How to Set Up and Customize Your Stylish New Apple Watch

Posted by Ivan on March 25, 2016

Apple Watches are stylish, elegant and smarter than ever. If you have just purchased this beautiful smart accessory, you certainly can’t wait to set it up. So, let’s go through some basics.

Before we start setting it up, make sure your new favorite watch and your iPhone 5 or 6 are charged. Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and open the Apple Watch app (on your iPhone). Then select Start Pairing, direct your camera to the watch, or just type in the six-digit code.

1. Let’s go through some basic settings on your iPhone

Now, once you have connected your watch and your phone, select “Set Up as New Apple Watch”, choose on which hand you will be wearing your watch, and as usual, agree to the terms of use. Then, type in our Apple ID and password, after which you should decide whether you’ll enable or disable Location Services, Siri and Diagnostics.

You will see an option to create a passcode, which you should do, as it will allow you to use Apple Pay and your watch will unlock when your iPhone does.

If this isn’t your first watch, you might want to tap “Restore from Backup” instead of “Set Up as New Apple Watch”. And, don’t forget that whatever setting you change on your iPhone, it will be automatically changed on your Apple Watch.

2. Adding apps


When you have finished setting up your watch, then you can just select “Install All”, and all of your iPhone apps will be installed on your watch. However, only apps that can function on a watch will be installed. It is much better to do it like that, then to install them one by one.

On the other hand, you can select “Choose Later”. Probably the best way is to go with the “Install All” option, and then decide what you need.

When your phone and watch start syncing don’t just stare at them, because it will take a while.

3. Customize watch face

If you don’t want to choose some of the provided photos and watch faces, then you can customize it to suit your taste and style.

If you want to have some of your photos as the watch face, then you should first make sure your album is synced to the Apple Watch. However, if you want a time-lapse video to be your watch face, know that the video will play for three seconds, and logically stop whenever you wake it. What is pretty cool is that you will see the night sky at night , and a sunny sky during the day.

Moreover, you can add complications to your watch face, such as flight status and many others, but these cannot be added if you choose a time-lapse video as your watch face. This is very simple to set up. Just open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and select “Complications”. You will see the list of complications that can be added and simply by clicking the “remove” button (which is next to the app), you will remove the apps from the watch face.

4. Tweak your notifications


The main reason why we all want the Apple Watch is because we want to be notified constantly about important updates and news, without having to take out our iPhone and check. But, not all notifications are important, so you need to do some customizing here.

Launch you Apple Watch app on your iPhone and select the apps you want to get your notifications from. Click on Notifications, then My Watch, and from there just by pressing ON or OFF, you are able to choose the apps. The notification style can also be customized and you can choose Show Alerts, Sounds and Haptic alerts.

There are many other options, and ways you can customize your watch. Don’t forget to set up Apple Pay, and sync your favorite playlists. Go through the settings and have fun with all the possibilities the Apple Watch provides.


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