The Best Free Cad Software [May 2019]

Computer-aided design and drafting software, CAD (or CADD) is a technology that replaces the manual drafting process with an automated one. Made for designers, drafters, architects, and engineers, CAD can help you draft construction documentation, simulate a real-world design, and visualize concepts through 2D/3D renderings.

There are plenty of choices out there when it comes to CAD software. Most of which come with a hefty price tag. But even those will often offer a free trial period to test out the software and see if it’s to your liking prior to purchase.

“Are there any that are actually free?”

There most certainly are completely free options. When choosing a free CAD software program, though it may not be as sophisticated as a commercial version, so long as you know what you’re looking for you can make the smart choice based on the features that you need. This is especially true depending on your experience in the use of such software.

Some of the free options fair better for beginners while others are for more advanced users. Which is the right choice will depend entirely on you. In this article, I’ve provided an overview of the single best CAD software option that I feel stomps all competition regardless of your particular focus and experience level.

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