The Best Chromecast Alternatives – May 2019

When it appeared back in 2013, the Google Chromecast instantly became one of the hottest pieces of streaming hardware on the market. Until May 2015, it is reported to have handled around 1.5 billion cast requests. The device doesn’t have an operating system of its own and is, instead, controlled and managed through the Google Home application. Being a part of the Google Cast family, the Chromecast supports voice commands.

The Chromecast owed its early success mostly to its simplicity and a low price tag. However, the rather limited capabilities and the need for a control device (smartphone/tablet) have led some users to turn to Chromecast alternatives for additional features and a more complete experience.

Why Choose an Alternative?

One of the biggest reasons some users might want to choose an alternative streaming system is the fact that the Chromecast doesn’t have its own operating system or graphic interface. Instead, it relies on other devices for control. Other than that, the Chromecast has limited compatibility with streaming apps. Sure, HBO Now, Netflix, and other super-popular apps are supported, but the situation is not so stellar with third-party apps. Finally, the fact that you need to jump between the apps that you want to stream through the Chromecast might ruin the experience for some users. So, without further ado, let’s look into some of the best Chromecast alternatives.

If you have a Samsung smartphone or tablet, AllShare Cast might be an interesting option. On the other hand, you want a more complete experience, the Roku Stick (and Stick +) and one of many Amazon Fire TV options could be your Chromecast alternatives. Finally, if you’re already a member of the iOS tribe, Apple TV is the way to go. Let’s take a look at these options in depth.

3 thoughts on “The Best Chromecast Alternatives – May 2019”

William Peck says:
This doesn’t make sense, sorry I’m missing the point.

Chromecast allows me to cast my phone, or PC, to the TV, if the little thing-a-ma-jig is plugged in and configured.

All of the options sound like Amazon Fire Stick. But I don’t see where any of them allow me to “cast” from my phone or PC to the TV. It should be simple – the TV becomes a wireless monitor to my device

andy says:
ChromeCast is a really bad decision – currently, I’m ditching 3 of them from our house (2 for audio, 1 for home-cinema): the ChromeCast REQUIRES it has a full-time full-access to the whole bloody internet. So when you want to secure your net on your firewall, you’re out of luck, as all ChromeCast devices start to transmit an open SSID from your WiFi, telling anybody nearby “grab me, config me, I’m new!” This is completely unacceptable today, when you have home-banking/cameras/IoT etc. and you don’t want some “so clever” devices to talk full-time to the Google servers. Very disappointing.
Jon Spark says:
What are you going to use instead? I’m interested, as I am thinking of going the same direction myself, fit the same kind of reasons.
AlanC says:
Do any of these have RCA audio outputs? I’d like to run the audio through my ild school amplifier.

Cheers Alan

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This Guide Last Updated: May 6, 2019

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