Is Romwe Legit?

is romwe legit

Romwe is a Chinese-based international website that specializes in women’s clothing. Offering cute pieces of women’s clothing for measly prices is what this site is all about. Any form of online shopping, especially if it’s on an international level, requires some research.

Of course, a global website that sells clothes worldwide for dirt cheap does sound a bit scammy. Other indications can lead you to think that the whole thing is a scam, as well. So, is Romwe legit? Should you jump into the shopping experience there? Here’s more about Romwe that you need to know before shopping there.

Is It Legit?

Without further ado, Romwe is legit. They are a legitimate retail website that works with fashion. Their clothes are real, you get what you purchase, and their items are often cool and super-cute.

As a rule of thumb, you will get your order. If you don’t get it and file a complaint, you will either get your money back or (more likely) get what you ordered. That said, there are some downsides to using Romwe. But as far as their legitimacy goes, yes, you can rest assured that they are completely legit.


Why so Cheap?

Go ahead and look at those prices. That’s right; dirt cheap. If you think that the shipping fees are the catch, you are dead-wrong – the shipping prices are also low. So, what’s the catch? How come Romwe can offer items that look so good at the prices that low?

The Quality

First of all, most of the clothes that you can find on Romwe are inexpensive because they feel that way. In other words, they are cheap in every sense of the word.

If this makes you mad, as it does for so many people, think about it. The site is ridiculously cheap. Sales are going on far and wide, and the discounts are so significant that you cannot escape them. So, what’s their selling point? Precisely that – everything is on sale all the time.

romwe legit

For products that are so cheap and always on sale, can you expect a handmade piece of master craftsmanship? Of course not. The clothes have cool designs and photos, made for pushing you into making the purchase. And that’s completely fine! You can’t expect a $12 skirt to be made of cashmere and feel impeccably soft.

But that’s the thing with Romwe. Their products may be prone to breaking straight out of the box, but you won’t exactly end up angry over a $0.99 bracelet. Sure, it may annoy you a bit, but this doesn’t make Romwe a scam in any way.

The Fit

Now, this is often an unfortunate thing. Prepare for the clothing items not to fit you. At least on the first couple of purchases. Oh, you will get the size that you asked for, of course. The only problem is that they’re operating with Chinese sizes. Naturally, given the company’s origin.

To compensate for this, Romwe provides measurements for their items. These measurements might not help you get the exact feel of what Chinese size you need, but they’re a good indication.

Still, expect more than a couple of disappointments in the beginning. After years of purchasing via Romwe, you’ll at least get used to the fact that it’s a hit or miss. But that’s completely fine. The prices are so ridiculously low that you won’t regret most purchases.

The Shipping

If you’ve ever ordered something from a popular eCommerce website, you know about shipping estimation dates. Ever ordered something from China? A single estimate can range from two weeks to four months.

And, indeed, for whatever reason, items from Romwe can take quite a while to reach the shipping address. Although paying for express shipping may have worked on other orders from China, it’s a waste of money on Romwe. Your order will arrive at your doorstep in at least a month, express shipping or not.

It’s true; you’ll see many angry reviews for Romwe. But these usually come from people who expect Amazon Prime swiftness. It’s crucial to have realistic expectations with Romwe. That way, you won’t be disappointed.

Romwe has introduced the new “Ships in 24 Hour” section. It may work, it may not. You can go ahead and try it, but don’t expect too much, though you might even end up surprised.


Let’s get this out of the way – you have to pay for the return shipping. That’s the reality of things. And, when you think about it, the company shamelessly sells very cheap clothes on their website. They don’t expect you ever to return the items in the first place.

As a last resort, you could dispute the charges via your card or through PayPal. And it may work. After a few days or weeks of back-and-forth. Is it worth it, though? Would you go through the trouble for a couple of bucks? Probably not.

However, here are Romwe’s return conditions. They have to receive the returned item within 30 days of the delivery. It has to be unused, undamaged, unworn, and without any perfume odor. Intimates, swimwear, accessories, and jewelry aren’t eligible for returns. You’ll get refunded within seven business days after the company receives the item and confirms that it meets all the demands.

It Isn’t a Scam

Will you be satisfied with the items that you receive? No one knows. Will they fit? Maybe. How long will you have to wait for the delivery? At least a month. Is it a scam? Most definitely not! Romwe is a legitimate company, and it doesn’t pretend to be something that it’s not. Take a look at the prices, and you’ll quickly realize what you can expect from Romwe.

Have you ever ordered anything from Romwe? Will you try? Check out the comment section below and feel free to share your thoughts or any questions that you might have.

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