Slack Integration with Trello

Slack is our new favorite tool around the office for both communication and general project updates. We couldn’t be happier, and we’re spending a lot less time in our e-mail accounts. Trello has been a staple for even longer. We realized we could be a little more efficient if we found a way for these pieces of software to talk with each other. We could have built our own little engine via their respectives APIs, but, Zapier makes connecting APIs like these two have easy. With the popularity of both pieces of software, there are several ways we can hook the two together, which will discuss below.

Create Trello Card from New Slack Message

1. If you don’t already have an account at Zapier, please create one now. Login to your account. On the upper navigation, you should see a button to Make a Zap

slack-trello-1. In our case, Slack and Trello

2. Search for Slack under Choose a Trigger App. You will see the selections as listed below. You can hook into events like new users, new messages, and new stars. For our example, we will hook into when a New message Posted to Channel.


3. Next, you’ll need to connect your Slack account and confirm the connection was successfully created. It will then ask you to choose a #channel. We selected our #techjunkie channel. Click Continue. It might ask you to test your connection to Slack if you have not already done so. You might need to enter a test message into Slack to that Zapier can confirm things are working properly.


4. Next, we will choose our Action App, in this case Trello. You can choose actions such as Create Board, Create list, Create Card and many others. For our example, we are creating a new card when a new Slack message is posted. Select Create Card.


5. If you have not already connected your Trello account, you will be asked to do so, as well as potentially to test your connection as well. You will then be asked to select some information related to your Trello account, as seen below. Zapier will need to know which Board, List, and what to name the card. Click to Continue

6. You will be asked to name your Zap on the next screen. You must also click the selector to turn your zap on.

Everything should be done and good to go now. To confirm that everything is working properly, open up Slack and go to the channel that you earlier connected through Zapier. Post a message into that channel, and then open up Trello. Your new slack message should in the board and under the list you selected.

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Avatar Guru Singh says:
is Zappier tool is compulsory for the integration of Slack and Trella….can we do, independently also….?

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