Swagbucks Review [January 2020]

Want to earn money by watching videos, playing games, or taking surveys? Yes, it sounds a bit far fetched, but Swagbucks promises you precisely that. And it’s not like you don’t need to do anything.

The idea is to trade your time, data, personal experience, and opinions for points, which you can turn into cash. The great thing is that it’s all legit and you won’t be left empty-handed.

However, Swagbucks does have its challenges, and it’s not like money’s just going to start pouring in. Keep reading to find out how Swagbucks works and earn money on the platform.

How to Set up Swagbucks

You don’t need to be tech-savvy or knowledgeable in a specific field to use Swagbucks.

To set up your account, go to the official website and choose one of the log-in options. The easiest way to do it is to hit the Facebook button and use the credentials from that social media. Otherwise, you type your email and password, and you’re good to go.

Note: You might need to open the Swagbucks confirmation email unless the platform logs you in instantly when you enter the credentials. That doesn’t apply to Facebook log-in.

Swagbucks Review

Next, you’ll be taken to a privacy policy window where you need to check “Agree to all” at the top of the window. There is also an option to check some boxes and leave others as is. Once you do that, click or tap on the “Start Earning” button, and you’re good to go.

Tip: Click on one of the options in the gift cards pop-up to start earning points right away. The most rewarding one is to refer a friend. Or you can take a survey, “default your browser,” etc.

Earning Money and Swagbucks Rewards

The moment you enter the Swagbucks Home page, everything looks and feels legitimate. The UI is well laid out and intuitive, and you can always preview the status of your rewards and points.
Swagbucks Review

The available tasks are categorized, and their thumbnail shows the company, type of reward, and how much you earn. There are seven ways to earn points and money on the platform, and here’s what you need to know about them.

Expert Trick: Verify your Swagbucks account via email after you sign in. This action rewards you with five points.


Swagbucks collaborates with major brands such as Dell, Macy’s, and HP to gauge consumer behavior and preferences. When you take a survey, Swagbucks relays the information to the companies, which then utilizes the data for their marketing campaigns.

To earn this way, you need to fill out your profile. The information you share include interests, age, demographics, income, etc. That’s how Swagbucks knows which survey is for you.

There are three types of surveys – everyday surveys, daily surveys, and daily pools. The pools and surveys are usually worth one point. But there are larger studies which may earn you up to $50.


Watching videos is probably the easiest route, but it’s not very lucrative. There are ten categories to choose from, and each one has a playlist.

A typical playlist contains between fifteen and thirty clips and earns you one or two points. Keep in mind that it might be more than an hour of content.

Cash Back

This one is an excellent option for avid shoppers, and it works similar to affiliate marketing. You use Swagbucks links to do online shopping, and you get part of the commission back.

For example, if you shop on Amazon via Swagbucks, you get five points for every dollar you spend. And there are also coupons for local shops.

Search Engine

Yahoo powers Swagbucks search, and there is also a Chrome extension. You get points by browsing, but the reward mechanism is pretty random. Though the more you use it, the more it rewards you.


Before you start playing games available on the platform, you need to turn off add blocking. This method also requires you to have an updated Adobe Flash Player. To earn points, you need to spend money inside the games.

Swagbucks Discover

If you donate to specific charities, sign up for a free trial, or download particular apps, Swagbucks rewards you for your effort. It’s like a spend-money-to-earn-money thing, but there are some nifty campaigns.

For example, the platform rewarded 15,000 points who signed up for DoorDash and completed their first order.

Gift Cards

When you purchase gift cards via Swagbucks, you get 10% back in points. The platform includes many of the major online retailers, so this is an excellent way to make some savings on your purchases.

Bonus Tips

Install the Swagbucks app to have all the options available on the go. And the company has a few other apps that offer similar deals and experiences.

You can also add the SwagButton to Chrome, and this allows you to browse the platform’s database for deals and coupons. The button can also alert you whenever there’s a new offer.

Swag Your Way to Some Free Cash

Okay, Swagbucks earnings aren’t exactly free, but you spend your time and money online anyway. So why not make some earning and savings along the way?

Have you used similar apps or platforms before? What’s your experience with them? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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