What is the Ring Doorbell’s Yearly Fee?

Ring Doorbell smart cameras work as soon as you install them, without any additional fees. However, if you want to keep the recordings, it is recommended to pay the Ring yearly fee.

This fee is officially called Ring Protect, and it offers many perks. There are two subscription plans, Basic and Plus. You can learn all about these plans if you stick with us. We’ll cover all the features, prices, and perks of Ring Protect in detail.

Using the Ring Doorbell Without a Plan

You can use Ring Doorbell devices work without a Ring Protect plan, but then their use is limited. All Ring Doorbells give you a video feed in real-time, and they notify you of any movement their sensors pick up.

They allow you to talk to your visitors, and you’ll hear what the visitors are saying if they are close enough to the built-in microphone. However, if you’d like to save the videos, you’ll have to pay up.

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Ring Doorbell Pricing

Speaking of prices, we mentioned two Ring Protect subscription options. The Basic plan includes two months of video footage recording, which you can save locally or online. Also, it has the Snapshot Capture, which periodically takes photos in between motion events.

The Basic subscription costs $30 a year or $3 a month. It includes the essential Ring Doorbell features mentioned in the previous section. The Plus subscription plan covers all the Basic features, but it comes with additional perks.

With Ring Protect Plus, you get a flat 10% discount on some Ring products, all your devices have extended warranty, and most importantly, you get on the clock professional support. The Ring support works 24/7, and they are ready to get emergency responders to the scene immediately in case of break-ins.

The Plus Plan costs $100 a year or $10 a month. Same as with the Basic plan, you get a %20 discount for the yearly plan, compared to the monthly subscription.

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Additional Ring Doorbell Fees Info

You should know that Ring doesn’t add any extra fees to your purchases. Specifically, you don’t need to pay for installing the Ring Doorbell. You can easily set up the camera yourself, and after setup, the camera will activate automatically.

Also, you don’t need to pay extra if you decide to move. You can easily remove your Ring Doorbell, and install it at your new location. However, if you have an active Ring Protect plan, make sure to inform Ring about your new address so they can send an emergency team to the right place if need be.

If you decide that you don’t want the constant monitoring, you can cancel your Ring Protect subscription. You can cancel or start the subscription at any time.

Should You Get Ring Protect?

If you are uncertain about getting the Ring Doorbell and subscribing to Ring Protect, why not use the month-long testing period? Buy a Ring Doorbell product, set it up, choose a subscription plan, and you can enjoy the perks for free.

In case you’re not satisfied, you can cancel the subscription, or even return your Ring Doorbell. Note that you’ll have to pay the shipping fees in that scenario.

The bare-bones Ring Doorbell is enough if you don’t want to keep video recordings. The Basic plan is good enough if you want just the tapes. Logically, the Plus plan is the safest one, with 24/7 support in case of an emergency. You should consider it if you are getting multiple Ring devices.

With several devices, you can cover your entire home (entrance, back yard, front yard, garage, etc.)

Peace of Mind

Ring Doorbells allow you to improve your home’s overall safety by far. If you live in a dangerous neighborhood, their value is even higher. Overall, Ring’s prices aren’t too steep, and they offer a variety of products and subscription plans.

Which Ring Doorbell do you think is the best? Did you get Ring Protect, or are you sticking to the basics? Was the setup easy for you? Share your answers in the comments section below.

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Avatar Elizabeth Mason says:
I want to discontinue the service on my front door ring doorbell.
Avatar larry evans says:
i want to pay my renewal fee of $100 per year

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