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Functional and Affordable: Spigen S350 Apple Watch Stand

Functional and Affordable: Spigen S350 Apple Watch Stand

Apple Watch owners know that Apple’s first entry in the wearables market requires nightly charging, and a countless number of docks and charging solutions have popped up to cater to this need. While some users may prefer an integrated solution that combines iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch charging in a single dock or stand, we were looking for something much simpler — and cheaper — for the Apple Watch alone. Enter the Spigen S350 Apple Watch Stand, an attractive and functional charging stand that won’t break the bank.

Since we first received our Apple Watch back in April, we’ve charged it each day using only the included magnetic charging cable, letting the device sit on a desk or nightstand alongside multiple other cables and chargers. This works of course, but we wanted a more elegant solution. We had good experiences with Spigen’s line of iPhone cases in the past, so when we found the S350 Apple Watch Stand — currently listed for about $11 — we pulled the trigger.

spigen s350 apple watch stand

The S350 is cheap because, like many other Apple Watch stands, it doesn’t include any charging circuitry of its own, instead relying on the user to insert their Apple Magnetic Charging Cable. What you get therefore is basically just a piece of molded plastic designed to accommodate the charging cable and either the 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch models.

Unlike some Apple Watch stands, however, the Spigen S350 has a few factors that we think are advantages. First, it’s short, holding the Apple Watch about half an inch off the desk. This gives the S350 added stability that some of the taller Apple Watch stands lack (for example, certain taller Apple Watch stands can’t accommodate the 42mm Apple Watch with one of the heavier metal bands, as the combined weight can cause the stand to tip or the watch itself to slide off).

spigen s350 apple watch stand

The second factor is its design. While certainly a subjective topic, we like the more subtle look of the S350 compared to some of the flashier Apple Watch stand options out there. The S350 is also coated in a TPU texture that resists scratches (although it will attract dust much easier than a stand with a smooth plastic surface), and has a rubberized base that grips your desk or nightstand without leaving a mark or residue.

spigen s350 apple watch stand

Setting up the S350 and using it is also simple and free of frustrations. The Apple Watch magnetic charger slides in easily but won’t fall out with normal use, and the design of the stand allows for the charger’s cable to be inserted on either the right or left side of the stand, so that you can route the cable to the USB charging port as directly as possible.

spigen s350 apple watch stand

The S350 also holds the Apple Watch in a horizontal position, enabling easy use of the new Nightstand Mode feature, and supports the bottom of the watch face in grooved pocket. This ensures that the watch won’t fall out of the stand no matter how hard you press the makeshift snooze button in the morning.

Overall, the Spigen S350 Apple Watch Stand is great at its current street price. It’s not flashy or full of features, nor does it claim to be, but it will make charging your Apple Watch and using features like Nightstand Mode a bit nicer on what may already be a cluttered desk or nightstand.

spigen s350 apple watch stand

If you’re looking for something that can accommodate multiple devices in a single stand or dock, the S350 obviously isn’t for you, but if you’re not currently using any stand at all with your Apple Watch, this one won’t break the bank. Just keep in mind that you may want to pick up an extra Apple Watch charging cable if you need one while traveling and don’t want to pull the cable out of the stand each time it’s needed.

The Spigen S350 Apple Watch Stand carries a list price of $24.99 but is available from Amazon for a current street price of $10.99. This review was not solicited by Spigen and the product was purchased directly by TekRevue at its market price.

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