars within this range strike the perfect balance between performance, appearance, and durability. 

External Subwoofers

Having a dedicated external subwoofer can drastically alter the sound profile of any wireless sound bar. The physical punch of proper bass can overshadow slight irregularities and make the whole system sound much better than it actually is. It’s also a great immersion tool for movies and games when paired with a surround sound bar. Just make sure you have the extra space needed to house a full subwoofer with a line of sight in your usual sitting spot.

01 Sonos Beam Smart TV Sound Bar

Sonos is one of the most reputable brands in home audio solutions, and its smart sound bar shows why. Its compact 25.6-inch footprint allows you to store it in the tightest space under your TV, while the pure white color fits right in with any home’s style. The sound quality of this wireless sound bar is nothing to scoff at either, with rich audio that fills up an entire room effortlessly.

Even the overall build quality of this sound bar is leagues above its competitors, proven by its lifetime limited warranty. This ideal mix of sound quality, durability, and expandability ‌makes this the best overall choice on this list.


  • Gorgeous white color fits most modern homes
  • Compact size allows worry-free placement
  • Loud and clear audio output
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Only one HDMI input
Sonos Beam Smart TV Sound Bar

02 Polk Audio Signa S2 Sound Bar

The Signa S2 Wireless Sound Bar from Polk Audio is the all-in-one audio solution for many homes. Its sleek design allows you to palace it in tight spaces without compromising sound, thanks to five powerful drivers. Then there is the wireless subwoofer that will provide powerful bass from anywhere in the room.

Once set up, you can use this sound bar via HDMI from your TV, aux from an AV receiver, or even with Bluetooth directly from your phone or tablet. Polk has also augmented their sound bar with exclusive voice adjust technology to enhance dialog in movies and TV shows.


  • Two-inch tall design fits almost anywhere
  • Wireless subwoofer provides powerful bass
  • Four connection methods for extra convenience
  • Takes only minutes to set up


  • A bit too powerful bass for some
Polk Audio Signa S2 Sound Bar

03 Sony Z9F 3.1ch Wireless Sound Bar

The Z9F Wireless Sound Bar from Sony is the most expensive option on our list but is still worth your investment. This sound bar is one of the top performers on the market because of its high audio quality. The sound profile of this sound bar can be described in one word, balanced. Its low tones are punchy, mid-tones are clear, and high tones are crisp. This brilliant audio quality is then paired with Dolby Atmos and 3.1 surround sound for the ultimate home theater experience.


  • Dedicated sound modes enhance different media types
  • Capable of streaming amazing high-resolution audio
  • Works with Alexa for hands-free control
  • Dolby Atmos offers a fantastic movie-watching experience


  • Needs to be directly under the TV
Sony Z9F 3.1ch Wireless Sound Bar

04 BYL Bestisan Wireless Sound Bar

There is a clear divide between good audio and a low budget. BYL aims to bridge that gap with its inexpensive yet capable Bestisan Wireless Sound Bar. This 40-inch audio machine costs less than half of its closest competitors while also delivering exceptional sound.

The key behind its excellent audio profile are 3-inch full-range drivers, dual silk film tweeters, and twin bass reflex tubes. These components combine in a sleek and modern-looking package that outperforms ‌all expectations. It even comes with a handy wireless remote with all the ‌settings like audio modes on individual buttons.


  • Great value for your hard-earned money
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for modern smartphone connection
  • DSP technology enhances movie, music, and dialog
  • Great bass without a dedicated subwoofer


  • High tones are ‌tinny
BYL Bestisan Wireless Sound Bar

05 Bose TV Speaker Sound Bar

Bose offers the audio quality and sound profile of high-end wireless sound bars in a minimal and sleek body. Its matte black finish combined with a tapered rectangular shape helps it fit right in with almost every living room TV setup. Its compact 23.38-inch length further conceals its presence to where many won’t even notice it on the TV stand.

Underneath this sleek body are two angled full-range drivers that provide crystal clear audio with noticeable stereo separation. These drivers are ‌great at enhancing dialogue and improving your TV show and movie watching experience.


  • Sleek and minimal design fits all setups
  • Drivers produce clear, full-range sound
  • Convenient, three distinct connection methods 
  • Compact size fits even the tightest spaces


  • A bit lacking in bass
Bose TV Speaker Sound Bar

People Also Asked

Do wireless sound bars have Bluetooth?

Yes, many wireless sound bars support a modern Bluetooth connection, so you can wirelessly use them with your phone.

How do I control my sound bar?

Many wireless sound bars have physical buttons on the bar itself with basic controls. Some ship with a wireless remote, while others have built-in voice assistant compatibility.

Do sound bars work with any TV?

Yes, as long as they have the same audio port as the TV, like HDMI, aux, or optical.

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